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  1. He has a real mean streak about him.
  2. Would they go Vettel? German driver in a “German” team, multi world champion etc?
  3. If Hamilton suddenly did a Rosberg, who would Mercedes put in his seat? They couldn’t rely on Bottas to win the title, so who would they go with?
  4. I meant more that Red Bull are well known for being generous on the aerodynamic appendage front, but yes that too.
  5. He should go begging to Red Bull.
  6. Rear wing looks like a bench for Alonso to sit on.
  7. I can’t make tonight either unfortunately; I will be trying to beat that Le Mans time the end of the week though. Hope you’re alright Joe, happy to talk if you need.
  8. Was there some deeper meaning to the Good Will Hunting reference other than Weinstein produced it?
  9. I'm gonna have to put some serious practice into Bathurst, but that's a bit difficult because it's at the point where I'm not good enough at it to have fun going around. It's like the Nordschleiffe on a mountain, if you don't know it perfectly you can't commit anywhere near enough to get a half decent time.
  10. You were much faster than me, but we had a good few laps!
  11. Those F1s look amazing. I can’t believe we all had different liveries for once. Brands was a great track for them, but I could barely hold on through the corners; I have no idea why, but I could swear that I kept understeering on the power, which doesn’t seem like it should be possible.
  12. I just couldn’t get a good lap in on daily C Fuji, I’m glad they’re including the group 1s in the rotation at least.
  13. Probably uses lap distance to automatically change the bias for each corner. They used to have it on downshifts, somehow avoiding a ban for being an automatic transmission for ages.
  14. That looks genuinely terrible. Why is it so stupid?
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