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  1. The Resident Evil 2 remake would be the best recent example. Doom 2016 Uncharted series Metroid Prime Arkham Series
  2. My brother and I played this a lot when we were kids. It was his first PS1 game. We’ve been having an absolute blast playing it split screen over the last number of nights. It’s been years since I played a local multiplayer game, I’d forgotten how much fun it could be.
  3. ‘The naked director’ looks very good.
  4. I’ve been meaning replay all 3 of the rocksteady games after picking them up in a recent PSN sale. Did they ever remaster Origins?
  5. I only got the chance to watch the Ethiopian episode last night. Really enjoyed it. For the first episode the hosts seem to have a decent rapport.
  6. Cheers for the tip. I just filled out a complaint form against Gamestop. Fingers crossed it works and I’ll be sure to let people know if it does so they can try the same.
  7. Overheating issues after the one year mark seem to be a recurring theme with the one x. I had to replace mine after having no luck with MS support.
  8. Looking forward to picking this up. Probably go with the PS4 version but I might hang on till the digital foundry review.
  9. Fargo

    Nintendo Switch

    I guess. I’d hope that a tv only version might offer improvements such as higher res and HDR, or perhaps just be a cheaper option due to the lack of built in battery and screen etc.
  10. Fargo

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve no real interest in a handheld only model but I’d love a TV only model packed with a pro controller. Make it happen Nintendo!
  11. I found myself playing Doom 2016 more like a first person Devil May Cry. Once I played with that mindset and didn’t treat it like a cover shooter the game came alive.
  12. I just find some of the bosses in this completely halt my progression. I really miss the ability to summon help.
  13. Fargo

    Which Dark Souls?

    I love both but I’d go with Dark Souls Remastered over DS3. 60fps with DS remastered was lovely.
  14. March next year is going to be crazy.
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