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  1. Rllmuk's top four for 2018: God Of War, Spiderman, Astrobot, Red Dead Redemption 2. Great games not coming from big publishers.
  2. APM

    Shudder - My new game.

    It's about a quid. Little more than a Snickers and way more satisfying. Honest!
  3. Ha ha! Awesome! Who voted for it? I kiss you!!!!
  4. I get that, but having avoided it as i didn't like 2, it was great for me.
  5. What's this craziness!? IM3 is one of the highlights of the Marvel films. There's so much to like about it after the risible number 2. The moment when all the suits arrive at the end is great, and the Mandarin stuff and main bad guy are all excellent.
  6. Count me in for being pleasantly surprised by this. My only knowledge of the Titans is Teen Titans Go! So, yeah, this is a bit different, and far better than The Flash and Arrow and Gotham. Liking how violent it is.
  7. In the fourth, he hires an old butler and gets rich and marries Stephanie Powers and solves shit murders in Spiderman: Home is where the Hart to Hart is...
  8. APM


    Yes, we should. Do it!
  9. APM


    Glad to be of help!
  10. APM


    The Witness definitely has a thread of its own... Not sure about The Unfinished Swan, though...
  11. APM


    I played it both ways, and I think it was more intuitive playing it on the touch screen, but the art really shines on the big screen... In conclusion, I don't know.
  12. APM


    I bought it on Switch so don't know.
  13. APM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Are we planning on buying anyone this January? We're a bit thin at the back...
  14. APM


    Took me a few hours to get through it. Didn't feel short, in a bad way, to me. There are more moments of wonder in this game than in games 10 times its length.
  15. APM


    Finished this yesterday and it's been stuck in my head ever since. I've never played anything like it. It looks amazing and the structure is so well done, as are the puzzles, that I'm at a loss as to how it hasn't got more love. Genuinely felt moved, wowed and satisfied with myself on so many occasions throughout its relatively short play through. What a great game.

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