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  1. Although equally there's barely going to be an offseason so if you're safe then you might want to.
  2. Dudley

    F1 2020

    About a quarter of the liveries of those cars is accurate. I hate history revisionist laws.
  3. This is currently looking irrelevant. Yep, you're literally now driving an easier track.
  4. Yeah we'll see when it's released. But if that video had said "Grid 2" at the end we'd have not questioned it at all. For comparison, the equivalent Project Cars 2 trailer. Literally has ice racing and a drift car and STILL isn't as "DRIFTY DRIFTY AMERICA WOO!" as the first half of that 3 trailer.
  5. This must be the first time I steam pre-loaded, so that's worrying
  6. Haven't had the email yet but that's bloody good news.
  7. I've got the same with C+C on Steam. What I hadn't realised on that is Pre-loading downloads all but an unlock file but that not being available means steam thinks the download hasn't finished, so the icon has been bright yellow for a stalled download for 3 days now.
  8. It does seem racing series loose sight of being a "game" somewhere around 5. In all honesty the same thing happened to Forza Motorsport where the current gen ones all suffer from similar problems of structure and 7 includes the "cards", the worst idea to ever infest a non-arcade racing game.
  9. Yeah, I'm lucky as a racing game fan that there are still big things we haven't really been able to do that each generation gets us closer to. A proper LeMans simulation for one, still never been done.
  10. Watching that gameplay footage is a revelation. This is Need for Speed Shift 3. They've stolen a lot of what made that game unique including the "Perfect corners" mechanic and the "tasks" during the races. But action points, upgrading forever, over elaborate fake tracks and that career structure means this is not a Project CARS game unless there's a fuck load we're not being shown. And you know what, I'm down with that concept, but I'd rather they didn't kill my favourite "Race experience" game to do it.
  11. As much as anything my problem is this basically means no chance of a real Sega Game Gear Re-release "Mini" combined console thing. It'd be lovely if they talked to the evercade boys.
  12. Oh this is the mag you refer to being features editor for in the last video? I somehow completely missed this despite being a Wireframe sub. I described it on Twitter as "The games magazine that grew up with us" which I think distills my entire thoughts on the thing.
  13. We'll see, and yes that's a reveal trailer, I'll wait for real impressions. To be honest it's that statement about "Taking one car through the whole of career" that worries me and I assume that's false because if it wasn't you simply couldn't have the range of series that's in PCars 2. Because obviously no upgrade is going to allow the same car to race in the Clio Cup, LeMans and in "Formula Fake One".
  14. The mail equivalent of "Can I see that? I just need to check somthi*YOINK!*"
  15. The GG's biggest problem is for 95% of its best games, they're also on the SMS in better resolution.
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