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  1. I like the single wordless beat between Sam Rockwell and Alfie Allen's characters
  2. The critics who hated this seemed to think that the "sillyfication" of the material is insulting -- that you should only present Nazism and the Holocaust with solemn and serious documentary facts -- that it's reckless to present an unreal version of what the nazis believed about jews. But the satire works for me. Art doesn't necessarily need to use facts to tell truth. I think the basic satire here is that antisemitism is so illogical that the nazis may as well have believed that jews have horns and tails and that the "jew queen" lays eggs. The holocaust was an atrocity based on such groundless beliefs that it helps to show what groundless beliefs are.
  3. I must thank Robbie Collin for making me go out and watch this, when I would have probably waited for home release -- just to see how wrong he was. I'm so glad I did.
  4. Yep, truly awful. Felt like one of the runaround-a-base episodes of the RTD era, or even Classic Who, which can be decent enough if done competently, but will never be the best. Then it just kept getting worse and worse. The old woman and "Benni!" The monsters that looked expensive yet still silly. The exotic paradise resort that looked like half a building on a cold day. Really cheap-looking alien people with green wigs and shit who would have honestly fit into the Baker/McCoy era. Pulling a Planet of the Apes twist half way through. I don't often notice bad direction, but I noticed very obvious bad direction and editing in this episode. Reaction shots cut against b-roll of the aliens. Incomprehensible fast cuts to show "action" happening. The episode doesn't even end... the Tardis crew get transported back to the Tardis and everyone else is... left to die? No thoughts of taking the Tardis back to rescue them. At the end when the Doctor gave a speech about global warming almost straight to camera, I said, "Okay thanks Greta."
  5. I only saw 5 minutes of this, and it looked like a demented version of Through the Keyhole. And I fucking hate Through the Keyhole.
  6. SqueakyG

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought that I'd prefer buying physical releases, and did so at the beginning. However I'm now used to the convenience of downloaded games, and it's just irritating to know that some games can't be launched immediately without getting up and finding the cartridge.
  7. I think they turned the APA Hotel back into something else for Judgment. Maybe they lost the rights. So it's only there in Yakuza 6. I haven't been to Japan but I explored Kabukicho in Google Maps quite thoroughly, and was interested to see how many things are faithfully there, in roughly the same places. Apparently the Don Quijote store is always busy because of tourists. Another thing I've heard about Shinjuku in general is that everyone is rowdy and drunk at night, and everywhere you look you'll see people puking in the gutters. So that's nice. As for Judgment: I played it last year. It's almost as good as a Yakuza game, and it's the best version of Kamurocho in the Dragon engine yet. It gets a bit repetitive with the trailing sequences and looking-for-evidence sequences, but otherwise it's just like a Yakuza game. The plot unfolds in the same kind of intriguing way. Yagami is very likeable and capable, though you miss the way that Kiryu would have reacted to things.
  8. I'm waiting until they've ironed out some things, so I'll try Project Lunar in another 2 or 3 releases. How does it handle multiple regions? One of the coolest things about the stock MD Mini is that it has regional variant roms when you switch to other languages. Could I make it so that Streets of Rage 3 appears in the English menu but it turns into Bare Knuckle III in the Japanese menu?
  9. I think it's been a mixture of disappointingly silly and unfaithful, and impressively silly and unfaithful. It's clever and funny and macabre enough to hold your attention, and I sort of respect the dedication to creating a gloriously campy Count. It's fun. It's an interesting way of looking at someone who is an unholy monster, serial killer and psychopath. But I can only take so many of the Count's smug entendres about eating people. I think Dolly Wells is awesome. Somehow I predicted the twist at the end of episode 2. Don't know how I predicted it... I just guessed, or even assumed, they'd do it. Or maybe it was in some pre-release material.
  10. So I never bothered to get back into Pinball FX3 to see what they did with the Williams license. I stuck with the familiar old Pinball Arcade with about 60 Williams/Bally tables - now precious! But I always kind of hated TPA's front-end and presentation, and how they never updated the tables to look better, and now it feels like dead software. So I'm considering getting the Williams table packs for PFX3 before the Steam sale ends. I know it's a year and a half late, but I finally checked out the free Fish Tales to see if I'd like the physics, etc. When it comes to physics, Zen's "realistic" physics feel very fast and difficult. I loaded up Fish Tales in TPA to compare, and I couldn't believe how slow and floaty TPA's physics are by comparison! So I'd definitely say PFX3 is a more realistic game of pinball, but it's perhaps too real. I suppose I can play with the old silly Zen physics, but that's too far in the other direction, too easy. So I wonder if TPA's physics are a good compromise between Zen's silly and realistic modes. Graphically PFX3 is way better of course. No way to adjust room and lamp brightness, but it seems to be roughly the way I like it. One potential problem is that it doesn't have an angle that goes as high as TPA's "view 2". So I can't decide whether to buy into PFX3's Williams tables, or just stick to playing them - and 40 others - in the old Pinball Arcade.
  11. That's curious. I thought these remasters were straightforward enough that they wouldn't need to bring the actors back to re-record lines. They're just PS3 ports. I know that Yakuza 3 had some 'problematic' content cut, and the games have been re-localised into English. But I wonder what needed extra Japanese voice acting? Enough to replace an actor because he couldn't come back? Edit: they've done a whole facial replacement on the character too, and the previous actor retired due to "allegations about his personal life", so it's very probably another drugs 'cancelling'.
  12. If you're not excited: Snowman Pokey is wearing a bucket as a fez.
  13. I really like it so far. I hope it carries on being sparse and simple -- like 25-minute stylish vignettes. I wouldn't mind if there was no dialogue at all, and I hope he never takes off the helmet.
  14. I don't think I liked it much (watched the NZ version edited as two episodes). It hit all the major scenes and setpiece images you would hope for, and it's set in the right period, and yet it didn't really feel as faithful as other adaptations. Too much time was spent in the first hour establishing their unconventional/disapproved-of relationship, but I never understood what it had to do with the story. And then it turns into Threads. Of all the things to mash with War of the Worlds... Threads was an interesting choice, but not right. So all the great scenes and moments are there, but they feel like detached flashbacks and seem oddly unconnected. I didn't feel swept up in the panic of an alien invasion. Partly because of the flash-forward/flashback structure, partly because of the stiff upper lip Edwardianism, and partly because Rafe Spall was miscast. I can't explain why Rafe Spall doesn't work... some of his "reacting to the CG" faces were comically bad, and I didn't like his character.
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