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  1. I was thinking of getting a defiler and making it into a giant enemy crab actually
  2. Inspired by @And, this was my year on GW: As you can see I'm a filthy heretic these days. Not the biggest output in a year, but still 30 infantry and some vehicles. This year so far going to pick away at my remaining Blackstone Fortress models as I like them. Using UR - 025 to practice some white armour to finally work on the sisters.
  3. Cool, thanks for sharing. Also finished Piranesi last week, also couldn't put it down and completed in just two nights. Couldn't recommend more.
  4. Ha, yeah looking better than my 2 year old ferrero rocher lid
  5. Yeah the app is free so no harm in it. Primers are good as speeds up the basing, but my first couple of marines I just did all black as a base coat and took it from there. Was impatient to get started. Don't worry about making mistakes, there's loads of cheap models on eBay and you can always strip the paint if you really want to.
  6. Honestly I'd say yes, just give it a go and get started. Providing you thin your paints you can always go back and get more pots for highlights or additional shading. I've not painted ultramarines before, but once you've got as far as you can with that lot at a later date some Leadbelcher for the silver bits and Retributor gold for the shiny bits might help. Two staples for me are Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade as they are good at covering splodges and adding depth, and maybe a pot of one of the texture paints for the bases like Astrogranite maybe once you're happy enough with the r
  7. This is very 4/10 right? The thing is there's lots of fun ideas here, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are good together, I really like Pedro Pascal and the Monkey Paw wishes gimick is enjoyable. A better screen play and better planning could have made such a difference.
  8. I'm all here for Existential Dread Inducing Psykromium Cube
  9. Hadn't thought to use Halfords primer, I find Army Painter primer is pretty good. The black is a bit thick though so I use citadel for that.
  10. You could pick almost any unit from the Chaos Codex Defiler Lord of Skulls Brass Scorpion
  11. Plague Marines are going to 2W and 2 attacks as standard according to the preview. Flails of corruption are going to be ridiculously good if they still generate d3 attacks each time !
  12. Just completed this, what a game! One benefit of covid has been time to catch up on all the awesome games from the previous generation. Killed two Valkyries, think I'll leave it there! Now I'm ready for RAGNAROK!
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