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  1. Hand cannons generally feel pretty nuts at the moment, even with the range nerf. There's an enhanced hand cannon loader mod in the seasonal artifact that speeds things right up, so that if you flip between Ace of Spades in the kinetic slot and that new Vex Offensive hand cannon in the energy slot, you feel like WIlliam Munny without the self-awareness.
  2. Weird, because even the range on Crimson is pretty good. It feels like a pulse rifle that fires artillery shells - although this is admittedly mostly on the survival maps, which feel a bit more claustrophobic than other MP maps. That damage is nuts - plus, you get health regen when you get a kill and a reload, so it's amazing for taking down groups. The conventional wisdom was that it was only good for trash mobs - but they're all trash mobs when I've finished with them.
  3. Didn't know that! I thought he was just for Raid bounties, rather than the Menagerie.
  4. If you ignore the Joker connection, then it's just a very heavy-handed version of King of Comedy, surely? The film relies on you being familiar with the title character, and wanting to know how this guy becomes that guy. It assumes prior knowledge.
  5. Slight tangent, but the "raw shark" bit in the original comic bugs me now. Partly because that's not how you say "Rorschach", and partly because it relies on a cop working on superhero murders to immediately assume, when given a choice between two homophones, that someone would be calling him to ask about raw shark rather than the more obvious option. It's like having a cop working on serial murders in the seventies answering the phone and saying "Gay sea? Why are you asking about... Gay sea... Gacy!"
  6. I'm really enjoying this expansion, I have to say. There's an absolute cornucopia of stuff to do, so that I can just dip in and out of the various modes as and when the mood takes me, but whatever I'm doing, I still make progress of some kind. The Armour 2.0 stuff wasn't of interest to me, but just a little bit of tinkering shows that it has quite a lot of impact - the weapon loader mods in particular make a huge difference to reload times. And the way that mods are an unlock rather than a consumable is a great idea; the economy in general seems hugely improved, so that upgrading weapons is relatively cheap and drops are plentiful, so that you can freely experiment with weapons and armour. The Crucible in particular is loads of fun at the moment. I'm not sure whether it's been given a buff or not, but Crimson absolutely fucking wrecks people. My main bugbear at the moment is the faff of picking up bounties. I really wish that they were just active when you start an activity, rather than having to drop into the Tower / the Tangled Shore / Calus' Sex Barge / etc to pick them up. I think I'd prefer it if you had to go to the Tower to hand them in, rather than to pick them up, as that ties in with the Tower as the place to go at the end of a session, to cash in engrams and to sort through mods & gear, and to generally relax after some intense shooting.
  7. The damage that's been done to the family-friendly image of much-loved children's character Horace from Horace Goes Skiing must be incalculable. This guy's life must be in tatters after all this, not to mention the lives of children worldwide. "Mummy, why has the family friendly character of Horace from Horace Goes Skiing been portrayed in an unsuitable manner, for profit, by a Youtuber who didn't even ask permission from the IP holder?" "I don't know, Zebedee. I just don't know."
  8. The developers of the single-player campaign, Foundry 42, are based in Wilmslow, so it could be someone who's working on the game.
  9. K

    Google Stadia

    From that article: Waaaaah? That sounds very much like they've ditched the main thing that made Stadia sound different from other streaming services. If it has to connect to a Chromecast, then that's just another link in the chain between you and the server that's running the game. If they want to "wireless play right" then fair enough, but this sounds more like something you'd want to sort out in internal testing, rather than in public after launch? Even if that is a kind of soft launch.
  10. K

    Google Stadia

    The USP of Google Stadia is that the pad sends your control input to the router, without going through the TV or any other device. How would it even work if you connected via USB? What would it even be connecting to? You're not controlling the game locally.
  11. K

    Google Stadia

    I thought the whole point of the Stadia controller was that it connected directly to the router (and therefore the server the game is running on). Why would you even need to connect it to a tablet or a TV? I would interpret the above message as referring to playing games on other platforms, i.e. connecting the controller to a PC to play games on Steam, or using Retropie, etc.
  12. I'm sure you've done it already, but if not, rebuilding the database sometimes solves random, otherwise-inexplicable problems like this.
  13. I think you need view the actual critical appreciation bits of Digital Foundry with caution. John Linneman thinks that Killzone 2 and Turok are among the best first person shooters ever made.
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