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  1. Strategos

    No Man's Sky - Photo Gallery

    Found a planet populated by giant ambulatory pineapples
  2. Strategos

    Monster Hunter: World

    Yeah Im gonna, I stopped playing on the xbox mainly because I wanted to wait for the PC version. Think Fox might be getting it as well.
  3. Strategos

    No Man's Sky

    This one got me as well. Took a while to find a solution. this was the solution for me
  4. Strategos

    No Man's Sky - Photo Gallery

    Smooth Landing
  5. Strategos

    No Man's Sky

    I just wish that I didnt constantly blow myself up with a geology cannon as quit menu is the same button as fire the bomb ffs
  6. Strategos

    No Man's Sky

    Ok that was weird!
  7. Strategos

    No Man's Sky

    Finally got this and am loving it. Can't help feeling that if someone made a game that was half way between this and Elite it would be my perfect game. Anyway, question: The base computer quests, can I delete the original base computer , will the quests transfer to my new base computer? I dont really want to have to jump back to my home system to do this.
  8. Strategos

    Sci Fi recommendations

    I'm really struggling to finish this, I'm really close to the end so am going to power through. If I had to review it in one word I would say "weak".
  9. Strategos

    Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

    Not with the phase jump i bet. I must have fallen to my death about 20 times.
  10. Strategos

    Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!

    I've said this before but Dune is one of my favorite books of all time and I love the film as well. To me they have an almost symbiotic relationship. I always recommend to people that they read the book, then watch the film, then read the book again. The film doesn't work without understanding the book, but somehow the visuals and atmosphere of the film improve the book on subsequent readings. It is an incredible feat of vision. It is a rare thing indeed for a film to improve on your minds eye. I think the original LOTR film is the only other example I can think of, although in that case I remember feeling very clearly that this was how I imagined it.
  11. Strategos

    Reading Challenge 2018

    I'm doing pretty well but some of mine are re-reads and a couple were Novellas so cheating a bit. I just keep updating my original post so miss out on bumping the thread though
  12. Strategos

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Ordered "Noumenen" , hopefully another good recommendation!
  13. Strategos

    Titanfall 2

    I just hit play on Multiplayer and it's ALWAYS attrition, which is fine I love it. But I have never played another game type yet, and I just hit level 50. Is it all anyone plays anymore?
  14. Strategos

    Titanfall 2

    EPG is pretty awesome! Good suggestion! Frustrating when you only get splash damage and they kill you but oh so sweet when you land a kill across the map
  15. Strategos

    Titanfall 2

    It is a bit like that isn't it. I was enjoying Ironsights before I started playing this now it feels like I'm mired in treacle....

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