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  1. Just started playing this, contrary to the opinions of some fans this does not feel like the destruction of the series at all. I’m pleasantly surprised how polished the whole thing is coming off so far actually. The dex getting cut down so much was incredibly dissapointing. But playing this makes me feel everythings going to be okay after all. Just me though.
  2. I find myself coming down to this view as well after having seen the film. I can’t remember the last time a mainstream movie came down this hard on the rich, the famous and powerful. This after countless comic-book films featuring hero kings beating the shit out of BLM activists(Black Panther), Military Contractors beating up middle-eastern soldiers(Iron Man) and Captain America, paragon of White Liberal American Patriotism. All those films are praised for their ‘diversity’ and ‘representation’ and yet all those films uphold the status quo as is and codify REVOLUTION = EVIL! Never rock the boat to much, the only thing we need to defeat evil is heroic CEO’s, heroic military officers or heroic monarchs. The rest of us can just sit down, shut up and thank the benevolent overlords. And then here we have a film that takes a character that in recent times has had a big reactionary fanbase and uses that character to illuminate the increased stigmatization and isolation of the mentally ill, rightfully attacking the current status quo in the process. Pointing out how much the powers that be are responsible for taking away his ability to heal. Arthur’s biggest crime before his transformation is that he needs help and can’t get it. And because one film has the balls to say that the powerful bear some responsibility for this, immediately we get a fucking parade of think pieces, news outlets, movie critics, etc. calling this an incel hate fest that will empower the right. It’s really hard not to notice how transparent it is, isn’t it? The response to it is just out and out shameful. It just winds up proving a point the film makes: that nobody really cares about the mentally ill. Not unless people need a laugh or to be angry to forget their own fucking misery. Sorry, really needed to get that of my chest. Been carrying that around for days now.
  3. HarMGM

    Nintendo Switch

    The battery boost with the new model confirms this is running on the Mariko chip so we should see some (slight) performance upgrades as well to certain games.
  4. I don’t think Reynolds being the voice talent is the overall point Capwn was making though. More that a seemingly random spin-off with a weird, throwaway story became the first big hollywood adaptation of the series. What would have qualified the movie as ‘safe’, is if it was a direct adaptation of either the animated series or the original games themselves. Come to think of it, I remember people complaining about this way back in 2016 during the bidding war this that was waged over this.
  5. This whole BotW-thing always sounded like a case a wishfull thinking to be honest. Yes, I know, rumours stated that BotW would be the big inspiration but trusting those tends to be 50-50 when it comes go Nintendo. As it is, i’m liking what I’m seeing so far. It’s an evolution of Sun/Moon, yes. Those titles had issues but showed tremendous potential for taking the formula further. The first trailer shown looks to be addressing at least some of those issues.
  6. HarMGM

