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  1. If you were a conspiracy theorist...
  2. GTE Am is usually funded by whoever the bronze driver is, GTE Pro is (mostly) manufacturer. LMP2 is a combination of sponsorship and gentlemen drivers LMP1 is mostly money laundering either in the form of Russian banks or Swiss watches.
  3. With the 3 spinning and the 38 getting that puncture, the wind's rather been taken out of the LMP battles.
  4. Lines you can misinterpret. "He's out of the car and walking away, that's good news".
  5. Yeah that's just bad luck, caught some water which sent it left, he grabbed to correct that but the water is gone and he turns hard right into the wall.
  6. That's the 4th time the same driver in the 88 has caused a dumbassery.
  7. Yep, changing BoP after qualifying is fucking insane and it's murdered them.
  8. I could be wrong but I thought BMW had already ruled that out. The Blancpain cars run to different rules, it'd take more work than just entering.
  9. Well this was my point about the hypercar rules, they don't seem to offer anything over exactly that. Although bear in mind we lose the BMWs and the Fords from that battle after this race.
  10. Turned out they didn't hate money then....
  11. TDS Racing, also a possible new name for Nascar.
  12. To be fair, neither is the car "A Rebellion" either really, it's Oreca built.
  13. Also it really annoys me that the #26 is an "Auris" run by "G-Drive" and the #28 is an "Oreca" run by "TDS" and in fact both cars are the exact same thing being run by the exact same people.
  14. For what it's worth there's as much TVR in that car as there is Aston Martin in a Red Bull F1 car. Although it's currently touring the track half broken down like a TVR I'll grant you.
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