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  1. I know, I know Rllmuk hates Penny Arcade, but this one gave me a chuckle.
  2. Despite all the amazing stuff that is happening I am basically posting nothing. There are some people ahead of us on our server and just the hints that I get from them are a bit frustrating. Its all about the discovery. Every journey ends up with a story, a wtf moment. What IS that?!
  3. Atlas has amazing sea and sailing, but is lacking in a lot of areas. This is much more enjoyable in almost every way. One thing it does have that I miss is the ability to build on the rafts / boats.
  4. Totally, Ive not even seen a significant bug yet. Impressivly solid.
  5. This game keeps on giving. It's hard to talk about it without spoilers though. I am trying to play without looking anything up online - except some of the amazing bases people have made! The base building is VERY satisfying in this that is for sure.
  6. Lizards drop Neck Tails which you can cook, and boars drop raw meat.
  7. I dont think currently there is a way to destory items, they seem to persist for ever. Greydwarf eyes.... chests and chests full of them.
  8. We are going pretty fast, but there is nothing wrong with playing this slow. Just enjoy it, its got such a relaxing vibe when you are just meandering around collecting raspberries and checking if the bees are happy.
  9. I have to say this game is outstanding. Depsite the low res art style it looks fantastic. They have nailed a really atmospheric feeling, which switches effortlessly from lovely and sunny, to dark and ominous all too quickly. But the realy clincher is the finely tuned progression. You start the game with a weight on your shoulders , the weight is the other early access, "brutal" survival games you have played. And while the mechanics are very similar, you start off picking up branches and stones, before long you are chopping down trees and mining. But the game very quickly star
  10. I know Im only joking Just saying its coming along very nicely.
  11. Looking pretty slick! I bet it feels nice to play on the touchscreen. You should probably take "Rubbish" out of the name now
  12. I might just have to start watching the whole thing over I think.
  13. This may happen a lot It might be worth reading a bit about Design Patterns if you havent already. This link seems to sumarise some common ones (I just scanned it quickly mind you) https://www.patrykgalach.com/2019/05/06/design-patterns-in-unity/ You might find the concept of Singletons interesting if you are just discovering the static keyword. Edit: This one covers a few more https://github.com/Habrador/Unity-Programming-Patterns
  14. Last episode was great and delivered what I was hoping for most of the season There were def lulls getting here , mixed in with some really great stuff. Over all though the standard is really high and I'm vedisapointed there is only one season left!
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