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  1. SqueakyG

    Super Mario Maker 2 - June 2019

    I'm not sure how much they'll let a user do without Switch Online. Uploading and downloading courses is not synchronous online gameplay, so there is hope that they'd allow it for everyone. After all, they'd want the biggest population of user-made courses possible. Now... if the reason for putting Luigi (and Toads) in the promo art is because they've been cooking up online co-op gameplay, that's different. You'd need Switch Online for that.
  2. SqueakyG

    Nintendo Switch

    I used to think the Pro controller was the best controller I'd ever used, until Tetris 99. It turns out the D-pad has a sensitivity problem that makes it register unwanted ups. In Tetris that's a hard drop. This ruins Tetris. Maybe they could patch Tetris 99 to make it more strict about recognising up inputs -- ignoring up-left and up-right diagonals? That could help. Also in general: I've noticed quite a few Switch games that don't let you map controls to ZL or ZR. This is annoying because my big fat fingers rest much more comfortably on the triggers than they do on the thinner L & R. Is it because the Switch has a whole system for logging in other users and their controllers by holding down ZL & ZR, so it likes to keep them free? I don't like that.
  3. SqueakyG

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Alan's report on corporal punishment was amazing, and utterly disturbing.
  4. SqueakyG

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    We only get to see Lynn briefly, but I like the way she seems to have become more of an "accomplice" to Alan's personality, as if the decades spent in his service have brought out her worst qualities, and she's now a bit more petty and nasty than she would have been in an Alan-free life. in general: I'm taking the middle ground for now -- It's good, but it's not classic Partridge. There are enough great lines and moments, but I don't think it's the strongest thing made in the Gibbons era. The cringe is a little too high for my comfort. I think part of what made KMKYWAP work brilliantly was that the entire format was old-fashioned -- you could say moribund -- they gave Alan a chat show after the death of the chat show -- and an overall theatricality meant that it was never a believable broadcast (the same troupe of comic actors playing different roles each week, etc). On the other hand, "This Time" uses a contemporary TV format, and I don't think it can get away with the same stretches of believability. We also live in a different age than the 90s: back then you could only write to Points of View if you thought the host of a BBC chat show embarrassed himself, whereas now every single cringe moment on This Time would go viral on Twitter and become a meme. (That could end up being a plot point in later episodes, who knows). Alan would either get sacked after episode 1, or become a meme sensation.
  5. SqueakyG

    Super Mario Maker

    I'm getting really interested in Super Mario Maker 2, as someone who never had a Wii U and so I never got to see it before. In my excitement I... uh... I picked up the 3DS version. It was only 14 quid! I know perfectly well that it's hated because you can't upload levels or find other people's levels. However, I thought it might give me some "practice" so that I'm already familiar with everything before SMM2 drops in June. (I also looked into the price of a second-hand Wii U, but that would be going too far. June is only four months away. Four long slow months). I don't even know why I'm excited -- I seriously doubt my ability to create levels that would be worth anyone's time. I'm not even very good at playing Mario games, and I must admit that I've never played SMB3 or World beyond fairly brief emulation dabbling. So I feel like I should become more familiar with the design language of these games first -- after all, how can you be a good filmmaker if you've hardly watched any films? Or a good writer if you don't read books? I think I'll have a proper crack at SMB3 and SMW before June. I'm over-thinking it. I've already seen that most SMM's user-made levels don't play much like Nintendo'-designed levels. Give people the tools to make Super Mario, and they end up making really complicated puzzley weird stuff!
  6. SqueakyG

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    RPG-izing games that don't need RPG stats. God of War (2018) simply didn't need weapon and armour statistics, runes, etc. It must have added several hours to the play time, staring at those numbers on the screen, deliberating over whether a +2 statistic here is worth losing -2 somewhere else. Fucksake, he's an angry man with an axe, I don't want to care about the numbers but what if it really matters aggh. When a game ends, and you're given about three different complicated message popups about the different types of New Game+ you can choose next. It just makes me scared that I'll fuck up the whole save file if I've misunderstood. This one is as old as the hills, but has always annoyed me: Two branching paths. One leads to some loot in a dead end, the other is the way forward. You must use some kind of supernatural intuition to choose the looty dead-end first, so that you don't waste your time by choosing the Path Forward first, then after a while you get a nagging feeling: "This hasn't yet turned into a dead end with loot... oh shit, did I choose the right way first? Should I double back to see if the other path was the looty dead end?"
  7. SqueakyG

    First film seen at the cinema

    I was pretty late to the cinema because my parents just didn't do the cinema, so it wasn't part of my childhood. First time I got out to the cinema was with a friend's family when I was 12. It was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.
  8. SqueakyG

    Best machine for emulators?

