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  1. I watched up to where it switches from Thor on the ground to Iron Man in the air. Looked awful. The almost-but-not-quite likenesses are a weird choice. I guess commercially that they can't have/afford the actors' likenesses, but if they can't have those, it feels to me like they'd be better off just diverging. What they've gone for here makes it look like they're bad at their jobs. And then the gameplay looked terrible. That Thor section of slow controls, lumpy attacks, taking three whacks to knock down a human doesn't fit, and then Iron Man's flying bit looked terrible.
  2. If anyone is tempted by this (and it works with Moves, as well as the Aim) it's £3.29 (it was £7.50 yesterday, goddamnit) in the latest sale. It's also rock hard.
  3. Picked up Crisis VRigade because it was pretty cheap, and Superhot VR had warmed me up to dodging, ducking, dipping, diving and dodging with a pair of Moves. Fuck me, it's tough. I mostly fail to clear the first room, and have never cleared the second. And this is on Rookie difficulty.
  4. Either: find a crashed one on a planet (either by chance - unlikely - or by using those beacon things to locate a distress beacon.) Pros: free. Cons: most of the components will be broken and require repair. Or: talk to a ship pilot on a space station or planet base, and offer to buy. Pro: everything working. Con: expensive.
  5. I do essentially assume somone's leaked these "failed" talks in order to help negotiations along, yes. They tied him in so tightly that it would feel odd if he just disappeared.
  6. Started again for this new patch, having not played since the launch period. The start is a fair bit more guided now, although I didn't love being encouraged to do all the base stuff so early. Found my first Exosuit upgrade pod. WTF, I have to fix a load of stuff using stuff I've not found yet? Bah.
  7. Probably the Albert Finney scene in Miller's Crossing.
  8. I watched this so you don't have to. It's absolute tosh. Some decent action, but an absolute mess of terrible story.
  9. I still don't have 335 on Newsstand. Might as well give up.
  10. The only real proper lie they told was when asked about multiplayer, from my perspective. Yes, the initial teaser videos had big brontosaurus types you didn't get in the game at launch, but I am not sure that's more hype than every other game. But they were asked about multiplayer, and repeatedly talked about how unlikely it was (given the size of the universe) rather than just saying that they hadn't put any in.
  11. Am I the only one for whom this still isn't on the Google Newsstand? I'm on the verge of giving up on that service.
  12. At the risk of sounding dismissive, of course there's not. It's designed as an experience, innit. I don't know if you can just turn the music down in the settings somewhere. If you're on PS4, I don't know if you can use the Spotify integration over the top.
  13. The section with that and the police is particularly striking.
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