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  1. Pikachu and poke ball both dispatched. I’m 38. Using myself as the excuse.
  2. Dudley

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah that's what I meant by needed to do so at some point, but I don't recon it's a day 1 thing
  3. That's me with Fortnite, even when I was playing it I'm never going to have that kind of time.
  4. I've no knowledge at all to back this up but everything I see of Pubg it looks like Fortnite minus any personality.
  5. Dudley

    Formula E

    Nothing wrong with that, it's pretty good commentary.
  6. Dudley

    Football Thread 2018/19

    What is it with boards assuming if they can win 75% of their matches in the championship this should continue when they get promoted and if they don't they're clearly suddenly a bad manager.
  7. I've not played but the big problem with all these games once they've been around any kind of time at all is that inevitably you're going to be in with a bunch of people who know this shit backwards. They know where to sit, what to build, where new people are naturally going to run if it's got a set map like Fornite etc.
  8. Dudley

    Nintendo Switch

    I imagine you still will at some point but there's no hurry at all, the onboard will cover you for a good while even if you grab a few indies on the e-shop as you go, which you very should.
  9. Dudley

    Playstation Vita

    Where's Knack 2?
  10. Dudley

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    And of course Senna settled down enough to win his first championship in year 5. Max is just completing year 4.
  11. Dudley

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I doubt it, I'm sure the Chelsea fans would mark it but you wouldn't see the love Matthew Harding still gets by any means.
  12. Dudley

    Formula E

    So it's available, universally, for free, in a form the young fans will engage with With F1 going paywall, that seems very smart.
  13. Dudley

    Diet Coke/ Coke Zero

    Cinnamon zero is as close as I've got to Tesco's long missed "Spicy Cola". For you though, replace that Jack Daniels with a bottle of Fire Eater. You'll find it in the bigger supermarkets.
  14. Dudley

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    It's pretty simple to me, and Hamilton was basically there. It's Ocon's fault, but Verstappen could easily have avoided it at no cost to himself. The trouble with "If he hits me it's his fault" is he's still hit you.
  15. Dudley

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Yeah "No good billionaire" and all that but at the very least he was someone who understood that he was buying a club not a team and there are certain things that come with that historically. I struggle to think of another owner from the "Mega rich guy's plaything" collection who gets that, I'll very freely accept Roman does not.

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