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  1. It turns out there's a paper on how Stadia works! It's complicated basically.
  2. I got a pair of the Xbox Arctis Steel series wireless headphones and they work really nicely with Stadia. USB-C wireless dongle plugs into the top of the Stadia controller and off you go. Total one stop shop headset.
  3. Pubg is just excellent. People moan but the core gunplay and gameplay is incredible and hasn't been surpassed in my view. It's just so pure. It's in need of a graphics overhaul though.
  4. It treads a fine balance, tough but fair. As long as you know your shooters.
  5. Just completed Part 2. Absolutely brilliant again, and the final boss was great.
  6. Bah. Sounds like a faff. Thanks!
  7. This is for 2v[2 matchmade opponents] right? We're trying to have 4 players who know each other doing 2v2, each with separate "consoles" (it's Stadia).
  8. Me and a few mates picked this up on Stadia recently but couldn't for the life of us work out how to setup a 2v2 game. It seemed to only want to do 1v1 or a plethora of other confusing options. We felt very stupid. What are we missing?
  9. Destiny 2 plays great on Stadia. The "weight" of the weapons and the way the netcode works really make it feel the same as on a local console. PUBG on the other hand doesn't translate so well though despite being a really good port. There's no obvious "lag" in the PUBG input but I think because it uses client-side hit detection you get a response disadvantage compares to local console players which doesn't happen for games with server side hit detection (Destiny 2 does this in Crucible IIRC). Given that the game is intensely sweaty these days I just found myself losing more duels compared to O
  10. Destiny 2 is confusing. Just play it. If you enjoy it enough, you eventually hit a paywall. Repeat.
  11. Think of it this way Stanley. Would you rather pay £450 for a console like experience or £0 for a console like experience? When you've already spent £450 you're already invested but many will decide they don't need a console next gen, and many people will realise that this gen. Just probably not on Stadia.
  12. It's the first one that actually demonstrates that you don't need a console; Stadia is a 4k stream with 5.1 surround sound and negligible latency. The narrative has entirely changed from "it's technically impossible for streaming to give me an experience similar to a local console" to "there aren't enough games on Stadia". The later problem is just a matter of who publishes the games (basically MS, EA and Activision these days).
  13. That's fine, I think we're all in violent agreement in here that the Stadia business isn't working out for Google. But as a technology it's a glimpse of the future and I think that should be exciting for gamers because in the long run, it means more gamers, reduced cost and more gaming.
  14. Ok. Well, I don't know the specifics behind your situation but if you're interested in gaming technology and have a good bb connection, I'd highly recommend picking up a Stadia Premiere Edition off ebay and giving it a go. It's pretty fascinating (to me at least) to see what is possible these days with just a chromecast and an ethernet cable and to see how the accesibility changes your gaming habits. No one can tell you what The Matrix is etc.
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