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  1. Ha! If you look up every old video made about Metroid Dread, the ones where it was still a rumour, you'll now see people in the comments celebrating.
  2. One positive I'm getting from the Treehouse demos is that everytime the player enters the communication room with Adam, the Treehouse people emphasize that he doesn't direct your play and that the player themselves decides where they want to go. Obviously there's still a linear design in the map that directs you anyways, but it's nioce they've taken to heart not just some criticisms of Samus Returns but even Other M and Fusion.
  3. Wargroove makes for a great counter example of how not to do AW. That had the style but didn't have the feel. This might not look like the perfection on the GBA, but the feel seems to be there looking at the Treehouse gameplay.
  4. I remember some rumour from around 2009 that said someone had seen Dread running on the DS and that it was still using Metroid Zero Mission assets. So much so that the person seeing the footage thought it was a port of the GBA game. Can't imagine the game having gotten far in development at all if that were the case.
  5. My point with regards to this game feeling new has more to do with the art direction not mimicking Super Metroid in the way Other M and Samus Returns did, rather then with the Emmi enemy being a genuine new concept within the series(which it isn't, as you rightfully point out).
  6. I'm watching one of the streams and one comment that stands out about the game is that it doesn't look like it's mimicking Super Metroid for the umteempth time. I know many like to dump on Samus Returns & Other M(rightfully so I might add.) but what people tend to forget is that a lot of the problems in those games started in Fusion and carried over to Zero Mission as well. The increased emphasis on story being one thing. But one thing that started in Zero Mission was the outright Canonization of Super Metroid for the blue print in terms of art direction for the series. And thu
  7. One thing I'm liking already is that this is the first game in the 2D series that dumps the more colourful aesthetic for something more dark & brooding. Clinical even. A nice break from the 2D entries since Fusion, which all went with big comic book esque colour palettes to compensate for the small portable screens of earlier handhelds.
  8. Meh on the cash grab part. The first one is still selling at a good pace. In order for a second Switch game to do good, it needs to differentiate itself from Super. Using older fan favourite content alongside features people have been asking for can accomplish that. Besides, despite SMP selling well, it had a mixed reception from the fanbase. Lacking in content was one problem, sure. But the overal size of the boards, ingame economy were a few others. This looks like a step up in that regard.
  9. Can't speak about your desire to buy them, but speak for yourself about accepting those series need to rest. Plenty of people want those series to continue and go back to what made them good.
  10. A big reason a lot of the remakes excite people is that they're from series that wound up losing their way a bit and are going back to earlier incarnations to re-establish themselves. Monkey Ball is the big one here, as that series really went in the wrong direction but Banana Mania is exactly what that series should do. Pulling content from what many consider the best entries to create a best of version. Mario Party is another one. Super Mario Party was a step in the right direction but it had some big drawbacks. 1) Small scale boards & 2) no way to play in portable mode becua
  11. That was their best E3 Direct of the Switch era so far I’d say. 2019 comes close to this but 2021 had so many suprises I can’t help but put it at 1.
  12. I don't get people who think Nintendo is going to give of an extended look at stuff like Mario Golf. That's a game they're launching within 10 days and are already airing commercials for. The game is as ready as any. Skyward Sword I can see if they want to show off some more features. If expectations need to be tempered, I'd expect it to have to do with the games being revealed then with getting non-announcements of games already covered.
  13. Well, at least we can expect the first footage of the new Monkey Ball game, Metroid 5 and a new DK title tomorrow.
  14. One of those moments that we can be thankfull Nintendo made the Switch compatible with the Gamecube Controller adaptors.
  15. I want to see Nintendo try and top this in terms of how little this had to show. I want to see people angry. Do It Nintendo.
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