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  1. Thanks. Certainly the Rat King was one but the one which really tripped me up, was when Abby was escaping with Lev & Yara and you couldn't follow them and you have to clear out three waves of enemies before being rescued. I spent about an hour on that on medium, before deciding to throw the towel in and drop down to "light". In many respects I've done the game a disservice with how I've played it. I wasn't going to get the game until PS5 was out and my own life was a little calmer, but on pretty much the day of release, a simple scan of Twitter spoilt something for me, so I decided that if I wanted to experience this game unspoilt, my only realistic choice was to play it ASAP, so off to the shops I went. I was so anxious to complete the game, that I resented getting holed up by a tough spot for too long. As I say, I really didn't have the free time to engage in a 30hr game so was burning the midnight oil playing it, I found the story utterly compelling and really wanted to push forward and see the next chapter unfold and with my self imposed social media ban on top of that, I was just really keen to complete it as fast as possible. Early on in the game I'd switched on the ability to summon a waypoint arrow and I really appreciated that option as I generally hate wandering around looking for where to go next but after that encounter I mentioned, I dropped the difficulty down and I think there was another bit after that where I dropped it down all the way to, "very light" which I do partially regret, as that setting stuck and I completed the game on that setting. For shame. To be fair, I don't think the game is a total breeze even on that setting, but it removes about 90% of the tension and tactical play from the experience and you can basically tool up and go in Commando style, especially against the Rattlers. I remain huge enthusiastic about the experience, but I know I've cheated myself out of much of the tension which would have perhaps made seeing the narrative unfold all the more powerful. Ah well, if life settles and I can find the time, then I've got a good excuse for a 4k / 60fps run on the PS5. next year.
  2. Finished! Wow, by some distance that was the most compelling story I've ever experienced in a game and to be honest, it would run many films close. There's a lot to say, (much of which has already been said, this is a genuinely excellent thread with a lot of well explained thoughts) but the burning question I'm left with after finishing the game is... how did Ellie survive? Sorry if this is old ground (I did skim the first seven pages) but after the beach fight finished with Ellie sat in the water, I just assumed she was about to take her final gasps. The screen goes black and we see Ellie's hand above the wheat and I immediately got Gladiator vibes and just assumed we were now in the pre-death dream sequence! Ellie had a massive wound on her side. At one point she raises her top to reveal that whilst she has sewn the wound up, it is clearly infected. Even the Rattler who initially captured her, commented that she'd maybe live long enough to reach Abby. I'm genuinely thrown to discover that the epilogue is no dream sequence and we're just supposed to assume that Ellie picked herself up, found antibiotics and merrily made her way home with no explanation of how she avoided what looked like her impending death. I don't know if I've missed something here or it's just not seen as being a particularly egregious narrative slip. I was absolutely convinced that the finale was going to see Abby reunite with the Fireflies, where Ellie would catch up to her and (after an appropriate confrontation) she would willingly sacrifice herself to help the new medical team find a cure. Closing the loop on both Ellie and Abby's story. A part of me is relieved they didn't go down that route, as it would have felt rather contrived, but as soon as I saw Ellie wake up on the farm and get up only to be confronted by Dina, I was convinced that's where they were headed with it and soft as it is, I was imploring her under my breath not to go. Anyway, still processing it all to be honest, but it was an amazing ride. Easily the most invested I've been in a game for years, possibly ever and whatever misgivings I may have around pacing and difficulty spikes, they really are as nothing when I think of the experience I've just had.
  3. Digital Foundry have done a fun look back at the now infamous Xbox One reveal show: I was browsing ResetEra a minute ago, and somebody posted this: The fact that a magazine like Edge, felt that they could run with a front cover like that, is a good indicator of just how devastating the Xbox One reveal was considered to be for Microsoft and a timely reminder of the extent to which Phil Spencer has turned things around.