    It's a tough question. Best for what? All the choices fit different criteria. A mid-range PC in a small case is probably the best overall choice for versatility and power, but not the cheapest. Using your main desktop PC is even better - you can play any game ever made - but that doesn't feel like you've set up an "emulation machine". Adapting a console makes you feel like a hacker. Building a Retropie makes you feel like a hobbyist. Nvidia Shield TV just feels like you're using Android. I chose Retropie since I built one recently and it was fun.
  9. SqueakyG

    Hitman Bloody Money gets a 4K/60fps remaster

    This is digital-only, so I don't have much hope of the price going down. Why on earth are they packaging the worst Hitman game with the best?
  10. SqueakyG

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I was more annoyed once I noticed that Abby started all her sentences with the phrase "I feel like"
  11. I have big gaps from 8-bit and 16-bit consoles, and also big gaps for the modern things I just never wanted to play. I have dabbled in most of the retro stuff with emulation, but "dabbled" is as far as it goes I'm afraid. I play the first half hour of things, but never manage to sit down and play them properly. The NES and SNES classic minis gave me that "first half hour of each game" experience. The list of things I'm supposed to play properly but probably won't: Legend of Zelda LTTP: played the first half hour a few times, but it never grips me enough. Also the music is blarpy and Link's hair is pink. Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World: No excuse, except they are harder than I expect whenever I "first half hour" them. Super Metroid: No excuse Super Castlevania IV and Rondo of Blood: No excuse. (I have played SOTN). Any JRPG: I just "first 3-houred" Final Fantasy 7 on the Playstation Classic of all god-forsaken things, but I'll never want to persevere with JRPGs because I simply hate random encounter systems. It's a very genre-specific convention that I simply don't like. FF4 and 6 intrigue me, but I'll never enjoy them for the same reason. Any Metal Gear Solid: Never played a single second of them, until last week when I also "first 3-houred" Metal Gear Solid on Playstation Classic. I see the appeal, but also found it frustrating. At times it felt like a puzzle game: the puzzle of "what clever but annoying idea did Kojima have for this scene?" I could see myself getting annoyed if I tried to play these games properly. Any post-N64 Zeldas: I didn't have Nintendo consoles after the N64, until the Switch. Breath of the Wild has been sat there ready to go for over a year, but it's become such a pile-of-shame albatross that I can't possibly start it. Special mention to multiplayer games, especially those that can be described as "Games As A Service", which I do not play. I just don't do multiplayer, not since dabbling in Halo 3-era stuff on the Xbox 360. Multiplayer gaming usually made me feel humiliated about my low skill level, and I felt no connection to online gaming culture. And now multiplayer games are a "service" with lootboxes and shit. So I totally ignore the existence of Battlefield, CS GO, Rainbow Six whatever, codblops, Overwatch, etc. I'm almost intrigued by battle royale games like PUBG, but nope.
  12. SqueakyG

    Sh****st game you ever got bought

    If it counts, I spent my birthday money on Street Fighter 2... on Amiga.
  13. SqueakyG

    Sh****st game you ever got bought

    I know I've said this one a few times already: Christmas 1990. Asked for a "games console" -- sadly I wasn't specific but I was probably expecting a Master System. On Christmas morning I unwrapped an Atari 2600. So to answer the question it would be Centipede and Defender - which aren't terrible games - but on Atari 2600 in 1990.
  14. SqueakyG

    Better Graphics Spoil the Gameplay?

    I get this topic. The first time I remember thinking the graphics were making the gameplay unreadable was Tomb Raider (2013). It was the scripted sequences in particular, to be fair, where the camera is zooming around cinematically and there are so many dust and dirt particles flying around everywhere that I couldn't see Lara and couldn't comprehend the scene. I thought: "There are too many graphics on the screen!" I couldn't see for all the graphics. The next time it happened was Drive Club, which I didn't bother playing for long. The very first race put me in some kind of miserable rally with torrential rain, and there was a rain effect splashing on the camera so hard that I literally couldn't see the road. What irritated me was that I was using chase cam... not in-car... so why does the virtual camera flying behind the car need to have rain drenching it? The effect was comically heavy, like they were literally emptying buckets against the lens. I think the game was trying to show off some cool weather effects they'd added in an update before I bought the game. They can stick their weather effects. It made me stop playing.
  15. SqueakyG

    Doom - 25 years old today

    I missed Doom at the time. I had an Amiga. I remember some of the computer club students at school got Wolfenstein 3D running on the school computers -- not sure how they got away with that, maybe told the teachers it ws historical? But I never saw Doom running on a PC. Even when I got a Playstation I don't think I played Doom first -- I played a few of what games magazines called "Doom clones" -- Exhumed and Disruptor. Finally I got around to Doom on Playstation, and it seemed a little primitive compared to the Doom clones I'd already played. I remember it was scary though. I treated it like a horror game, with its ambient soundtrack and moody lighting. Years and years later I'd play PC Doom with source ports. The PC music always seems cheesy to me, since I first experienced the ambient tracks of the Playstation.

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