    Nintendo Switch

    Ports or no ports, it just hit me that the Switch this year is going to get mainline entries from 4 of the biggest jRPG’s. Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Tales Of... and Pokemon.
  7. Orchestra AND 2D mode make this the best version.
  8. I’ll go ahead to voice the negmageddon opinion then: Jackson is innocent. There was way more scrutiny over his behaviour for over 2 decades by the media, FBI and the courts. Everytime he came up innocent. Comparing to R. Kelly where we have video footage of abuse, Cosby where a deluge of people stepped forward with their stories, Weinstein where an entire network of abuse and enablers came up, etc. Sorry, but he’s innocent. *runs to the bunker*
  9. Got this earlier today. The art, better-then-expected combat and the weirdness got me to buy it. Will post impressions later.
  10. It’s the way the show works it seems. By this pojnt in Moffat’s tenure, people where beginning to pine for RTD.
  11. Before I forget, the soundtrack deserves some mad props as well. Great selection of songs and the orchestral score has some great themes. The one for Kingpin and Prowler stand out for me.
  12. Going to say this is easily the best Spider-Man film so far. Dethroning Spider-Man 2 for me as one of the greatest superhero films ever made. I’ve seen people quibble about the writing but what they get incredibly right with it is the tone of a Spider-Man story. Finally managing to move away from the pseudo Donner Superman tone they had going ever since Tobey Maguire’s first outing. Instead, we get a film which owes just as much to hip-hop as it does to Spider-Man comics in establishing its mood. Something that winds up feeling both new and yet very familiar for the webslinger at the same time. What helps with this is that the way the story is told, makes a familiar story feel fresh. Various detours are made for all the Spider-Men and Women to establish their backgrounds, creating something of a goal for Miles Morales to live up to. Speaking of which. In terms of characterisation, this is pretty much the new gold standard for the genre. 5/5
  13. What a trash article. The sales breakdown from the UK showed that this has sold better then bloody X/Y and Black/White did at launch when adding in digital!
  14. The deep lore and references that you see throughout the trailer point to two things: 1) The Pokémon Company(and thus GameFreak) are very involved with this. 2) The production itself is littered with people who are genuine fans of the whole thing, and if not have invested serious time in getting it right. That Mr. Mime barrier gag in particular reads that way.
  15. At least i’m bathing in money. Let’s see you do that!
  16. What the hell, I’ll bite. Losing a quarter of your audience doesn’t mean much when it’s a quarter of the biggest audience any regular episode ever managed. Every final viewing figure so far has finished north of 8 million. 4 episodes in a row. The first time since Tennant’s highpoint in series 4. That means the show is performing better then it has over the last 8 years. But oh, no. Don’t let that get in the way of moaning for the umpteemth fucking time about “IT’S PC GONE M-M-M-MAD!!!!”. Massive fucking bellend covers it quite nicely I’d say.
  17. Indeed. Walsh, Cole and Gill are all great in their roles. The Tardis team scene from last episode was just a great showcase for everyone.
  18. I quite loved this episode. A lot of people seem miffed at the plot petering out but I like how The Doctor tried going about ending the threat in an as non-violent way possible. Before Mr Big charged to set himself up as recurring villain we’ll no doubt see more of. (I approve of that btw, Chris Noth is pretty great) I love how much the show has changed under Chibnall so far. It’s the first time the new series has done that. Many people would probably cite Moffat’s tenure as a change as well but series 5 had waaaaaay more in common with the preceding 4 series then series 11 so far has with the previous 13 years of the new series. That’s mainly to do with this series shifting to an ensemble dynamic. It has created quite a bit of change with how most of the plots play out. Chibnall will never be my favourite writer for sure, but as showrunner his instincts have been pretty sound so far.
  19. Three episodes in and I think someone has managed to sum up Chibnall’s approach quite nicely:
  20. For those keeping score, the BBC have judt announced that consolidated numbers for TWWFTE are 10,9 million. That makes Whittaker debut episode the highest rated regular episode of the new series. The first to surpass the 10.8 million rating ‘Rose’ managed to pull back in 2005.
  21. Probably because everybody’s too lazy to check their spelling on the name ‘Whittaker’. It’s a hard name to spell!
  22. I have to echo this. It all feels like early Hartnell, Pertwee and Davidson with being so back to basics in terms of plot. A welcome change after 13 years of Davies and Moffat cramming in plot in every minute. The new style gives room for the characters to breathe and the atmosphere of the story to settle a bit. Plus, this is the second episode in a row where we’ve had a planet/baddie with some actual history behind them, rather then the bipedal animal aliens in the Davies years or the machinery run amok of the Moffat years. So far i’m liking this new style for the show. It feels like the first BIG change its had since the revival. On the same level as going from Troughton to Pertwee. Watching this made me realise how excited I am to see classic villains come back in this more gritty style.
  23. Having watched it on television is one thing. But being at NYCC and seeing people dress up as 13, 11 & 10th Doctors is just .
  24. Lucky then that the episode length has been upped from 45 minutes to a full hour...
  25. Compared to F-Zero and Wave Race? Easily. Dark Moon has sold more then 5 million copies worldwide. Better then eithe WR or F-Zero ever managed. Hence LM3 looking similar to LM2. Edit: Beaten.
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