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  1. I can’t imagine it’s going to be anyone else’s answer, but I really really like Optimistic from Kid A.
  2. You’d at least want to give them some competency tests in current technology and geopolitics wouldn’t you.
  3. Yeah, but imagine they do an episode from the 90s that looks like Friends, but with the rest of the Avengers.
  4. My head says week by week. My addiction says binge it all in a day.
  5. Oh no, I agree with deKay about a TV show. I need to rethink my life choices.
  6. Good job they canned that livery.
  7. That’s all interesting to know. Discovery completely blew it for me when this season they went to the Trill planet, and instead of taking the doctor, they made a point of getting him to ask Burnham to go in his place because “reasons”.
  8. They should release it on streaming today. They would have a literal captive audience.
  9. Weird that the most dominant company in the history of F1 doesn't care about having a race in its home country.
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