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  1. Insect Glaive is wielded like a Bo staff
  2. I cannot believe anyone likes the Handler! Still horses for courses. I am a PC hunter and I don't think there is any cross play even though the content is in sync now Edit: can't believe I got to HR 50 without doing even the bughunter task. Got my first new Palico equipment! And found some parts of the forest I didnt even know existed!
  3. Ok the Handler is back Also is Barioth and that bat thing essentially the same creature? I do hate those fast whippy tail swinging monsters! Viper Tobi, followed by those two has been pretty hard going. I had the bat thing limping back to its nest to be trapped and the timer ran out while I was following it 50 minutes down the tube ! Ive also just found out there is a whole bunch of Palico Equipment I never got so I think im going to go and unlock all of them by way of a break. There is so much going on in this game its crazy.
  4. Even though its no longer getting new content, there is a tonne of stuff to do in vanilla and even more if you get IceBorn, but if you are going to get the DLC dont waste time making HR armour etc like I did!
  5. I had a long break from this but have picked it up again. My HR was in the 30s and I thought I'd push through to Rank 50 or so, so was grinding for a good build for this level when i happened to read that as soon as you start Iceborn your gear is out of date! So that was a waste of time! I DL the DLC and sure enough , even the bone armour is better than my hard earned armour. On the plus side it did rekindle my Monster hunter love, so I've dived into Iceborn. I am glad I spent a bit of time in the original finding my feet again as I might have given up on Iceborn quite early on as there
  6. Looking good, have you dabbled with multi-touch yet? Good idea if you are planning on moving to mobile.
  7. Looks nice, getting more of a bioshock vibe from it than half life.
  8. There are a lot of assets for this stuff on the asset store and tutorials on the web. It's hard to diagnose without seeing the code though.
  9. Finished it. Def had it's ups and downs. I found the final encounter a little unlikely, shades of Star Trek (2009) there. But overall I enjoyed it and will miss it despite the decline in quality.
  10. The quality is outstanding. Still loving this. Wish they had CGed floaty tears in though, seems like an easy win.
  11. Thanks for the assist. Its amazing it runs natively on the quest, doesnt seem so long agao this was the peak of PC gaming.
  12. Installed the new Doom3 patch and it worked!
  13. Episode 1 of series 3 is up on Prime. I felt like I was losing it in Series 2 in places but I enjoyed this episode a lot. I was expecting to have no idea what was going on but just got straight back into it. Im also near the end of Vikings and the two things have a slight cross over occuring which was fun. Ian McShane is starting to show his age a bit mind you.
  14. Yeah followed all the instructions to the letter , redone it a few times to be sure. No joy
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