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  1. That's a Turbografx, a PAL version of the US console, which was far larger in physical size. The Core Grafx was a Japanese only successor to the original White PC Engine, which is the mini the UK is getting.
  2. There is a flash card for the 7800. It's not as good a Harmony/Everdrive etc as it has to be programmed rather than reading off an SD card, but it's all there is. http://www.vectrex.hackermesh.org/index.php/en/
  3. I don't know of any clones for their other products (Neo SD range and SSDS3). Maybe it's the complexity, or the use of an FPGA that makes cloning unviable (either technically or financially).
  4. A couple of years ago the everdrive was a far better choice compared to the SD2SNES. It loaded games slowly, but was half the price, and with the DSP enhancement option ran almost all the games that the SD2SNES could at the time. However, today the SD2SNES is the better option. It's a lot more flexible now, running a lot more extra games (Super FX, etc) and I believe the new 'pro version' can do save states (or will in the near future). In comparison, the new everdrive (while now loading quickly) no longer runs DSP games. Apparently hardly anyone chose that option, according to Krikkz.
  5. To be fair to 8bitdo, the 2.4g controllers are as good as the Krikkz ones as far as lag goes, according to that review. They are also a lot cheaper, £23 from Amazon complete with a receiver in the box. It's the Bluetooth ones that have "major" lag, although I doubt I'd notice the difference, personally.
  6. I can only speak for myself, but I have ordered direct from Krikkz on 7 separate occasions, and have never been stung for any import charges.
  7. Lord Melbury

    Gaming Myths

    Depends on how you calculate it, relative to PAL or NTSC 60/50= 1.2 50/60 = 16.7 So compared to 50Hz, NTSC is 20% faster, but compared to 60Hz, PAL is 16.7% slower. Neither equates to 17.5% though.
  8. A PAL copy? I thought is was only released in the US, and then only through Blockbuster.
  9. Is that the case for Diddy Kong though, as Rare made an effort in the N64 days. Certainly PAL Goldeneye, while 50Hz, played at the same speed as the NTSC version, and took advantage of the higher resolution available on PAL systems.
  10. Version 1.6 revisions have a higher quality clock cap, so 1.6 owners shouldn't need to remove & replace this cap (or at least there's no more need to replace it than any other cap in a 15+ year old machine). Unlike earlier revisions the 1.6 Xbox needs a cap there to run, so it would have to be replaced rather than removed, if you went down this route. 1.6 revisions are pictured below. the clock cap is the gold one at the back left of the console, by the ide port. These ones should be ok Below is the clock cap in the early revisions that will need removing, found under the dvd drive at the front of the console.
  11. Encounter was my favourite game of his. Excellent game on the Atari, although his C64 games (both Encounter & Mercenary) were perhaps more technically impressive, simply because of the difficulty of producing quick 3D worlds on the Commodore. Novaload (his C64 fast loader) was probably the program of his most loaded onto my C64 though. RIP. Jeff Minter tweeted this picture. I assume most people know who is who, but if not, left to right, Archer, Jeff, Paul.
  12. I have just purchased a Panasonic 3DO.
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