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  1. Oh you'll be happy if you like shiny collectibles once drone racing opens up.
  2. I met him the last time I played and thought: "If this is a real restaurant chain, then this is some serious in-game advertising."
  3. I got my first "Nintendo Code of Conduct violation" email today. They don't tell you what comment got you in trouble, but I know for a fact I've never been insulting or used vulgar words. Apparently this is very common - as soon as some precious diddums gets a critical comment he hits the "report" button, and Nintendo's automated system does the rest. I think the most critical comment I ever left was: "Meowser fight in a locked room with spawning fire-flowers: cliche." and I only left that comment because it was funny how I'd just been reading a thread on Reddit about how boss battles in sealed rooms with spawning fire flowers are very groan-worthy, especially if it's Meowser, because Meowser is not designed for sealed rooms. Meowser is the only boss in the game who can chase you through a course and that's what he's designed for. Now I'm too scared to leave critical comments, which is a shame. You should have the right to be critical. Someone drew the words "Your level is bad & not fun" at the start of one of my courses... and I'm leaving it there. Fair enough, man.
  4. I play endless on Normal. I found Easy to be too easy, in the sense that I'll never run out of lives -- there are also a lot of "My 5 year-old's first courses" and auto courses. Normal is better, although I must say that some tough courses can come up in Normal that I think should be in Expert -- I've even seen shell-jumping and tough speedrun stuff come up in Normal, and that's not right. It can be tough to get a run started with 5 lives if some of those tough courses come up first.
  5. SqueakyG

    Nintendo Switch

    But the select button has always been a slightly annoying minus.
  6. I was afraid of losing track of this game because Super Mario Maker 2 came out straight afterwards and caused me to not play Judgment for over a week. It would be a real shame if I drifted away and dropped this, so I forced myself away from Mario and made sure to put half a day into it yesterday. I had some frustrations, however. Side cases opened up, and the first one I started was the tiger jacket case. The homeless people in the park wouldn't talk to me until I bought them bentos -- their dialogue made it clear that they wanted tonkatsu bentos in particular. So I went to Poppo and saw two choices: "Bento" and "Pork Tonkatsu Bento". Obviously they wanted the latter, so I bought them. But the homeless people acted like I hadn't bought anything yet. I spent 15 minutes faffing around -- reloading, restarting, rebuying tonkatsu bentos, googling for answers - even most walkthroughs said I was doing everything right. The solution? They wanted the regular bento. Then they said I had to go to where "young men hang out". Young men can hang out anywhere! There were no icons on the map to direct me (I couldn't set this as my current activity, it would only show the red marker for the main story). A walkthrough told me they were at the batting centre -- but how the hell would I have known that? So I was a bit grouchy in this play session. Also have the sad feeling that I was playing out of obligation, and wanted to get back to Mario. Even though Judgment is great.
  7. I took this for granted in one of my SMW courses -- you need to kill a goomba to get out of the room. I didn't think it was possible for people to get stuck there, but the course received some comments that suggested people were quitting in that room because they didn't know what to do. That's my fault. I should have included a moment prior to that room where the player can playfully discover that spin-jumping kills goombas, although I'm not sure how you'd implement it.
  8. I've tried a few styli and they are all a bit different. I'm going to end up spending lots of money on styli because I'm never happy and I keep trying new ones. One has a rubber tip which is responsive and glides over the screen well... but it's very fat. One has a thinner rubber tip which is very responsive, but it drags. One has a microfibre tip that glides over the screen brilliantly... but it's not responsive and misses lots of taps. Looking for that Goldilocks stylus.
  9. I have a browser add-on that puts a bar on youtube thumbnails showing the number of likes/dislikes. Whenever a Giant Bomb video has at least 30% dislikes I know in advance that Ben is in it.
  10. For anyone who enjoyed the Ryckert/Klepek Super Mario Maker wars a few years ago: Patrick started playing Dan's SMM2 level:
  11. SqueakyG

    Gaming grudges

    Perhaps not a grudge, but I just feel nothing for the Spectrum. I didn't have one growing up. I had an Acorn Electron and some of my friends had C64's, but I never even saw a Spectrum so they mean nothing to me. In later years I became aware that British people my age are supposed to have a loving fondness for the Spectrum. Retro Gamer magazine filled half their pages with Spectrum material in their early years, and I just had to skip the pages because those ugly graphics meant nothing to me.
  12. Added my course from a couple of days ago to the fancy spreadsheet, just so it's on there. Thanks to everyone who played it! There are some random Japanese players amongst the RLLMUK Brits as well, so it seems to be in the "system".
  13. For creators the most crucial issue is: Will anyone play my course? It's dismaying to spend a whole day making a course and then nobody plays it. The whole purpose is to create courses for others... or else the software is no better than the 3DS version. I was quite disappointed with SMM1 when I discovered that most courses get zero plays naturally, and you must shill your course codes on a bunch of forums or get Twitch streamers to play them. You have to do all the leg-work. At first I thought it was because the Wii U was dead, but apparently it was always a problem. So far I don't think they've done anything to address it for SMM2. In fact people on the subreddit believe it's more broken than ever -- they think it's possible that if your course sits at 0 plays, it can never show up anywhere or enter rotation for Endless. Then if you can get your course played by one person, it pretty rapidly gets more plays afterwards, meaning it's now in the system. I don't know... I'll have to see how this system settles.
  14. I'm a little confused about how to post comments on people's courses. There are two kinds of comments, right? General comments that you make after clearing a course, and comments that will pop up inside the course exactly where you're standing if you pause and make a comment. But how do you leave a general comment without clearing the course? I want to be able to say "Sorry dude, too hard for me", but I don't want it to be a popup where I'm standing in the level. I want it to be a general comment. But if I have to clear the course to make that comment, I can't.
  15. Course codes may be smaller now, but it would still be good if they make a new version of the Super Mario Maker Bookmark site. That way you never have to enter a course code, just click people's links and line up their courses for playing next time you're in the game.
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