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  1. Skull Commander

    Cineworld Unlimited Ticket

    I didn't bother since they said it was a 15 cert. Figured it would be something shitty based on the likely candidates of that rating. Pretty annoyed
  2. Skull Commander

    Recommend Me A Whisky

    Morrissons are doing this Glenallachie for £15 at the moment. It's a non age whisky but just having my first dram at the moment at it's surprisingly good. It tastes young but well worth the bargain price. Nice light crisp taste with a bourbon finish.
  3. Skull Commander

    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    I started playing this a little before Christmas and despite enjoying the tomb raider before it I just wasn't feeling this one. I played a bit but felt like I was just going through the motions. I got distracted by another game and haven't gone back to it since. I cant really say exactly what I wasn't enjoying as it looked amazing and felt polished but there is something lacking for sure.
  4. Skull Commander

    Buying games on release in 2018

    As reinforced with the new Street Fighter collection there is no point in day one purchases in this generation. Its a no brained for me. Shoddy unfinished day one product for full price that needs patched within an inch of it's life or wait till its nice and cheap and plays like it should.
  5. The original is one of my favourite films ever but this trailer isn't doing it for me. Also I wouldn't assume that he isn't Laurie's brother from this. Could just be part of the plot that she has broken the connection with the family over the years for personal reasons. I will see this but I'm not holding out much hope.
  6. Skull Commander

    Xbox One X

    While it misses those points it is valid to say this is likely make or break for Xbox. The wider public still perceive it (quite rightly) as not having so much good first party exclusives and at this stage they need more than a forza/gears of war/ halo to save them. Sea of Thieves has generally underwhelmed and now more than ever they need the wow factor.
  7. Skull Commander

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    About bloody time. This whole experience has just reminded me why I don't buy games at launch anymore.
  8. Skull Commander

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    This compilation would have been so much better if they had given us the Ex series as well as sf the movie games. I know various licencing has likely prevented it but it I'm sure if they really wanted to they could make it happen. I'm also totally missing Alpha 2 dash. Looking back at the alpha anthology on the PS2 it was a far superior collection and felt like some effort had gone into it. Fingers crossed for some kind of future pre patch giving us some more polish on the package.
  9. Skull Commander

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Also does every spin off have to have an increasingly shit version of HK-47 from KOTOR now?
  10. Skull Commander

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Went to see this with my Star Wars daft pal last night and none of us enjoyed it. It's one of the most unnecessary films ever made and had very little redeeming qualities. Hopefully with it making a loss Disney will have a serious look at the quality control for the future.
  11. Skull Commander

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Back to a lag fest tonight with most matches unplayable. This game is such a missed opportunity
  12. Skull Commander

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    It was a little bit better for me last night and more impressively I encountered a good range of characters including Dhalsim, Honda, Chun Li and M Bison. Only about two matches were laggy.
  13. Hmm. Seems strange. I have gold (have done for 13 years) and all my other saves have shifted across with no problem. Goodness knows.
  14. Quick question. I tried to move my sonic racing transformed save from 360 to cloud so I can play it on the Xbox one x but it won't. Am I missing something obvious or is this not possible for this game?
  15. Skull Commander

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Couldn't get a game this morning for love nor money. Don't know what's up with it. Tried one player instead and finished 3rd strike for the achievement then played through alpha 2 but no achievement popped at the end of it. Hopefully it will just be delayed.

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