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  1. I'm really quite enjoying episode 1, but incredibly suspicious that Kurtzman and co couldn't even get halfway through it without digging their usual groove
  2. It's excellent if Kennedy is at fault, because then everyone can get back to blaming women.
  3. Uncle Mike

    NFL 2019!

    Yep, that's about right. I've booked the day off on Monday. I'm really hoping for a classic game this year. I found the Rams/Patriots - whilst impressive - dull.
  4. Good reason to ditch consoles #3456 - don't get to play titles at launch!
  5. I don't know that many games can support a TV show. The Witcher, as much as its new popularity is a consequence of the game, is an adaptation of a book, and has a more complete story as a result. Even if you took one of the more recent AAA games that got story praise (something like, say, Horizon Zero Dawn) I'm not sure there's enough there to sustain a season of TV. Something like Assassin's Creed would be appalling - the story makes no sense whatsoever. There may be the odd outlier here or there, but I think looking to games for inspiration for TV/movies is a dead end: the story is serving different ends for games than it is for TV.
  6. Really? If that actually worked, Amazon are worse at this stuff than I thought.
  7. I tend to agree that Terminator should just be Terminated. But, if they have to carry on (they don't) then they should at least re-examine the premise and make something relevant to what we know about the future, automation and AI algorithms. An intelligence from the future wouldn't hunt an American person down with a gun robot, it would exploit our surveillance capitalism to set the increasingly militarised police after them. A film where the hero gets SWATted and police brutalitied, where he's framed for terrorism and the populace are chasing him down while filming it on their iPhones and so on.
  8. Let's just remember stuff like this the next time someone claims that format wars are "just a bit of fun!"
  9. Is it? I don't really care what consoles look like, so I'm not bothered one way or another, but what's cool about it? It just looks like a subwoofer.
  10. This mismatch about updates is surely mostly about frequency of use. My PS4 downloads all its game updates overnight, I think it even takes firmware update automatically most of the time. But mine's in use a fair bit, and set up to do so. I am not sure you can reasonably highlight issues with patches etc at one "side" or the other.
  11. My wife's friend was in the Tesla one, so that was quite fun.
  12. All I know is, I bought this for my 73 year old mum for Christmas, and she's now at the point where she's seriously considering the various timed challenges in it, having already driven my Dad to a Honk-related nervous breakdown. The goose would approve.
  13. I think "not true" is overstating it for what are edge cases, but OK. If I earn £20k and want to pay £30k into my pension, I'll only get tax relief on the first £20k. But it's a little off-piste.
  14. I certainly think a scheme like that should be structured such that you can't claim relief if you're not paying tax. It's true of, for example, pension contributions.
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