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  1. Ok so just opened the game after the new patch and i've got:- Play Valheim or Play Valheim with Vulkan Which is it i want now?
  2. He is literally the only person i know who didn't get it and i have no idea why.
  3. Ah, OK I didn't know that was a thing do you have more information on that one at all please?
  4. Till you hit the limit of xp as my previous post so about four tiers there about.
  5. Not sure i did it for two months so i have two battle passes ready going forward and i had some shite skins and v bucks. The skins dont grab me and stacking battle passes just seems a little bit silly unless the seasons are going to be monthly going forward.
  6. Do the Stormtrooper! I keep looking at the SW Bandai kits on Amazon but never bite the bullet.
  7. Yeah, we all got it for the Loot Lama lawsuit settlement in the US. It annoys me that you can't have your vbucks cross system its stupid having different amounts on the Xbox and the PS4.
  8. I count myself lucky but want me some of that Troll body part crafting!
  9. Just saw in the new patch notes the name of what was there and thought "not encountered those bastards yet" so i know to stick to Black Forest for a while. Also are Trolls exclusively multi-player based? Reason i ask is i've not seen one in my solo game!
  10. That's got some Netflix Voltron sharp edges' thing going on.... Damn was expecting something a little closer to the original or at least the decent MOTU remake.
  11. Made some good progress this evening! I've made it to Black Forest, and i am presented with lots of new options. Blueberries, new trees, new monsters, tin and copper. And also large mobs of enemies which are tough as nails to kill and also seem to like to stick in their mobs and not separate. I've found a derelict stone tower and turned it into what will be my Northern main camp, used primarily for mining purposes before doing runs to my main costal base for Flint supplies. I also see that they have hit Four Million players which is
  12. Do what i did man and find a building and repair it. I use this for my many camps so i can rummage and hunt and then transfer everything back to main base. It's a pain but well needed because, "They mostly come out at night, mostly"
  13. I watched The Puppet Masters as i've never seen it before and i've been basically going through episodes of Family Guy. I think I'll go through 24 some point, but not overall impressed by what has shown up so far.
  14. I hit the 150 and haven't really bothered trying to get any higher gold skins ain't doing anything for me. Can't, believe the next portal Skin is going to be Alien, but i look forward to seeing what it looks like. Also, curious if those Family Guy rumours are going to come true.
  15. Supercharged XP allows you to power-level, and boosts XP games for four tiers (that's about 320,000 XP). It activates every 24 hours.
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