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  1. I've started reading this as it turned up in the post last week. Great stuff so far.
  2. I love my Helios 135mm. I could dump modern AF lenses altogether.
  3. If you like the look of Fuji the X-Pro2 is the step-up from the X100T with interchangable lenses. Drop down to the X-E3 or X-T30 from there in price but you get the same sensor and processing speeds (they don't have the OVF but of course retain the EVF). The older X-Pro1, X-T20 and X-E2 will be significantly cheaper second hand but still great as the updates to the X-E3 and X-T30 were very recent, the X-T30 was March 2019. Any Fujifilm XF range lens is going to be good; the XF 16-55 f2.8 or XF 18-55 f2.8-4 would be normal travel kit/zoom choices. Also our other thread:
  4. All the talk of "faith" in the teaser set off alarm bells for me, I could hear Burnham delivering it while staring earnestly into the middle distance. Hopefully this has nothing to do with the level of thoughtless pseudo-profound cliche that will be in the actual script.
  5. I don't understand what the point of Rich Energy is other than getting their CEO and his titanic ego onto TV and presumably into the F1 pits occasionally. Oh right I just answered my own question. From the judge: “Mr Storey provided different and inconsistent accounts of the development of D1’s Device, which also conflicted to a large extent with the evidence of Mr Kelly.” “He often did not answer questions directly, preferring to make speeches about his vision for his business or alternatively seeking to evade questions by speaking in generalities or in the third person plural. He only answered several questions when I intervened.” “He had a tendency to make impressive statements, which on further investigation or consideration were not quite what they seemed.” Wealthy arseholes who have never been called out on their shit.
  6. No worries. I feel like I've tried every combination of words in the English language and got nothing. It also led me to stumble across some vintage tripods on Etsy, one of which I've now bought instead. So sexy...
  7. Thanks @mindgames. I still can't figure out what that specific part is called so will have to buy a new complete assembly. Doh!
  8. Anyone know what this is called and where I might be able to buy one? Preferably knurled metal (aluminium)?
  9. I've started playing with an old Helios 135mm f2.8 mounted on my Fuji X-E3 (so 1.4*135=189mm). Learning the manual focus, not worrying too much about sharpness, and swirly bokeh from old lens construction is fun.
  10. I'm torn. Amazon are a shitty company, but they will give this the budget it may need.
  11. That was a very dull race indeed but at least Vettel didn't win it. Simplified aero rules can't come fast enough.
  12. Ferrarilol. Sport would be better off without them, they should have their bluff called re: their preferential treatment.
  13. Just your screen I think. I really like the second one, I'm a sucker for that kind of lighting that looks a little like a videogame.
  14. Only just caught up on the race. My takeaways - Melbourne is a ton of fun to drive on the F1 games but boring to watch. Ferrari continue to be naff with team orders and Vettel continues to prove he's overrated. I really don't care who wins these days as long as it's not him. Looks like much of the same otherwise and quite a few races won't be worth watching.
  15. Okay they're some old version of MySQL installed on Windows ME when the rest of the world is on Postgre. We should ditch this analogy. Discovery has inspired me to go through Voyager with a denofgeek episode guide to make sure I hit the highlights and skip a couple of duds. I think it holds up well and is pretty great, although I can't rule out the latest films and STD skewing my perspective.
  16. I can't believe people wrote the lines spoken by the characters, looked at their screen or bit of paper and didn't think "wait a minute, that's a bit shit". Then script editors actually read it and said "this is great!". It's terrible but I'm still watching in hope that it turns a corner, the corner is just going to have to be a hairpin turn.
  17. Halkyon


    Not true. Most with any decent audience will have agents and pretty standard fees for different types of video. The lower level ones may take "gifts" but don't underestimate the professionalism behind the down to earth images being projected. I know because its common for mobile games to turn to influencers as traditional user acquisition costs (pop-ups, video ads, Facebook ads) have continued to rise. As the influencer market matures the prices will rise accordingly but their utility to marketers has been undervalued up to this point. Personally I can't stand it of course. Edit: I just realised I quoted a post from 2017, doh.
  18. SQL does refuse to die to be fair. Much like Burnham and Tilly.
  19. Preorder on Amazon and then cancel and buy direct at the last moment... gotcha.
  20. Nice one. As a Zizek reader who works in video games this feels relevant. Can I get it from somewhere else so I don't have to give Amazon business?
  21. Anyone experimented with "vintage" lenses? Quite attractive given their availability for sod all on eBay and in charity shops. I bought one of those trendy Helios 58mm f2 lenses that's supposed to produce swiiiiiiirly bokeh. Here stuck on camera with M42 adaptor. I haven't gotten any swirls yet... but some pretty colours with a macro tube.
  22. A couple of shots from my new 135mm prime. Two "moggies".
  23. As I come to terms with being old and shit at PC FPS games I find myself wondering about the "skill gap" in BFV and how it frustrates me. I think Battlefield series games have always had mechanisms that evened out the differences between the sweaty tryhards and the casuals. Eventually a building would fall on you, a plane crash into your face, a tank would explode your face, or team-mate would knock you off a cliff with a Jeep (looking at you 1942) - no matter how good you were at the infantry gunplay. I think Battlefield V is relatively hardcore and allows for more of a disparity between the high and low "skilled" players, the skill cieiling is higher and it feels more like a competitive game to me. Why? Really fantastic recoil simulation rather than a straightforward probabilistic expanding cone of fire. The ability to control recoil really yields much greater results. Guns below rank 4 really are quite inferior - clip size, recoil, reload speed differences between higher and lower ranked players. Totally weird design decision here - I'd allow players to make guns behave differently through specialisations rather than making them categorically better. All weapons are available for both factions. Asymmetry can be scary to balance but it allows for situational advantage that evens out skill disparities. They can be balanced to be orthogonal rather than moving along a single vertical progression. AA is terrible. Good pilots can go 50+ to zero without much interferance. Less vehicles and capture points provide a lot of cover for anti-vehicle infantry. Map layout and flow knowledge is incredibly powerful, this comes with time. The game is so well rendered that there are infantry visibility issues - not only are the textures dense but the maps have ambient movement so just watching for that doesn't work either. These things can add up to frustration which is what I'd hypothesise is leading to the poor player retention that DICE have mentioned. Not to mention the customisation system that compromises the rest of the game and isn't supported by their monetisation system yet!
  24. Yeah I mean an optical or electronic viewfinder as @FishyFish mentions. Another benefit for me at least is I find it easier to hold the camera steady with it up to my eye rather than waggling it about in front of me at a distance.
  25. @Lorfarius That seems to be a decent camera, and take my opinion with a grain of salt as I'm quite new to this too, but I wouldn't buy anything without a viewfinder. If you want mirrorless (interchangable lenses yay) then I'd have a read: https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/best-entry-level-mirrorless-camera
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