  4. The accessibility option which essentially allows you to summon up a Crazy Taxi style arrow, which points you in the direction you need to go is a hugely welcome addition. On too many occasions I found myself running around looking for where to go next and to just eliminate that and make swifter progress with a tap of the button is most welcome. I totally understand why it's not a standard feature but one of my pet hates in video games is spending time wandering around looking for where to go next and this completely eliminates that. Bravo, I'd love to see more games employ such a system.
  5. Robo_1

    Best New Music 2020

    Absolutely hooked on this right now. It's nothing flashy, just a really solid rock track.
  6. For PS5 I reckon we're looking at: $449 / $549 Fox Xbox, I think it'll be: $299 / $549 I think whoever goes first will be setting the price for their competition, unless they think they can meaningfully undercut them. The PS5 digital will be a full PS5 sans the optical drive, so I think that will be notably more expensive than the rumoured Lockhart console, which is supposed to be a significantly scaled back machine. I think the 599 price tag is simply too damaged for anyone to go near it.
  7. I'm still curious to see what Sony's strategy is to take on the Switch. The Switch has been a huge hit this gen, I can't see Sony simply folding their arms to that and letting Nintendo have the handheld market completely to themselves for the next decade. Obviously the PS5 tech is nowhere near portable and we're not going to see a Vita 2 anytime soo... ever, so we're left with some sort of riff on remote play, probably with tighter integration to their cloud service. We could see a dedicated mobile phone controller, fully kitted out with the DS5 buttons and triggers. I also have this strange idea that Sony could actually release a dedicated cloud based handheld console, with a nice screen, integrated controls, memory and whatever extra decompression chips they could use to speed up the tech side of things. I've made the Switch my go-to console for indie games as I love the portability of the device, especially for the smaller games and I think it would be very foolish for either Sony or Microsoft to ignore the appeal of that.
  8. It's one of my favourite series. The formulae hasn't changed up that much since the PS2 era, but everything gets bigger and better and this looks like no exception. The weapons and zany worlds and enemies Insominiac create are just a joy to engage with. I'm really happy they stuck with the series.
  9. EA will be farting out their typically dire (not)E3 showcase event at midnight tonight. This year they're promising to, "connect players with the franchises they love" and heaven help you if that sounds like something you're actually prepared to sacrifice sleep for. Aside from EA's usual deluge of sports coverage, we're being promised a first look at gameplay from Star Wars: Squadrons and we may get a look at the rumoured Mass Effect Trilogy: Remastered. Battlefield 6 is unlikely to be there as it's not due to be released until winter 2021, but Apex Legends fans will probably be treated to an update, which rumour has it will include an announcement of cross play support. At least one surprise is being promised, which many think could be the announcement of a new game in the Dragon Age franchise, if indeed the aforementioned Mass Effect remaster isn't it!
  10. Day one, I just hope it's as fun to play as it is cool to watch.
  11. Well everyone's mileage will vary I guess. Personally, I think the character models look far more detailed, the animation (the difference in how Ratchet's ears move for example) looks more natural, the lighting on Clank, the particle effects and the general level of detail in each scene. It all looks like a distinct cut above the PS4 version to me.
  12. Here's a good vid which compares the PS4 and PS5 versions of Ratchet & Clank. I must admit, the jump is bigger than I'd first realised:
  13. Oooff, yeah, that's pretty unambiguous. I mean they do seem to be poking MS on this issue, in the hope that they'll blink first, so they could very well be managing the expectations game, but when you look at the tech inside these boxes, they're not going to be cheap. I'm bracing myself for $599 for the disc model.
  14. This mockup of a black version does look very nice:
  15. Yeah, it'll be PS5 for me. Partly because I have a substantial catalogue of digital games and those first party franchises. I can't imagine there being a next gen Ratchet & Clank available and walking past it to get an Xbox. Don't get me wrong, I think Xbox have to a fantastic offering this gen and I'd love to play the new Halo on day one, but these machines are going to cost a pretty penny and those Sony franchises are my priority.
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