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  1. Robo_1

    Blood and Truth

    I'd say you'd get away with some heavy leaning and squatting if you're limited in space, but in truth, you'll struggle with it if you're particularly space limited. There's always Operation Warcade. It's a weird, fourth wall breaking Operation Wolf style game, with production values which would make Titus blush... but the Aim support is spot on and it's hard not to enjoy the arcade shooting, even if the production values are genuinely about the worst I have ever seen in a game relative to the generation it's released on. It's no exaggeration to say we're looking at something which lives mid way between the PS1 & PS2 generation for the arcade stages.
  2. Robo_1

    Blood and Truth

    Have you tried Crisis Vrigade? It's absolutely looking to capture that Time Crisis feeling and it's recently been updated to be Aim compatible. It's cheap as chips too, £3.99 on the PSN I think and there's a decent amount of game there for your money. It's a tough game by any measure and you'll have to get physical, squatting and dodging, but it's a fantastic VR shooter.
  3. I think there's less willingness to strictly categorise things these days. It's been done a few times and invariably killed the thread stone dead. I don't think there's been any official discussion around it, but personally I like to think of Discussion as a free for all with Retro more of a protected community thread, who really just want to discuss retro stuff.
  4. That's an epic Necrobump Sean, but I did actually end up playing this on the Cube not so long ago, and it was great. Doesn't quite hold up today, but smashing two buses onto your fists and then pile driving a tank is pretty nuts. (I am going to add 2005 to the title though, as you'll be getting a lot of people's hopes up with this bump... and by a lot I mean Mr. Gerbik, which is reason enough).
  5. Damn, everything points to the team behind this setting out to do it right.
  6. Been listening to a bit of Vanden Plas recently, they've got a compilation set coming out soon and I often forget how good they are:
  7. So pleased to read people still referencing Psi-Ops. It remains one of my favourite games, it absolutely nailed the joy of mixing psychic abilities with third person shooting. It's such a shame it's never been remastered. I think Star Wars: Force Unleashed got pretty close. I'm certainly interested in this, precisely because it has the same gameplay mix as Psi-Ops. I thought Quantum Break was awful though, from the overbearing story to the completely stock and uninteresting shooting, so I'll be waiting for some reviews before buying. Fingers crossed though.
  8. Yeah, that's pretty much where I am. Having two creative forces like Cameron and Miller should pretty much guarantee it's the best Terminator film since T2 though, but that trailer did little to inspire.
  9. Robo_1

    Nintendo Switch

    Well we received a few reports so I'd rather play it safe than risk anyone getting into trouble whilst browsing at work, especially given nobody could reasonably be expecting that type of video to pop up on their screens whilst browsing a Switch thread! No issue though, I'm just being cautious.
  10. Man alive Thor, turn it down eh, no need for that level of response at all, we're discussing a TV show not deciding which wire to cut!
  11. Following Yoñlu's suicide, this forum does receive a steady stream of visitors from Brazil and we have had a few instances of people signing up specifically to find more information about suicide.

    For anyone who is struggling with a crisis and is considering doing any sort of harm to yourself, please talk to somebody and if there is nobody in your immediate friendship or family circle you wish to speak to, here is a list of emergency / suicide support numbers you can call in your country:


    Specifically in Brazil, the following organisation is available to you:


    Centro de Valorização da Vida (http://www.cvv.org.br/) is an emotional and suicidal prevention support NGO founded in 1962 in São Paulo, Brazil, and recognized as Federal Public Utility in 1973. It offers voluntary and free support, with all communications being confidential. Contacts can be made through the phone number 141 (available 24/7), personally (in one of the 72 centres around the country), chat (via their website), VoIP (via Skype) and e-mail.

    If you would like to speak with members of this community, then we do have a thread dedicated to offering Mental Health Advice & Support, in which you will find many people who have faced similar difficulties in their own lives and will offer you the support and advice they are able.

  12. Well that's a frown turned upside down, great news.
  13. Ah that's a pity, I just saw the red ban trailer and thought it looked like a fun ride. One to put in the top corner of the screen whilst doing something else then?
  14. In truth, I do still expect MS to take the power throne next gen. They've had an entire generation on the losing end of that argument (well until X was released at least) and they know they're going to have to work very hard to convince current PS4 users to lose all their digital purchases and jump to the next Xbox. Making the next Xbox the best performing console for all third party releases is certainly one way to do that. I don't think anybody should count Sony out though. I remember when the official specs of PS4 were revealed and it was confirmed that Sony were going to go with 8GB of GDDR5 unified RAM. From what I remeber, that was where everyone thought MS were going to have a clear advantage, but Sony spun them completely around on that. In terms of tech talk, I'd find it far more interesting if the two machines had different bottles of secret sauce, with both machines having different strengths and weaknesses, it would make Digital Foundry analysis more interesting at any rate. I'll be curious if MS have a VR solution next gen. I think they'd be smart to team up with a current manufacturer like Occulus or HTC. I've been really impressed with PSVR, it's an essential part of a console for me now.
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