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  1. It's been every week now for a couple of months. I dunno how long they intend to sustain that.
  2. It's like a landscape, but very, very flat.
  3. It is a bit daft that nobody thought, just once, to try out that Pallister - Bruce partnership at international level. Even for a friendly.
  4. Dammit, I paid £27 a month ago and never even plugged it in.
  5. RE4's different enough to the ones before it to make it worth a go.
  6. Fry Crayola


    He's human, but he's not pushing 40. That I'm also 37 is not relevant...
  7. Put Head over Heels.
  8. There was one crown I never managed either but I can't recall which. Either Safari or Book World. I'm long overdue a revisit.
  9. It's a level of attention to detail that would have served Matt Smith equally well!
  10. I gotta hold these guys in the past to high standards, lest they get fanciful notions of making mega trees. Anyway, Jet Set Willy was 1984. Plenty of experience to learn that killing people as they enter the screen is total bollocks.
  11. It's not a bug, but it's piss poor design to wipe out all of your lives in one fell swoop.
  12. The Last Ninja 2 did get a Speccy version, then ported to the CPC. Neither the first nor third games made it to those machines though.
  13. The US v England felt like the real final, a cracking end to end match that really should have gone to extra time. The US just squeezed the Dutch out here. Deserved winners in the end but it was clinical rather than romantic. Roll on the Olympics!
  14. I'm on holiday in Mayo, but at least they played their game last night to free up the 4pm slot for the pub to show this. The best chances are falling the US's way but I'd love the Dutch to sneak one, even if there have been better teams that fell by the wayside.
  15. I also saw it last night, presumably with Paulando in a rllmuk date night from nowhere. Great stuff, and I honestly thought that footage must have been spliced with rendered imagery. It was gorgeous. The whole landing sequence played out in real time was near perfect. I am never not amazed at the whole accomplishment. As a feat of engineering, industry and sheer willpower, and as an event to bring together the world, it's nigh peerless. We've had some good experiences so far in my lifetime, robotic Martian exploration and the Pluto fly by among them. But sending men has a romance that mere electronics can't match. A stunning moment.
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