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  1. I like this new P1 commentary format.
  2. I’d take it, but he’d have to lose a few pounds to fit in the car.
  3. I liked Nomadland. Nothing happens in it much in the way that nothing happens in Lost in Translation, and it suited me just fine.
  4. That’s exactly what happened with the Walking Dead in the early seasons before it then went full post apocalyptic soap opera and I stopped watching it.
  5. How do they fix those historics? Any question of insurance is surely irrelevant if the tooling doesn’t exist any more?
  6. Seemed a bit flat to me-I mean no comment.
  7. That looks like a good day out doing anything other than watching the F1 that day.
  8. GwiDan


    Grosjean’s always been quick, just prone to some nasty mistakes, and his reputation has been hurt on top of that by trundling around in one of the worst cars in F1 for the last few years. Remember he was getting podiums for Lotus.
  9. Very important question: how was a Williams in a position to overtake the works Mercedes anyway?
  10. This is a massive chance for a do over for Perez
  11. Looked like Bottas drifted right, which caused Russell to swerve and touch the grass.
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