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  1. I don’t watch Disney as much as Netflix, but the difference is, Disney makes things I actively look forward to watching, whereas with Netflix I’m pleasantly surprised if I happen to come across something I enjoy watching.
  2. GwiDan


    Amazing news. A limited series could work well as a change from the previous format too.
  3. That is an unfortunate name.
  4. I don’t know what Nick Knowles’ interest is in this, but this is a bit odd from him, and is currently on the UK top trending list for the UK:
  5. I wonder if he was fired, since last November when this rumour was floated, he was all “no bro, I have a contract for years”.
  6. Would be cheaper for a whip round to sponsor Haas for a race and get some hospitality passes.
  7. Yeah but what about the race?
  8. I found Bad Batch to be a bit of a slog to get through in comparison with Clone Wars, which started off quite poorly, but eventually became an amazing show. I haven't generally found the stories here to be compelling, but I did enjoy the beginning of the series and the two last episodes. It's added some nice bits to the lore, and re: the ending
  9. My rewatch of DS9 started with season 3, and most of the episodes were excellent. The last 2 episodes of season 2 are a good call though.
  10. That video was Russell’s pitch to Toto instead of a PowerPoint this year.
  11. I’d love to see all the cars he has. I think he avoids showing everything.
  12. I really enjoyed it. The current group of presenters managed to reverse their spiralling trajectory for me quite early on after I thought they were bullying Chris. The overwhelming impression I get from the show when I watch it now is that they’re not mean spirited and cynical, which is the opposite of how Clarkson et al approached it.
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