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  1. £23 for a magazine is a lot, but I would guess they're modelling A Profound Waste of Time more on academic journals than newsstand mags, and £23 is not unheard of in that space. Although that said, looking at the sample pages, it does look more like a high-end newsstand mag, like Monocle or something. I guess that's what happens when you make a high-end mag with 200 pages of editorial and no adverts, but the price seems way too much to take a chance on.
  2. The Division is quite an odd game. The setup and background are fairly realistic (or at least have a kind of realistic sheen, with lots of military jargon deployed in the right places), but the actual game has you fighting against gangs that feel like they belong in the Warriors or Arkham City. Like, on the one hand, you've got mission briefings along the lines of "We have a kinetic dropzone downtown, and need a tier one asset to hold and neutralise. Deploy from the TOC with select operators", and then the actual mission involves you killing loads of the Posties gang, who drive around in tanks
  3. FYI, the remastered Flashback is currently about £1.50 on the PSN store. It seems a bit haphazard - the “remastered visuals” look like that godawful 2xSal filter you used to get on emulators, and the protagonist has a red t-shirt in-game and a white one in cutscenes. But you can turn most of the new stuff off and some of it is actually OK, like the rewind function and a surprisingly good CRT filter. It’s worth £1.50 if anyone fancies a replay.
  4. Incidentally, Lunark is a spiritual sequel to Flashback (although its not connected with any of the people behind the first game to my knowledge): It looks... interesting. The visuals obviously pay a huge debt to Flashback, but I'm not sure about the super-blocky visuals - it looks lower-res than the original game. Although the animation is lovely.
  5. I think you could do a pretty amazing Flashback sequel with modern technology - pixel art has come so far in the last decade or so that you could create something that had the same feel as the original, but wouldn't have been possible in 1993. Imagine a Flashback game done to the same standard as Huntdown, with a more modern structure - you could do much more with the aiming and controls on a PS4/Xbox pad than you could on an Amiga joystick / MD pad. The original Flashback feels like they stuffed the first couple of levels full of story and NPCs and puzzles, and then ran out of tim
  6. Now that I think about it, I’ve seen Once, Sing Street and the Blues Brothers, but I didn’t think of them as musicals for some reason. But thanks - some good recommendations here. I’ll check out Greatest Showman, & Hedwig for starters.
  7. The Furby sequence was magnificent, but the rest left me a bit cold. There were some weirdly irritating bits, like the way the son had a weird adult’s voice, and I wasn’t so keen on the mix of styles - stylised characters, hyper-detailed animation, and painterly backgrounds. But for all that, my five year old loved it, which is all that matters really. He was talking about the two bumbling robots they befriend for days afterwards.
  8. There was Flashback Legends on the GBA, which was never released - that was sprite-based.
  9. I can't stop thinking about this film. I think it might be the first musical I've watched all the way through, ever. Maybe I really like musicals? Maybe they're all as good as this. Tempted to give Mamma Mia a shot; I'm not really an Abba fan either, but Rocketman has proved beyond doubt that I have no fucking clue what I like or don't like.
  10. Those new Titan legs sound like fun, especially if you pair them with Ticuu’s. I wish they’d put in XP boosters for the catalyst quests for previous seasons. The absolutely glacial progress on those quests is quite wearying.
  11. Sunset Overdrive seems like an odd IP to transfer to Playstation - it was well-reviewed but never seemed to really set the world alight. I was going to say it seems like an odd thing to pour resource into when you've already got Spiderman and Ratchet on the go, but I had a look at Insomniac's wikipedia page and good god, they're productive. It's not like most other Sony studios who put out a game every six years - they can probably bang out a Sunset Overdrive sequel by the end of 2021.
  12. Random question - will you still be able to do Presage in the new season? Could you still do the Hawkmoon mission during this season?
  13. It was this one: This argument has been raging for nearly six years! Next up: why you shouldn't let players adjust the gamma or redefine controls, in case they white out the screen and destroy their TVs, or bind all the controls to the A button and get confused.
  14. I like quite a lot of his songs (and like them more for having watched the film) but I’d rarely seek out one of his songs to listen to, and I’m not really familiar with them beyond the big hits. I dunno, growing up, Elton John was always mum music, and I never really shook off the sense of total non-coolness that hung over him in the nineties - clearly, I was wrong!
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