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  1. Yeah, I think you've misread the room on this Loik. Threads like this work because people feel comfortable sharing their work. I accept that what you posted was an attempt to shake up or put a different spin on the feedback process, but ultimately, I don't think it's worth jeopardising the friendly and constructive atmosphere of the thread, so that you can experiment with edgy / ironic commentary. It might be entertaining for some, but I doubt @Ste_S particularly enjoyed reading your critique, however it was intended. Anyway, you can guess what drew me here! I think the thread has become a great showcase for the forum's photographers and it seems to have the tone and tenor which encourages wide and repeat participation. Let's keep it like that.
  2. I tried to replay this on Wii U, but that damn dinosaur boss is a hell of a road block. I still think this is great fun though.
  3. I'm generally pretty rubbish at navigation to be fair. I'd put a big old Crazy Taxi style arrow in every game released if I could, haha.
  4. I think that's very likely a part of it. There's not enough difference in the environments to really help you to instinctively orientate yourself in the world. The overall pallet is very dour too. I imagine a second run where you can cut out much of the searching for the next mission would be a lot more fun. I've enjoyed some of the speed run missions, but I can well see the experience benefitting from being more streamlined.
  5. Yes, the map and general time spent trying to navigate to different sections have proven to be a chore which has sapped much of my earlier enthusiasm for this away. I've just got back into it after abandoning it for a while, for this very reason. It's doable, but it's exactly the sort of bloat I hate about modern gaming. I get that there's a thrill in exploration and being let off the leash, but honestly, give me a well paced, well designed path to follow, in which a load of fun action and events occur. It often feels like I'm spending more time travelling between places than I am enjoying completing the actual missions when I arrive.
  6. Yeah, just seen this. There's one long action sequence which is absolutely brilliant. Really good stuff, packs it all in, shooting, chasing, running, biking and fighting. Does it make up for the non-story and lack of any real character development... no. In terms of action, the film just about delivers (but let's face it, we're spoilt after the intensity of John Wick). My biggest gripe is with Smith's character. You're never really given enough time to grow any sort of connection to him. His story is all presented to you quite dryly. Smith is such a presence that he pulls it back from the brink, but you never really feel that invested in his character. The CGI was okay. For young Will it's exceptional, I really couldn't tell at any stage I was looking at CGI, but some of the movements in the fight scenes felt slightly off, which did detract from some otherwise great action moments. Yeah, three Wills out of five for me. I'd see it again, but I'll be keeping my phone in hand for much of it.
  7. There's a 15 min intro and then the story is largely avoidable. You get to talk to your colleagues over comms. It reveals quite a lot about the main character and fleshed out the world a bit. The voice acting is convincing and I've followed much of it, but it's all optional. It is a tough game, I've made steady progress though.
  8. I'd never heard of it either! Totally slipped under the radar but it's great fun. Only about 3hrs long apparently, but what a ride.
  9. Just picked Archangel up in the sale. Wow! One of the best PSVR games I've played. Really great presentation and graphics a surprisingly compelling story and some fantastic mech combat. It's down from 29.99 to 7.99 which has been a steal. Any other fans?
  10. I hope Sony sort out this problem with PS5. I'm sick of hearing the PS4 fans on full blast when playing.
  11. Well that was... okay. It felt more like a way for the audience to properly say goodbye and get some closure on the Jessie character, rather than anything particularly compelling in its own right. In that respect I think it delivered, but I doubt I'll ever watch it again.
  12. Any Kamelot fans about? I don't know why, but I've found myself going through their substantial back catalogue recently. They've put out a lot of quality metal over the years, Moonlight probably has one of my favourite metal riffs going and Rule The World is a real standout track.
  13. An absolutely delightful concept piece from one of the leading lights of the new prog genre:
  14. Cheers. We got to just over 80% so there's definitely opportunity to go back and explore every nook and cranny! Will be sure to check out Aggelos!
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