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  1. I played Civilisation Revolution on my Xbox Series X tonight and it's improved performance for sure on this 360 title. Animations are smoother and faster, and the loading when "space events" take place is a genuine massive boost to the pace of the game. This was a Xbox 360 fave of mine for a few years and it is amazing to see the same game I have played hundreds of times with these wee upgrades.
  2. Finished the game tonight. That last water tank section was a stinker, but otherwise enjoyable and harks back to the horror titles of the 90's. I quite enjoyed the relative straightforwardness of the whole thing. I think the constant obsession in modern gaming with large maps and sandbox gameplay makes this more simplistic title a treat in the present climate.
  3. I have had a couple of sessions on this game think I'm around half way through. Usually story based games with little action aren't my cup of tea, but I'm suitably motivated to keep going with this one. I fully agree the shit stealth can do one, but even my clumsy non stealthy disposition has manged to get through these sections so far. I really like the atmosphere and the setting of the game, and part of that is the fact it's Poland based, which is pretty unique in my experience. No section has out stayed it's welcome so far and the sound design (as others have commented) really
  4. I feel much like the OP does about Gradius 5, with Streets of Rage 4. Never did I expect it to be so finely balanced between a new experience and pleasing the nostalgia crowd. The developers obviously love the series and you can see the care and effort in everything from the graphics to the music, the characters and the general atmosphere of the game, as well as the easter eggs and unlockables. I just wish that all other reboots/sequels had as much passion apparent in them.
  5. Tropico 4 is an absolute classic. I havent heard of the Xbox one games, but they both look interesting.
  6. Mine arrived today which was superfast, and I don't even have Prime delivery. Gave them a wee shottie on Streets of Rage 4, and The Medium, and I have to say they seem solid. They are comfy, sound good, and make me feel like I'm the Bo Selcta Craig David. I havent tried the mic yet but for 14 quid I really cannot complain.
  7. I too watched Mortal Kombat tonight. Great opening, but it's pretty trashy overall. Kano is great, but the main guy is a charisma vacuum. The gore levels are pleasing and if your a fan of the games (like me) there is LOADS of fan service and references to the various titles. The cast are lacking overall, the budget is obviously quite low and Goro looks like Shrek after a Puregym membership. Unfortunatly this films future is destined for ITV2 (heavily edited) at 10.40pm every Tuesday night. A generous 3 (flaming) Skulls out of 5, but if you are
  8. Cheers for that. I've just ordered a pair too. Checked out some YouTube reviews and they are well respected for something in the $35 bracket, so for 14 quid they seem a steal!
  9. Eh?? I understood these were 4 unique Cloudwater x minority brewed beers (albeit by Brewdog) that wouldn't be available seperately.
  10. The bottom line is that for me a lot of weaker beers just don't measure up. They lack in substance and body and that's the ones WITH alcohol. I would have happily tried this 4 pack if it was all alcoholic beers, but i'm never going to pay £2.50 for a can of no alcohol beer, and I feel there will be others who share that same opinion. If people want to buy and enjoy a no/low alcohol beer then that is great, but why not do them seperatly? Just feels like defeat from the jaws of victory.
  11. What isn't good is that one of the beers in the 4 pack (which retails for £10) is non alcoholic. Fuck that.
  12. I wonder if the Microsoft/Nintendo news (if it really exists) would be something about Rare made games/characters allowed back to Nintendo systems. I would guess that this would be one of the main reasons that we haven't seen a N64 mini.
  13. Punk IPA has changed for sure. Last year they were selling "Retro boxes" which were old branding that was short coded. I opened a new punk and an old punk and they were different. I took this (not very good) picture at the time and you can actually see the difference in the colour. The old one had much more flavour.
  14. ... To be frank it was a waste of time. The beer box was mediocre and the stream was unprofessional and pretty poor. I say this as a fan of Brewdog
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