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  1. I keep losing a load of time in turn 2 on Fuji, and I can’t seem to get it right.
  2. I’m finding Fuji really tough in the super formula. That last sector is so Mickey Mouse.
  3. You must really want to see him get lapped.
  4. Unusual result in FP1.
  5. GwiDan

    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendon’t switch.
  6. Feel free to post any courses you like on the switch discord - there’s a category there just for course codes + maybe a short description. By keeping it simple and discussion separate, it should be a useful list of content to try. https://discord.gg/tYt87Qt
  7. I’d pay good money for this to be a legit question at the driver press conference.
  8. Should invite Lewis since he put his name on the product.
  9. Yes, he was unexpectedly much better than everyone else.
  10. I was so so bad tonight! Sorry if I punted anyone off in practice at Bathurst. Had some really great fights despite trundling around though!
  11. Just a reminder, I think the British GP will be on Channel 4 live in case anyone is thinking of getting a NowTV card for it.
  12. Oh, the first was during the first boss cutscene, and the second was I think just before someone appeared to speak to for plot development randomly on a level.
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