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  1. Uncle Mike

    RDR2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    While this got bumped, I was thinking about the Epilogue the other day, and specifically about why I disagree with @Thor about the choice to play as John. The whole game is obviously about Arthur realising that his fantasies about leaving the life after one last big job and settling down with Mary Linton are just that: fantasies. He can't have it. He's a bad man that's done bad things, and there are going to be consequences. Of course, his own accelerated mortality helps along with that realisation, but he still gets there. Salvation and Redemption are not coming to Arthur, who doesn't even truly repent about much of what he's done. He only really shows remorse for the consequences of the loan sharking business. So his big hope is to set the Marstons up with the life he can't have. It's implied he and Abigial are a bit sweet on each other, so he tries to be a good man, and help her escape with the father of her son. But, really, John's not all that interested. He likes/loves Abigail, I think, but he's not that bothered about Jack, and he's not that interested in being a rancher. When we played RDR1, as an older John (although presumably not that much older?) we see a man more at ease with the simple life, but the young Marston we take into the Epilogue isn't there yet. He sort of wants to settle down, and yet he still likes to ride fast and shoot bad guys. And we see that tension in him. I like it because anyone who played RDR1 will remember the jarring feeling of transitioning in that epilogue from John to Jack, and not enjoying being the callous asshole "damn nag" Jack. Guess what? That's now your fault. We're all shitty fathers to Jack, because instead of settling down and getting to know him, we swan off with Sadie at every opportunity, we ride off gathering rock carvings, dinosaur bones, legendary pelts, paying mailmen for information on stagecoaches to rob and so on. Arthur's "Redemption"-by-proxy in John is largely unsuccessful. He buys John 10 years of boredom on his farm. He buys Jack and Abigail a bad father/husband, rather than widowing her. It's pretty bleak.
  2. Uncle Mike

    RDR2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    You can find Mary-Beth near Valentine train station, from memory. Poor Karen is AWOL as far as I know.
  3. The Pyramidion glitch when you semi-melt him and he charges round immune was absolutely hilarious the first time it happened to me. I guess less so if you're on Extinguish.
  4. Yeah, it just doesn't need a second season, in essence. The first season is flawless, and ends.
  5. Goliath is great, but Season 2 does have some pacing issues/extraneous episodes. Not many, but I distinctly remember my wife and I forcing ourselves through the lull. Mind you, even the Sopranos has the lull.
  6. Uncle Mike

    Your Most Anticipated of 2019

    Sekiro Ghost of Tsushima DMC5 Dying Light 2 I thought that Soundfall from the first page looked interesting, although that video is all I've seen of it. I'm interested to see if Anthem has any legs at all.
  7. What's £100m for a studio with ~750 employees, though? That probably doesn't pay a year's paychecks, let alone all the other expenses of supporting a GaaS and developing a new one. They'll need income fairly solidly above that.
  8. Did RJ actually delete that whole embarrassing post about his "trap"? I assume it didn't quite work out. The ongoing trend of overly-ignorant Destiny complaints from those who don't play it continues, it seems.
  9. Yeah, I discovered the 10 drop last night doing the Lost Monastery in the Dreaming City - pop the Odynom, 10 things fly out.
  10. The CoO strikes are pretty much also the least popular Strikes, aren't they? (They are for me, at least.) That slog through the Forest for each one really pisses me off. Bar a couple of Tangled Shores ones, the CoO strikes are universally bad. It was a bad expansion. Although I did quite like the Raid.
  11. It'll be really interesting to see how/what they do from here. They've obviously always struggled to keep up with the demands of content (even with the other Activision studios pitching in for a lot of D2) to keep players playing something. So how much of the release schedule has been Activision demands, and how much has been Bungie I don't really know. Would an Activision-less Bungie have even produced The Dark Below (and how different would the game have been without it, given everything that's followed?) The Annual Pass for this year has presumably had much lower demands on content creation so far: a few guns, armour pieces and cosmetics (and cosmetics presumably pay for themselves, with Eververse) plus a small Raid and the Forges doesn't feel like it'd add up to as much as the cutscenes, voice acting and so on of a Curse of Osiris or whatever. Should we expect smaller, better, content expansions, less often? It's obviously impossible from corporate-speak to understand who dumped who, but it seems likely it will have been reasonably mutual. Bungie can't keep up with the demands of an Activision, even with two studios helping.
  12. Uncle Mike

    Ghost Stories - Andy Nyman, Jeremy Dyson

    The thing is, (and it worked really well in the theatre, where the ending is slightly, but non-trivially different) Whereas I felt that didn't quite come across so clearly in the film. It almost felt peaceful at the end. Goodman's cry of Is sort of lost in the sensory scare overload of the ending, and some of that impact is lost. The play, which I saw years ago, properly stayed with me for days. Because that ending nightmare was so strong.
  13. If the Forges had kept the same unlocking-over-time structure, but been better aligned for Power (perhaps 600 for the first, 610, 620, 630?) and with fewer hoops to jump through to open them, I think people would feel differently about this expansion. There's the other issue that it doesn't fit at all in the game, lore-wise. Which, even for someone who's not a lore nut, sticks out as badly-fitting. It feels like a bad retcon. It turns out the Vanguard built their City and Tower on top of an ancient Armory, staffed by people who hate Guardians, and never noticed? And the Raid is inside the City, against a terrible Fallen foe? It doesn't fit at all. I do like the Raid, and the Raids are the only thing I'm really playing Destiny for at the end of the day. But it's not a great attempt.
  14. Uncle Mike

    Music that was too good for the game it was in.

    I quite like Amazing Discoveries in Outer Space (ADIOS) although it was mostly unnoticed. But the level/game clear tune is a fucking marvel, and I definitely played it extra because of that. https://m.soundcloud.com/joakim-kanon/adios-cruising-reprise-game-clear

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