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  1. Fargo

    Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    Up to Huntsmans Copse now, the sinner boss frustrated the hell out of me last night but I must have just been tired, I destroyed him tonight.
  2. Fargo

    Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    Yep https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/dark-souls-ii-scholar-of-the-first-sin/bvbq72fdb4lk
  3. Fargo

    Spec Ops: The Line

    This is 3.99 with gold in the Xbox live sale currently.
  4. Fargo

    Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    8 quid in the current Xbox sale. If you haven’t played this game I highly recommend it, plus it would be nice to chat to people on this thread as people discover the game together.
  5. Fargo

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I’d be interested in discounts on shadow of war, Wolfenstein 2, dishonored 2, and a few other 360 games like Reach.
  6. Fargo

    The Staircase (contains verdict spoilers)

    Is there a written summary of info not covered in the French doc?
  7. This with X enhancements would be unreal!!
  8. Fargo

    Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    It's really interesting looking back through this thread around the time the game was released, it's definitely different, more western, and not as "dark" at least from what I've played so far, but I really like it. Anyway finished Heide's Tower and soloed the two bosses! onto the Wharf next.
  9. Fargo

    Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    Finished Forest of the Fallen Giants, I had some help defeating the two bosses but it's nice to see the game is still being played. Onto Heide's Tower of Flame next, although I suspect I'm not quite strong enough to defeat those Heide Knight bastards! I may need to grind a little first.
  10. Fargo

    Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    Well I'm hooked, it definitely feels like a sequel, better graphics, higher polygon models and environments etc and some of the locations look stunning, the vista on the coast at the start is gorgeous and very different to the environments in the first or third games for example. The soundtrack is also wonderful and really well done. Overall I'm really impressed, the only downside is I bought it digitally on the xbox for 40 quid and it was only a tenner in the latest PS store sale! I've chosen a Male Knight, currently at level 21 and I've got a shield and the Elite Knight Armour. Any suggestions of which areas, items I should seek out first?
  11. Fargo

    Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    I purchased the Xbox version of this via my phone on a drunken night out while telling my friends how amazing the remaster of the first game is. I have a 3 day weekend and was hoping to finish gears 4 and god of war but I’m itching for more souls after finishing the remaster, I may start this or bloodbourne. Did they ever patch the weapon degredation bug?
  12. Fargo

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    https://www.usgamer.net/articles/cd-projekts-ceo-confirms-another-witcher-sequel new game in the Witcher universe. I’d love to see Ciri as the main character.
  13. Fargo

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Having gone from a slim to a pro do you notice the jump in resolution in a big way?
  14. Fargo

    Spec Ops: The Line

    This game always intrigued me due to the following it has acquired, I see it's on the Xbox One BC list so I might try and grab a copy next time I'm in CEX.

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