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  1. I got Rank S for my house, although I don't understand what the game is using to determine that.
  2. Sprocket is an odd guy. Obsessed with working out.
  3. Done!. We're online now if you want to visit, otherwise I'll post them later.
  4. @Jamie John Can confirm we have spare barbell and spare rice cooker. We are interested in outdoor cooking/picnic items. We have: barbecue, pizza oven, picnic basket, outdoor water cooler, hearth. We are also interested in kitchenwares. We have: pot rack, coffee machine, mini fridge, microwave, soup kettle, kettle, steamer, rice cooker, toaster
  5. I'll log in tomorrow, confirm the presence or otherwise of said spare cooker and friend/send you something. And talk to my wife about what sort of things we're after.
  6. Also I think we have a spare rice cooker if that's of interest.
  7. It's yours. I'll do some admin tomorrow.
  8. Do you own a a bar bell and/or the recipe? I have a spare recipe card.
  9. We got hooked on the sturgeon/stringfish situation also. Won't make that mistake again. What's it for? Nothing. It's a game that wants you to go slow and enjoy it. We've got months of quarantine. Slow down.
  10. Once you have a money tree, can you dig it up, replant it where you'd like and it'll still work?
  11. I got my stringfish in the top level pond. After like 20 baits. And just tonight I got my only sturgeon in the river mouth after I don't know how many baits. At least 40.
  12. I assume they're on his notepad, just after where he's crossed out 13.2TF.
  13. Them making them is not the same as them forcing you to buy them. If the PS5 is BC, but then they make a next-gen version of TLOU2, that's not forcing you.
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