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  1. Hmm Isn't showing on mine so far.
  2. Isn't this U. S. only? I read something that suggested it was.
  3. That's what jumped out at me. Not even a nod to Street Fighter 4?? Crazy. Also no Outrun 2 is pretty unforgivable (as pointed out already). On further inspection I would have also given a place to Super Monkey Ball, and a Ninja Gaiden title (preferably Black), and Knights of the Old Republic. No strategy games either? As a console only player I would put strong cases for a Tropico title, Civ Revolution and one of the Defense Grid titles. I'm sure PC games would have a stronger claim to be on the list though.
  4. I read this after voting and this is EXACTLY what the set up was in my house. Koopa 4 Life!
  5. Excellent additions. Looking forward to trying Bloodstained and Bad North, and I'm sure I will end up playing Lego Worlds with my daughter.
  6. It ended up beyond awful, but I firmly believe it should be included on the strength of the first two seasons alone. Especially when you look at some of the shite on that list.
  7. Not a bad list but a few high profile shows missing like Boardwalk Empire, Carnivàle, Chernobyl, Dexter and Peaky Blinders which should all be above the likes of Strictly and Bake off. Fleabag needs to do one as well. Top 10? Nae chance!! Happy with Sopranos though, and a well earned placing for The Office UK. *EDIT* No Bojack? For shame. Plus no Gomorrah or The Virtues?? No King of the Hill either... this list is not standing up to scrutiny.
  8. That seems to be what is wrong. Act 2.1 is showing as not done.
  9. I finished the game but rather annoyingly the achievment tied to it is glitched and won't unlock. It's really dissapointing that there are so much issues around the launch of this game as I really enjoyed the campaign and for the first time I'm enjoying a Gears multilayer. I'm terrible at it, but it's got that one more go factor that I used to get with Call of Duty.
  10. Aladdin (remake). Took my daughter to see this and while it didn't need to be made it was an entertaining couple of hours. Will Smith was good value as the genie (barring a couple of flat musical numbers) and the cast was generally likeable. The slower songs were the lowlight with a couple of cringy x factor light efforts, but a win for the stylish direction of Guy Ritchie. 3 and a half Skuls out of 5.
  11. I will save you the bother. You don't.
  12. It's a really narrow selection as well. Mostly pretty safe choices which I'm surprised at, and a distinct lack of rock/metal. I guess it fulfills their task of getting clicks, but I think I found about 7 albums in that top 100 I actually enjoy.
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