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  1. Preach Lol there is literally a mission in GTA V where you spend 5 minutes driving to a bank and then driving back again
  2. Yeah the internet is wack these days, I literally just visit this forum and also jerk off to wannabe models on Instagram
  3. Ok, I’m going to have to recomplete this on Grounded again. Terrifying. Stressful. Perfect I will literally fight any forum cunts who say this game is all story and no gameplay. Get out
  4. Saw the movie the other day. Loved it. My goodness. Reckon I’ll give this a go.
  5. Oh really? I remember them talking about his nuts. It was 22 years ago, and Cloud was dressed up as a girl so you could be right
  6. “I’ll cut them off.” ”I’ll rip them off.” ”I’ll smash them.” I think about that exchange maybe twice a year I played through FFVII when I was seven years old.
  7. I unplug my PS4 and suck the dust and lint out carefully with the attachment end of a Hoover I’m not part of the LGBTQ community (where is it?) but I don’t feel like I’m hetero and don’t feel like I’m cis. I couldn’t give a fuck about the image. I know I don’t speak for everyone, but come on. It’s awkward, juvenile, and on-the-nose but it’s not offensive (to me). I felt a bit like rolling my eyes or being like: I thought about SRS seriously for many years until I decided I’d rather be an astonishingly handsome beast of a man than an awkward, broad, ugly woman and yeah it’s a bit boring that the joke about “Mixing It Up” with 16 different flavors features a dickgirl joke but I have a bunch of cognitive dissonance about it and if you think I’m wrong, then fair enough and you can go fuck yourself because it’s not black and white So here are all of the things I think at the same time: - Fetishization of minority groups can be dangerous and/ or harmful to members of those groups, as we learned in Get Out - She’s not necessarily being fetishized - Even if she is, it’s not necessarily a bad thing - Maybe it’s cool that an image of a trans woman has been normalized enough by 2077 that she can feature, rocking her pipe, on a soft drink advert - It seems like it’s being played for laughs, rather casually and childishly in a very “Let’s be edgy like R* games” kind of way. Let’s not forget that Vice City Stories had a thread of missions about a trans person’s sex change(s) (So Long Schlong, anyone?). - That doesn’t mean it is being played for laughs, although it probably is - She’s kind of hot - I think some people who are offended by it or find it to be ‘problematic’ probably also think it is pretty hot and are overcompensating and reprocessing it as disgust and then trying to work out the funny feelings they have and finding a way to channel them in a way that doesn’t make them feel guilty about their non-progressive feelings. I have done this - That doesn’t mean it’s not dumb. - it’s the sort of thing that could be super challenging, progressive, and right-on if it was handled with care and grace - It wasn’t - We don’t know the intentions of the people responsible, or their orientations, or anything - That doesn’t stop it being ill-advised - The Twitter thing is not helpful - Maybe it’s meta and we’ve missed the point - If it’s meta and it still upsets trans people or makes them feel even more Other, then the fact that it’s meta is irrelevant Sorry if no one cares
  8. Yeah I used to get abuse on deathmatches on RDR2 Online because I: - Used cover - Used the varmint rifle - Used Slow and Steady + the perk which stops headshots against you being instakill while in Deadeye - Dived - Used dynamite - Used revolvers and shotguns in the Name Your Weapon matches instead of crossing my fingers with Tomahawk kills I absolutely dominated and no one seemed to work out that everyone can do these things
  9. My PS4 is going to sound like a Harrier taking off vertically
  10. This was day one for me but with the addition of K-dog it’s a DAY ONE!!!11 for me now
  11. I don’t pay any attention to these sorts of things so could someone tell me about the Xbone? Is it not very good? Clearly I have a PS4, but previously I had a 360. I only got a PS4 over the Xboxone because it was on special offer with GTA remastered.
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