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  1. Cheers. It's still astonishing to me that, in a world where both Elite Dangerous and No Man's Sky exist, you'd be willing to sink £100s into this instead.
  2. What's actually available to do in Star Citizen if one has it today? I saw (I think) a Eurogamer article the other week saying such and such an update had happened, and now there were caves or something. What's the playable content look like right now? I'd sort of thought it was just viewing models of your expensive ships, but then it sounded like there was more than that.
  3. Someone linked to a review he did of a mech game recently, and (although well-written from a words perspective) it was a bad review, IMO. Didn't tell you anything much about the game - other than to compare it to one other game, and to point out that the author had played that game a lot, and was good at it. If that's representative, I'll continue to not worry about Forbes writers. The Destiny Forbes spam columnist is also terrible.
  4. Is it weirder that these guys still do whatever they do, or that someone here is keeping track enough to always notice?
  5. It surely must be a comms fuck up.
  6. The campaign, particularly in respect of the enemy AI, was really good too. Sadly all grey and brown, and a little one-note. But really solid enemy squad AI.
  7. And it has 1080P, 60fps with a library of no games unless you pay full price.
  8. Also, if I can play DJ Hero again on my PS5 then I'm already ordering it.
  9. I still have my PS3, solely for the comfort blanket of BC (which I never use) but the things I have it for are my digital purchases. Outrun, Super Puzzle Fighter, Shatter, Cubixx, Stardust, Everyday Shooter, and so on. I loved those games, and if my PS5 let me download them and play them again I'd be delighted. But I doubt I'd pay for PS Now to do so, and I don't think I'd buy them again (unless they were cheap.) I'm really doubtful the world works so that businesses can make no money from me, so I'm not getting my hopes up. MS did change the game on this, so maybe the pressure will come from there? But my expectation is for PS4 BC only, really.
  10. PS4 compatibility is presumably more or less a given. And PS1/PS2, technically, also. (The existing rereleases are played under an emulator on PS4 anyway, aren't they?) It's PS3 that's presumably technically in question. And then more generally, what they do at a product/commercial level.
  11. I do hope there's some focus on the thermals for PS5. Obviously both MS and (to a lesser extent) Sony got burnt (lol) by thermal issues in the 360/PS3 era - the massive RROD issue, and the significant YLOD issue - and they both seemed to take some account of that for the Bone/PS4. MS obviously put a lot of time and thought into it, and Sony just put fans that went to 11. The biggest benefit I had from moving to the Pro, and only having a 1080p TV, was that it no longer sounds like a machine trying to get into orbit, and now just sounds like a normal plane.
  12. Is there anything you've tried that you know you don't like, for comparison?
  13. If this gets good reviews, I'm likely all over it. Nice.
  14. I don't think many Brits would mistake an Australian accent for an American one. But give us a Kiwi and an Aussie to choose from, and we'd have a harder time. Or ask us to differentiate any but the most obvious caricatures of US regional accents. Urban's accent is amusing because he's turning up to 11 an accent that simply doesn't exist here. It's like a filthy Dick Van Dyke. No-one talks like that, or talked like that. Maybe that's on purpose (I assume the comics have him written in over-written accent, maybe?) Maybe it's a choice, maybe it's something no-one wanted to point out. It added to the show for me.
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