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  1. I finished it this week after 91 hours and the only serious issue I had it one side gig got blocked by someone dying in the wrong place on the launch day version. Sheer bad luck. Other than that it's much, much more stable than Watch Dogs Legion was, there's one memory leak that causes a crash fairly reliably after about 5 hours so I just started shutting it down daily. (This is on Xbox One X) Then again I never thought the Saints Rows were bad on console but I've never played the PC ones.
  2. I know we're all putting our names down for things but I might have use of a Retron.
  3. 2 and a half words. Roberto DiMatteo. Won the champions league, gone by November. Former player was never going to do anything for him. The state of this.
  4. Genuinely worth it for the humour value at this point.
  5. I suspect there's a couple of other clubs like that too, but yeah, that's the nature of the ownership really especially once he was able to travel to the UK less. So now you've got several fighting to basically be the owner's voice, senior players who know they'll outlast the managers so don't give a shit about any manager etc etc.
  6. This is a good point, and you can't blame Frank on that one because if you don't take it now the chance may never come.
  7. I think plenty of us wouldn't agree with that. It's 21 years old. If that's not old enough to be retro than on launch Retro Gamer would basically have been 116 pages of Pong console retrospective. More seriously it's really easy to forget that Retro Gamer magazine is very nearly old enough to drink.
  8. It's the wrong decision but it was probably always going to be Abramovich's plan because it always is. If Roman was Man Utd chairman, OGS would have gone long ago and they wouldn't now be where they are. Conversely, it's the manner of the performances, including against Luton that will have cost him.
  9. Yeah and even there (and I'm not being obstructionist here I promise) is even I can think of ways round it. CEX sell the PS5 with a CEX brand HDMI cable "worth £100". And everyone just bundles a lot of games and accessories "At rrp". Also Nintendo don't do RRPs. It's really difficult. I guess you could have Xbox Live accounts required with a shipping address attached (even if they've never played a game you can enforce 1 per address) but I can even see ways round that and it's a fuck load of admin.
  10. Also the insistence on putting the subject at the end of the sentence.
  11. The problem there is, if I was a PS4 gamer last gen I can't switch to Xbox. That's not going to get through the marketing department.
  12. I'm not sure what Sony and Microsoft CAN do about it other than locking all machines to pre-provided details by the purchaser. And that would start a much, much larger row. Sony and MS are producing as many machines as they can and shipping them to retailers, other than a few from MS at their own store they don't sell direct and don't really have that control. They could I guess refuse to supply GAME for clearly not protecting orders.
  13. I think it'd be difficult to blame you if you start an auction on ebay below rrp and it goes for what it goes for. Very different to "BIN £999". But I don't know if everyone would agree.
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