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  1. I personally feel like more shinies, higher res and lower load times doesn't warrant a day 1 purchase when ultimately the games are likely going to be the same as you can get on X1X / Ps4. I'll also wait to see how GeForce Now and Stadia are panning out by then; I'd expect Cloud Gaming to be able to push more shinies than games you can run locally on consoles plus on Stadia there's the potential for games that can't even run locally.
  2. I gave this a quick blast for 20 mins and it seems to be fixed. It plays like the Xbox version now to me.
  3. @Rob Rule sorry, I didn't mean to be offensive with the term 'sweats'. My sense is that your grievance is more with the implementation of bots and the way they were forced on the community than their existence per-se. I wasn't aware that they randomly spawn mid game, that's shit for the reasons you cite. But I do think the developer was right to take action here as the game's population is dwindling towards the hardcore and the game has such an aggressive and multi-dimensional learning curve. Hopefully the ranked mode will provide the dedicated with the competitive, pure experience they're looking for whilst casual mode provides a graduated entry point for new players and keeps the player base healthier in the long run. Point in case, I had a game of duos with a friend a few months back and it was a total non-starter for him getting curb stomped before he could even equip a weapon. I then played the game with a different friend on Tuesday and I'm pretty sure he's hooked because he's got a similar experience to what we all received when the game was in its earlier days with a lower average skill of player. Ultimately the game is incredible, it's my favourite game ever and I'm sure the Dev will continuously improve the experience for players as they have historically.
  4. I've been playing a bit of pubg on Stadia which had the bot update and can confidently say the game is much better for it. Previously it was just ruined by sweats and even someone like me who had invested time historically struggled to get back in, but noobs had absolutely no chance. It gradually phases out the bots anyway so no biggie. The Stadia version is great btw - solid 60fps which gives you quite a bit of an advantage over the Xbox and PS4 players. I often find myself throwing smoke grenades at them just to tilt the FPS balance even further!
  5. I just noticed that Doom Eternal's patch notes talk about reducing input latency on Stadia. It's totally non-specific but will give this a try later and see if this is noticeably better because it was very poor compared to other titles.
  6. Just got a Doom 64 code from Stadia as a result of buying Doom Eternal. I guess they were just working on this in the background!
  7. Just came off a duos pubg session with a mate. It's really fantastic, great showcase.
  8. I spent 3 hours with PUBG on this on Tuesday evening and it's an absolutely fantastic port. There's just no lag at all, it feels totally seamless. Destiny 2 was the previous standard bearer on the platform for low latency but PUBG trumps this now; D2 still felt "heavy" but PUBG just feels local. It's totally excellent.
  9. I've got an LG OLED and it looks incredible. RDR2 and Doom Eternal are standouts for HDR. Still not sure I'd recommend 4k on WiFi though unless you've got a mesh.
  10. Homeplugs are generally very good but it really depends on your wiring
  11. I find Chromecast over Ethernet gives a seamless experience whilst Chrome over Ethernet still has one or two glitches, plus differing hardware on the client side does make a difference. WiFi can be both amazing and awful, and that can be on the same WiFi network. But I'd highly recommend the Stadia Premier edition if you have the opportunity to get Ethernet into the Chromecast, plus the controller is excellent.
  12. The sub is a little weird (I think so anyway) in that they change the games on Pro but you can keep playing the games you've previously claimed through Pro. So I've now got 15 games I can play as a result of a Pro sub that's been active since November. I guess this is a sub retention mechanism?
  13. Just had a quick go on PUBG Stadia. Performance wise it's excellent , felt like a solid 60fp and a really good draw distance - so leaps and bounds better than the Xbox One X version which was really hamstrung by the CPU IIRC. No obvious latency in the single match I played either. Definitely quite a few bots present, I got 4 kills and I'm pretty sure they were all bots but hard to be sure. But it was actually nice from my perspective to get back into the game without the immediate sweat death.
  14. I just had a quick look at the PUBG docs - it's not entirely clear but it looks like M+K is a separate Stadia matchmaking pool to PC whereas controller shares the Xbox One and PS4 matchmaking pool. I know that matchmaking pools often have to align with fps targets of the platform which is somewhat inherited from the tick rate of the servers. It'll be interesting to see if this is 60fps on Stadia given that it's a wibbly wobbly 30fps on both consoles yet they share the same matchmaking pools.
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