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  1. My only gripe is that by the time I'd leveled up enough to make the various abilities really entertaining, there was like 5 minutes of game left. Nothing like throwing a forklift at someone and watching it explode in their face
  2. i went there by accident early on, and i almost deleted the game tbh
  3. I switched from performance mode into RT/30 for five seconds in control and found it unplayable, yuck
  4. Your prose always cracks me up mate, I love it. I haven’t even played or seen F-Zero X and it’s my favorite game now
  5. yeah that’s what I was referring to, I hated it. Nice idea terribly executed imo
  6. Open-world games where they essentially build a big map, put some bases full of enemies all over the place, write a quick motivation like "Bolivian cartels are terrible" and then are like "Ok, now go and make a story for yourself because we couldn't be bothered." I feel like it started off with Crackdown, which was refreshing, but now I crave something more focused. Control, for example, was one of my favorite games of all time. I feel like it was a rebellion against the highly prescriptive mission format of GTA etc, so you can complete the objective any way you want in these games, but seeing
  7. You can go to the barber and leave with a longer haircut
  8. Matchbox maze was amazing. I saved the whole clip to my hard drive. Fucking Poets of the Fall are so cheesy man I used to love that band
  9. I actually didn’t mind the rest of it tbh it’s was quite interesting I beat this last night. For me it’s almost the perfect game. Setting, premise, sound design, graphics, gameplay, balancing, level design, suspense, narrative. Loved it. Don’t like my new hairpin though where’s my ponytail
  10. Hartman can suck my fucking cock, I died about six times at the end of the 3rd “final form”. Just cheap invulnerability and instadeath. So I turned on God Mode, life’s too short. I was 1mm away from winning each time only for him to spawn directly on me and instantly kill me. Turned on one-hit kill too because fuck off. Sorry for the swears
  11. Nice I wish I could paint my heads separately but the green stuff puts the kibosh to that. I gave one guy an elaborate braided mullet, the braid winds all over the place and I'm dreading it
  12. Magnets aren’t an option for me sadly as my boys are covered in Green Stuff, but if I end up doing some dreadnoughts or something I’ll look into it. My thing is that I don’t get excited about vehicles or big ole dreadnoughts, I’m obsessed with infantry. I wonder if an infantry-only Wolves army would even be viable
  13. Could always carefully remove the paint from that area with rubbing alcohol your faces look amazing btw what the fuck
  14. the middle one is your relationship with Johnny Utah, and can only be maxed out if you do some special side missions and say nice things
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