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  1. GwiDan

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    I was gifted some chest last night after doing a rift I think, first one I’ve ever had, opened it just as the host quit, so all the loot poured out onto the floor just as I got migrated into a new host on a different map
  2. GwiDan

    Star Trek Discovery

    I don’t get why the plot is so all over the place; so much makes barely any sense, and they’re making minimal use of the ship’s ability to jump, which was surely the only unique thing about the show.
  3. GwiDan

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Wasn’t the Brawn a massively expensive car?
  4. GwiDan

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    So they’ve made the Marlboro logo black to make it look less like a Marlboro logo.
  5. GwiDan

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    State of the end plates on that.
  6. GwiDan

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    You’re optimistic.
  7. GwiDan

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Anyone watching race of champions?
  8. GwiDan

    Greatest Videogame Tune

    Let’s never post anything ever again because everything we might ever talk about has already been discussed either here or on another forum. Close the forum. Zelda overworld.
  9. GwiDan

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Once all the good players are banned.
  10. GwiDan


    I’m scared to ask.
  11. GwiDan


    Serious question then, why did Microsoft buy Rare? They didn’t do anything of note with them.
  12. GwiDan

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve just ordered one of these for travel use: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07F436JT6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_lxFlCb70Q3JHS After the third party dock bricking consoles debacle, this is the only one I’ve seen that’s had any sort of mass media coverage, so hopefully it’ll work well.
  13. GwiDan


    Seeing Sea of Thieves in some game of the year lists reminded me that Rare still exists. What I can’t work out is why Microsoft bought them from Nintendo - their output in about the last 15 years has been Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, Viva Piñata, some Kinect stuff, and now Sea of Thieves. I think that’s tragic for a company I used to think was the best third (second) party in the world for quite a long time. What a waste!
  14. GwiDan

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    Is this why we can’t have new things? (Topics)

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