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  1. Your gaming resolutions 2018

    First one incoming...
  2. Mastertronic. I want my 2 and 3 pound games back!
  3. You play video games like everyone else here. The notion that pushing around one set of made up pixels with a controller is less infantile than pushing around another set of pixels with a different controller is just laughable. It's all just fucking toys.
  4. Great gaming transitions.

    Welcome to Juarez. The guy here is slow to turn but when you come round the mountain and see it on fire beneath you... Next gen, baby!
  5. Great gaming transitions.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 - Snake's dream at the start of level 4. Amazing.
  6. Nintendo Mini Direct (11.01.2018)

    Oh, yeah, ironic use of the word mong. Top bants.
  7. Thought this could do with pinning.
  8. I enjoyed it. I then went and watched The Frozen Dead. Another French murder thing, which was also pretty good. Now I'm watching The Lava Field, an Icelandic murder thing, which is also ok.
  9. Yep. Full power refresh your console. Will sort that shit out.
  10. Your gaming resolutions 2018

    Make and release at least four games on android and/or itch.io.
  11. 2017, the worst year of gaming ever?

    This year gave us Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Hellblade and Rime so fuck your worst year ever shit.
  12. 2017, the worst year of gaming ever?

    A controversial video on YouTube that goes against the grain!? Well I for one, am shocked.
  13. Your game of 2017, not from 2017

    The Evil Within. I've tried to get into this a couple of times but it's not clicked. Started playing it again recently and it's fucking great. It's bonkers and unpredictable and it may turn to shit later on, but good lord, this is superb.
  14. Super Mario Odyssey Screenshots Thread

    We all float down here...

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