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  1. Ah. I just reset all my right stick sensitivity shit to default and now I’m melting people. I had my response curve set to linear, I reset it to classic and adjusted my ADS sensitivity a little bit and now I can more or less comfortably one-mag someone from mid range. I used to have to see the whites of their eyeballs. I downed a blue-shield Valkyrie while she was jet packing across my screen with one clip, which is something I could never have done before. And then we won the game! Yay! My recoil control used to be so shoddy and all I had to do was use the settings the game comes
  2. easier than you think depending on your skill/ experience level. I was super nervous about making my wolf pelts out of green stuff but they came out really well. I used a cylindrical pencil and lots of water to roll it out flat, used a scalpel to cut it roughly to shape before agitating the texture. Just don’t do the last bit! The nice thing is if you fuck it up you can always start again, as long as you’ve gone easy on the hardener
  3. Young Rogue is off the chain, man. Crazy. She’s so well aged-up as well. I can’t quite believe it. That’s a massive advantage of videogames over movies. Did anyone see Gemini Man? I found it almost unwatchable, such was the uncanny valley.
  4. Aw man. Ps5. Not quite bill gates enough to afford both
  5. Fact. At least it’s better than Red Dead terrible
  6. Does anyone remember Black and how good it was
  7. thats why I play ranked because everyone is similarly bad as me. PUBs I just get puréed
  8. im not sure I think it’s broken. I think the redeploy is broken in that it regenerates too quickly. I think it should be a once or twice a game option. The jet pack is just a horizon or octane analog except you can’t shoot while you’re flying
  9. Spitfire is great but I find the strafe speed and ROF is slow enough that it doesn't always work for me. That's why I like the R301, you can dump a mag and pop back into cover real quick. One thing I'm struggling with at the moment is ADS speed - I find that if I turn down my ADS speed to the point where I can control recoil, I can't track people running around. But if I turn it up to the point where I can track people I can't control recoil Wtf
  10. play ranked BR. You get a ten minute timeout if you rage quit, so people tend to stick around
  11. Just played my first game with Valkyrie AND FUCKING WON I was absolutely dominating enemy teams, repositioning constantly to get the drop on them from different angles. Frustratingly I only got 3 kills but I got 8 assists because I would 99% one-mag someone and my teammate would rush over and clip them while I was almost done reloading. And then he would loot their deathbox of all the goodies. The Ult is an absolute godsend for avoiding ring damage, the queue is amazing for traversing vertical maps like World’s edge or even just over a building to confuse the enemy and hit them fro
  12. yeah I do all of that but still lose. My aim isn’t great, and my reaction times are slow. I’m a very slow learner when it comes to positioning and tactics.
  13. I just don’t understand how everyone is so much better at this than me, lol me and some friends won two games of arena earlier and I got 1 kill and like 6 assists in each cannot look at the legends or battle pass tab yet am disappoint
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