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  1. Winter Olympics 2018

    It's quite popular up here in Aberdeen where we even have our own Curling rink. I went along to a "try it out" type session once where I discovered that I most certainly do not have a natural aptitude to it!
  2. Xbox One X

    My bad. I meant fusion. Didn't mean to get anyones hopes up.
  3. Xbox One X

    I've been reading on here about it but some disturbing stuff in other threads about the build quality and after service being shocking so that's not an option. I'm quite satisfied with the stock controller and I really couldn't justify the cost, especially when my stock 1tb hard drive is almost full so that's even more expense to come.
  4. Gomorrah (TV series)

    Superb!! Only thing is I think I have forgotten what was going on. Maybe squeeze in a rewatch.
  5. Xbox One X

    I'm enjoying the the console the few days I've had it. Spoiled for choice what to play as had 70 games stored from claiming the games with gold through my 360. Highlights so far are Killer Instinct, Trials Fusion and surprisingly Goat Simulator which has been cracking me up. Is there any recommended 3rd party controllers for my second controller as can't really justify dropping another 50 pounds on a controller that will be used a couple of times a month at most.
  6. Xbox One X

    Oh man That's a major pain in the ass.
  7. Xbox One X

    But will it recognise the 360 games on there??
  8. Xbox One X

    Here is another question. I'm coming from Xbox 360 to Xbox one x. I have a terabyte external hard drive that I have been using to put all my 360 games on. Can I just plug that into my xbox one x and it will be recognised??
  9. Xbox One X

    Just bit the bullet and bought an Xbox One X on that ace Tesco deal. Should be getting it Saturday to pick up but was wondering approx how long does it take from initially plugging in for it to do all updates and become usable??
  10. Spawn reboot

    I always have a soft spot for that original Spawn film. It was pure b movie style but a lot of fun. The animations were good too so would love to see another attempt at a film, especially in today's climate where ever shite comic book character has their own movie.
  11. Outsiders - SOA x Justified x 1000 inbred hillbillies

    Oddly I couldn't find it earlier through searching for it by name but it is now in the new release section. Worst search function ever.
  12. Outsiders - SOA x Justified x 1000 inbred hillbillies

    I had a look on Netflix UK and can't find it. I'm assuming this is U.S. only??
  13. Arnold Schwarzenegger's best film?

    I think you have given the Running Man a "raw deal" in the chart. No memorable bad guys or supporting cast?? Some of the absolute best bad guys in any Arnie film appear in it. Sub Zero! Killian! Dynamo! Buzzsaw! In terms of supporting cast is Jessie "the body" Ventura and Mick Fleetwood not enough for you??
  14. EastEnders

    He is no Terry Duckworth.

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