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  1. Dudley

    Best machine for emulators?

    Dolphin is basically perfect. On PC. On Shield it's not quite quick enough in all circumstances.
  2. Dudley

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Although if people win their games in hand they drop another 4 places.
  3. Dudley

    Best machine for emulators?

    Interesting, I doubt it, it's not 100% reliable at doing cube. A Wii probably can't do Dreamcast of course so it might be a question of priorities there.
  4. Dudley

    Best machine for emulators?

    There's a thread here for the Shield, a few of us have them now so there's support there if you need it. Post there, or PM me if you can't find it.
  5. Dudley

    Best machine for emulators?

    Really there's 3 categories here and 3 clear answers to me. Budget / Low effort - Gotta be the Pi. If you're posting here you have or can work out who to ask for the setup process to be near instant and once done it's a wonderful integrated UI that'll play everything 8/16bit without blinking, do a good enough stab at PS1 most people would be happy and even take a punt at most N64. For a Pi, pair of SNES controllers and the card you'll probably going to able to squeeze under £60. Medium Effort / Price : The Shield is a wonderful thing, see the video above. It's not as "nice" an experience, or I haven't nailed how to make it so but if you've got a tiny bit more technical nouse it will 100% everything the Pi does plus flawless PS1 / PSP / N64 and "Good enough" Dreamcast and Saturn. And that's just its gaming credentials, it'll also do everything you'd expect a good Android powered smartTV box to do including Plex, iPlayer etc. (Although it has an unfortunate blindspot for 2 channel AC3 on Plex). If you need the controller it can be done for £170 or so all in. High Effort / Price : Well obviously this is spendy. But if you have one that can even think about playing modern games it'll do the above but take a decent punt at adding Xbox and PS2 as well as the curiously tricky to emulate Atari Jaguar. With a more ninja bastard PC you can do 360 and PS3 increasingly well. My 8 year old PC with a 4 year old Graphics card plays Super Stardust HD well enough to finish World 1 already and emulators are young. Of course setting all this up is more of a faff, although the range of possible launchers is massive. Hell if you're happy with a bare bones experience you're welcome to the one I wrote. Everything else has compromises. Yes you can do a lot with a NES/SNES Mini but you have to hack them, they're more spendy than a Pi and don't do anything noticeably more. The same goes for most of the consoles, they're bad versions of what the Pi can do. The Switch might ultimately be interesting as a portable solution though, although given it's an underclocked Nvidia Shield TV in many ways it remains to be seen if it'll ultimately be closer to the Pi than the Shield in capability. What I would recommend for someone coming to me and asking this question depends on how technical I think they are. I got my semi-technical brother a Pi based system a year back and he loves it but he might graduate to shield. He's never going to put in the effort to PC.
  6. Dudley

    Dave Perry is back...

    That too.
  7. Has someone added the NES Mini as its own system? That's kinda adorable
  8. Dudley

    Dave Perry is back...

    Well, baited in the sense that it'll appear in my youtube subscriptions and I click on the thread if someone else bumps it.
  9. The only failure I've had with Yabause so far is Clockwork Knight.
  10. Alternatively, I guess you could try selling the 8" one.
  11. That's your problem with it and that her name is "Melissa McGamePass"? Or that another email from her tells them to stop making fake emails?
  12. Dudley

    Do you cheat on games?

    Stuart Campbell using a Fruit machine on MAME to prove that if the machine wanted you to lose you would lose, namely by using a save state pointing out whichever guess you made in a "Higher/Lower" style thing would be wrong. This isn't the place for the debate but his methods are not 100% scientific for a couple of reasons. The video is in the update from exactly 15 years ago. http://worldofstuart.excellentcontent.com/fairplay/fruit/news.htm
  13. Dudley


    Well yeah I'm still using a 970 with an i7 so old it has a 3 digit model number. Yet to find anything VR or otherwise that's a big issue.
  14. Dudley

    Do you cheat on games?

    I for one would like to see this, it's the more devious version of the infamous Fairplay "Unwinnable gamble" video.

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