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  1. I enjoyed 2021, it's a fine football game. Helps, I guess, that I'd played a fair chunk of 2020 as well, which is nigh identical.
  2. To be fair, those games were the simulations of their day, not arcade experiences. Modern day PES is a straightforward evolution of them.
  3. We're probably a long way from seeing any arcade-style football games coming from a major developer again, but the space is fairly well catered too in the indie market. Nothing touching SWOS though.
  4. Now the dust has settled a bit, I'm less worried about this, and the only real concern I have is that if it flops financially, Konami might just end the series. The initial release becomes a free demo, the Master League DLC is probably a hell of a lot cheaper (although I've normally been picking the game up for £15 or so anyway), and the actual gameplay was kinda up in the air anyway whether they went with the traditional model or not, due to the engine switch.
  5. In fact, Hoy started in BMX as a kid. And not in the "cycle around the estate and then get it stolen by a bigger boy" way.
  6. ISS Pro '98 My only previous dalliance with ISS was a very brief play of the SNES version, so I didn't really know much about the series when this arrived on an OPSM cover disc. You got one five minute half, and that was your lot - dumped back to the menu. But crucially, the demo offered a two-player mode, and so my brother and I gave it a quick go and got completely sucked in. From that point, I had full versions of football games on my shelf like Actua Soccer 3 and World Cup '98 which weren't getting a look in because a five-minute taster of Brazil versus France was more fun than any of them. It wasn't long before I got the full game and it did not disappoint one bit.
  7. You're not missing out on anything as far as the console version is concerned - the "Core" edition used to be just the base game without the Horizons expansion, but that's since been folded into the core. On PC, there's the Odyssey expansion which is due out on consoles later this year.
  8. Likely down to the different engines used - Dishonored was Unreal 3 (first game) and a customised id Tech 6 (second game), while Prey uses CryEngine.
  9. Aye - Valve forked Wine to create Proton. They'll be going hard at supporting the Steam Deck hardware and OS as a priority over other Linux flavours for the time being.
  10. Just watched that one last night, and
  11. There are rules to separate competitors in the event of equal distance/height - in the high jump, it's the fewest failed attempts in previous rounds. I'd imagine those usually come into play and mean opportunities like today don't come around. That, and having the gumption to ask to share the medal rather than just following along with a jump off.
  12. So many sportspeople think like that - rules are there to be gamed, not followed. Hell, on the previous page there are posts about this very thing in basketball.
  13. Disappointed now that it wasn't just him asking about Gabe's first pet and mother's maiden name.
  14. Futsal would make a cracking Olympic sport, and given it's played on the same court as handball, wouldn't even need additional venues.
  15. Renegade came out the year before and they're all over stage three.
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