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  1. Koopa for GP and Battle because you're always getting shelled. Kong for the trials because it was all about the momentum.
  2. The quality of player on xbone has noticeably gone up in the last month or so. It feels distinctly like it's only the hardcore remaining now. It's a shame because I think it's probably and unreasonable difficult curve for noobs now.
  3. Yeah, you lose over the shoulder which I'm not keen on because that's good for short-mid range spray and pray. I personally use an Elite controller with under grip buttons bound to lean because the default trigger press is too awkward. I guess this is next best if leaning is your thing but it's less useful than it used to be since they changed the damage model to cover limb penetration. I personally lean by exception but you see some players who clearly do this instinctively in every situation.
  4. Xbone got a big update yesterday. Auto equip is great,I'm not entirely convinced on the Erangel loot rebalance - everyone's got an sks and a 4x scope now.
  5. June update for xbox incoming - contains auto-equip!
  6. Hass

    Google Stadia

    I think the opportunity here is huge. I've got a load of friends who aren't interested in the cost of a console for what would almost certainly be occasional usage. Plus this opens up a similar concept to shareware and demos which never worked in the previous generations because the download was so prohibitive. It almost certainly won't get the absolute purists but maybe that's not a problem if developers start building to the platform's strengths.
  7. Hass

    Google Stadia

    https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/06/stadias-e3-doom-eternal-demo-made-me-a-cloud-gaming-believer/ More positive feedback, sounds like the same demo environment as the previous reviewer.
  8. Hass

    Google Stadia

    Wherever it is it's consistently less than 5ms away round trip
  9. Hass

    Google Stadia

    So Doom works on Stadia fine over Ethernet by the sound of it: https://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2019/06/i-played-doom-on-a-chromebook/ I'd say that's my use case covered.
  10. Played this for a few hours yesterday on the One X. They've pushed a pretty significant rebalance that nerfs the UMP9 which was ridiculously OP. Overall, the game runs really nicely (although I'm running with an SSD which I think makes a big difference on Xbox). Plus I got a dinner.
  11. Engadget are reporting that xcloud was really good hands on. I reckon MS are gonna push Scarlett from xcloud hard.
  12. I'm more interested in physics than sparkly things. I'm hoping that world malleability starts to become something next gen.
  13. Hass

    Google Stadia

    The point is that the laws of physics aren't prohibitive for this model to work. The core parts of the "overhead" get done as hardware and the network's much more robust than it used to be. There are reasons this model won't work, but Physics isn't one of them.
  14. Hass

    Google Stadia

    The laws of physics are just fine. Just ping google.com and (unless you're living on the moon) this is totally feasible.
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