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  1. They led at one point - I wondered if they'd make it consecutive wins, which might have heralded the end of all things. Also happening tonight - Ronaldo hit another hat trick to take him to 98 international goals - just 12 more to inch ahead of Ali Daei which I'm sure he'll insist on. North Korea lost 3-1 in Turkmenistan, which will not please the four people in the country who might hear about it. Iraq beat Iran 2-1, Australia only managed a 1-0 win in Jordan (but a win's a win), and Turks & Caicos Islands are drawing 2-2 with Sint Maarten in the battle of some teams that'd be invalid answers in Pointless.
  2. Generally comfortable, and yet New Zealand should have had two, forcing a save from Travers when clean through. The weird thing is that when they could get forward, they generally posed a threat - they just didn't do it very often and when Maguire hit early in the second half, the result didn't really look in doubt. Nice to see him, Derrick Williams and Callum Robinson get their first goals, and good to see Jack Byrne have another good game. Parrott did well too but never really got that one good chance to shoot. Means very little for Monday, but a win is nice to see. Oh, and England won 7-0.
  3. The price for all this positive feeling, of course, is that 121st ranked New Zealand go and take the lead. It's the hope, you know...
  4. It's weird watching an Ireland side play the ball on the ground with confidence and positivity. Caveat - it's against 121st ranked New Zealand. And none of these players will start the forthcoming cowering against Denmark.
  5. Just work more. That's the answer to everything, always trotted out by successful people for whom success was down to them and them alone and outside factors were never at play.
  6. What are you saying, exactly? You don't like the game because (no reason given)?
  7. I'm in that boat too and really, I'm happy doing that. I think it'd require a major change for me to break that cycle - the inclusion of women's football, for example.
  8. Pistol is perhaps disposable but the shotgun and its super cousin are my most used weapons, saving the later ones for particularly nasty barons and knights, or if swarmed by a large crowd. The shotgun was always effective, and felt just great.
  9. Wait until Raoull finds out about Harrison Ford.
  10. Great scenes in Rome with that Ntcham finish. Such a lovely dink in the final minute of stoppage time to send Celtic through. I mean, assuming they don't fuck up in the next few seconds. Which they did not.
  11. Going back to ISS Pro '98 these days, you can still see the basic components that are in modern day PES, but one of the things that feels really weird in '98 is that the one-two is immediate - as soon as the receiver has the ball, he's playing a little through ball to the original passer. There's no ability to hold the ball and time the return. Which feels wrong, and yet I distinctly remember back twenty years ago feeling the opposite was true when they introduced the change.
  12. Same for me, but I consider it a negative.
  13. Yeah, don't let this Luck fellow shit up the thread!
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