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  1. So weird that it's this strange pre-release early access upgrade for PS Plus. It seems clear it's a beta test for the full thing next month.
  2. Yeah, the trick is obviously to get that close without getting hit, and to differentiate between the slow lobbers and the fast streamers (do they look different?) But I close in to turrets also. But yes, tricky to do that without taking a hit. And when you're trying to not get hit so you can extend the health, it's a tough choice.
  3. There's a specific alt-fire mode called Shieldbreaker, for one.
  4. It changes from being Small/Medium/Large Silphium, to being a lump of Silphium Resin. So yes, it changes.
  5. It has not changed. I hadn't realised until you pointed it out to me the other day, but it's definitely how it works.
  6. Basically, don't get shot, ever. That's what you're supposed to learn (without ever being told.) You need to do two conflicting things, and get good at it. Don't get hit whilst also getting to the recently-deceased bodies of the enemies quickly in order to scoop up their obolites (otherwise you can't buy stuff.) The game is trying to encourage you to move a lot. Turtling behind a pillar and only moving when they flank you is not the way. Use your dash and your melee for their invincibility. (Not that I'm good at this.) Not getting shot is probably most impor
  7. You get a data cube the first time you kill Phrike, and when you dunk it into the machine behind him it unlocks another item in the loot pool. You can also find them in hidden rooms in Biome 1 (at least.) For me, they've been the hidden rooms you need your sword to enter. Then if you have one, you take it to Phrike and dunk it in the machine. I don't know if the same thing exists in the later Biomes, but presumably they do.
  8. Housemarque's patch notes for the 1.3.4 version: Hopefully that's helpful to anyone suffering issues still.
  9. I hope they clear this up quick. It's intimidating enough without the fear of having to blow your whole save away.
  10. I dunno. I can see it being an oversight from their arcade history. You don't need a mid-game save in Resogun or Nex Machina or Stardust. A game takes 5-20 mins, and the only things that need saving are scores and progress. I can imagine (although it still seems like a serious oversight) that a dev with that sort of history taking on a bigger broader game during a period where (I assume) getting testing and playtesting and feedback is weird because of Covid might mean you miss that you've not provided that facility. And then you start getting review/preview feedback and
  11. I didn't have any issues on mine, but it's clearly pretty widespread. Not sure what triggers it.
  12. Just had a couple of short runs. One in Biome 1 where I quickly ran into my first scout corpse to avenge. Died, of course. A second run where I entered the House for the second time, (creepy) before dying avenging a Scout. Then a third run which wasn't going so well, but I had a datcube. So I decided to take on Phrike for the first time since I got him down previously, and surprisingly he died. That was nice. Took myself to world 2, where I found a new something in a short cutscene in the desert I hadn't had before (no idea the significance) and died being an idiot.
  13. Yeah, I'm really impressed with this, the more I play. And the difference between those daily challenges (where, at least on the last two, you're an overpowered beast) and then the real game (where you're feeling your way through) is a significant change in approach and aggressive-ness. Still not made it to the Biome 2 boss (I think I've had three runs in it now) but I'm not fussed yet. I'm getting to know all the creeps in the area along the way pretty well.
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