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  1. Have I missed this announcement? It's out tomorrow. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-03-30-call-of-duty-modern-warfare-2-remaster-launches-tomorrow
  2. Try Podcast Addict.
  3. Just via my podcast app.
  4. Never mind. Updated my graphics card driver, launched it from Geforce and it's working now. Hey-ho.
  5. I've been working through this on PC after getting it for £4. Playing it fine last night, but today it just will not load from Steam. All other games work. Uninstalled and re-installed. Can anyone check if their Steam version is booting fine as I am wondering if the launch of Eternal is affecting it somehow.
  6. Yeah, we need to destroy them on Saturday.
  7. A question for all the next gen consoles: if the games are being built for a super fast ssd, how will they run on the old systems, and similarly, how will they run on PCs?
  8. Yeah, I agree with most of that. I think I was just expecting a little more grue.
  9. I watched Haunt last night. Wasn't quite as nasty as I expected, but still pretty decent.
  10. Calm down, yeah?
  11. I fell off October Faction after a few episodes. I much preferred Locke and Key which is very similar in plot but much better, IMO.
  12. APM

    Nintendo Switch

    I know. I'm tempted to resubmit it with a picture of an Anime girl on the logo. Sure to get accepted then... Seriously, though, I think it's because I have no publisher. Never mind. splitting my time on my new game and porting Shudder to Xbox at the moment,
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