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  1. APM

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - The next Edge 10

    It would be amusing (maybe) if a horse in the game had one ball with Sam Houser's face on and the other had Dan's.
  2. APM

    Shudder - My new game.

    Thanks, @Riven Awesome work and glad you enjoyed it.
  3. Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride. It's a perfect acting performance in a perfect film. He's barely done anything of worth since, but that doesn't matter, because he did The Princess Bride.
  4. APM


    I am disappointed...
  5. APM

    Shudder - My new game.

    Survival mode is out now! How long will you last!?
  6. Looks fucking ace! I've been on an upward trajectory for the MCU recently and this just hits me right in the kisser!
  7. APM

    Shudder - My new game.

    I know, I'll shut up about it soon, but how ace is this? See the game in the green cabinet? That's Shudder that is, on an arcade in Milwaukee.
  8. APM

    Shudder - My new game.

    Just to add, survival mode should be live by the end of next week.
  9. APM

    Shudder - My new game.

    You asked! We listened! There's now a restart function in the pause menu.
  10. Burnout Paradise... In a world where Google's driverless cars have killed all humans except one, they have nothing left to do but rampage around the now deserted cities listening to the last human alive play records and whoop hollowly for all eternity...
  11. I have no voice or face for streaming, but if any of you streaming types fancy streaming our game, Shudder, let me know and I'll happily ping you over a key.
  12. APM


    So, as it's on Steam, and I feel I haven't pimped out enough... Here's our new game...
  13. APM

    Shudder - My new game.

    One last shout out to get this for a whole 87p cheaper than normal! The sale ends at midnight!
  14. APM

    Shudder - My new game.

    Thank you for buying it. t's not on consoles...yet. The glitch effect is intentional and the way I wanted the game to look but I got feedback from people who didn't like it so offered the option to turn it off in the menus. Thought that offered the best of both worlds and I wanted people to experience it that way first. I should add an option after you first play it to turn off the glitch effect, maybe.
  15. APM

    Shudder - My new game.

    Just to say, if you were looking to help a forumite out...

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