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  1. I do feel like some of the games came out a little hot, and like the OS needs a patch. I've had more crashes than I would expect, but at the same time I've hardly been plagued by them. I think I had a couple in MM before it got its patch (and probably before that first OS patch also) that were hard crashes, but since then not a lot. A lock-up or two in Demon's Souls. A crash or two in Maneater (which is pretty clearly a fairly low-effort port.) I've had an interesting crash a couple of times where the PS5 OS crashes, but manages to do so in such a way that, once you've done the rep
  2. Isaac has probably skipped through the vid and slightly misrepresented the summary. Both the Series X and PS5 look to be native 4K for the normal modes, and both spend most of their time at 60fps. PS5 is slightly better at being locked to 60, and I think they suggest that's because it's doing some dynamic scaling the X doesn't, but they don't talk about 1440p at all in that context. Then both consoles are targeting 1440p for the 120fps p2p modes. It didn't feel like there was much in it.
  3. I only half-watched Skull Island and King of Monsters, but I think both of them allude to hollow earth theories and the idea that there are giant monsters lurking beneath the ground. In Skull Island Kong is essentially cited as last of a line of defenders of the surface Earth. I think the idea is that Godzilla is also part of this mythology, but I've forgotten what the teams are supposed to be and who belongs to what side.
  4. Oh yeah. I didn't see those options, because I never had the two plugged in at the same time.
  5. You don't even need to do the PS Plus trial. You can just copy the saves to USB and restore them from USB on the PS5.
  6. I think it's probably both. Demand would be high for all the reasons you say, and they'd likely sell out regardless. But it's also true that scalping is reducing the windows where resupply lets people but them.
  7. I don't think they're Bluetooth (because latency?) but there's quite a few that do RF via USB, yes.
  8. It was scalper avoidance that led to the £2500 PS5 on Curry's(?) that they then emailed you a £2005 voucher for, wasn't it? It takes some effort, but retailers can avoid scalping if they try.
  9. I'm not sure I remember JJ S3 very well. I know her mate goes off the rails, is that the main threat or is something else also kicking off?
  10. Yeah, but there are probably plenty of people that have had a decent experience on PS4 with Cyberpunk, is I guess the point. Miles definitely crashed like once or twice for me.
  11. And twice now, too, just on here this year to date. (Once for someone that wanted them to, and once obviously not.) I don't think I'm comfortable knowing that unlocking 2FA can be authorised by a chatbot at all.
  12. I'm sorry if I upset you Shimmy. It does get a little repetitive reading your hyperbole, but I just assumed you always knew you were being OTT and/or exaggerating. It certainly wasn't my intention to actually upset you. Apologies.
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