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  1. Jonny5


    Is it as big as it looks? Because it looks MASSIVE. Does it fill your entire worktop?
  2. Jonny5


    Seventy five quid for a mat!
  3. Which pellets are you using? The hickory ones seem to be the “strongest”, the others all seem very mild.
  4. I got a bbq cooking class at Riverside for Father’s Day
  5. My Slow & Sear arrived very shortly before my wife got me the Traeger for my 40th, so Ive never actually used it for a slow cook!
  6. I do as mine doesn’t have a bottom to it. What would it sit on if you took that out?
  7. How much is the contra collection? I have fond memories of the SNES version.
  8. I assumed that at the end the castle was about to collapse into a big hole rather than taking off. Anyway, I am very much on board with this. I should get back to the first and finish off the DLC.
  9. The loading times aren’t great, but looks like it could be fun.
  10. Sounds like you had a stressful time @Rockboy, well done for pulling it off though. FWIW I think the other pork would have been ok. Over 73 degrees internal for three minutes should be enough to kill off any bacteria and you’d be aiming for 95ish internal when done.
  11. I’ve figured out how to get past the sign in issue. If you go to accounts.nintendo.com you’re probably signed in. Sign out, then go to Nintendo.co.uk and the sign in link will work. Doing this I saw the button flash up for a split second like you said, but subsequent page refreshes wouldn’t get it to happen again. I think I'm going to stick with my “their website is a piece of shite” conclusion.
  12. I’ve also noticed when purchasing on the console I have to enter my Nintendo password every time. I’m sure I never had to do that in the past. So now accounts.nintendo.com is showing me logged in but Nintendo.co.uk can’t even give me a login page.
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