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  1. Feud. Actually, that popped into my head as a joke, but the more I think about it.... What do you say @JPickford, would a load of wizards running around brewing potions, turning each other into zombies and blasting them with lightening whilst collecting plants translate to the battle royale formulae? Could be a Next exclusive.
  2. Why Devil's Third of course.
  3. Robo_1

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    I didn't think I'd seen Yoshi around for an age. Where are you posting these days Yoshi?
  4. Robo_1

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Yeah, that Digital Foundry vid sold me. The bit where it showed you scaling a building and some of the platforms were pulling away. That ticked a big warm nostalgia box for me, an honest to goodness bit of platforming with the added joy of being an upgradable super soldier and not a fetch quest in sight. Sign me up.
  5. That looks fantastic. The team have really held their course and got this right.
  6. There's definitely offscreen gunfire and a lot more bullets flying around generally, but you have two tools in your arsenal to even the odds. You can slide and shoot, which essentially makes you invulnerable to gun fire but you can still take enemies out and you have a fairly generous amount of bullet time, where you can dodge the gunfire as it's headed towards you. There's also a lot of guns lying around, so there's never much fear of finding yourself without a weapon.
  7. Robo_1

    Axiom Verge - PS4/Vita

    I've heard nothing but praise for that too. It's either that or Guacamole 2 next.
  8. Is nobody else playing this? Shame if not, I'm into day two now and it's ramping up nicely. It's a tough bugger and getting past the final level on the first day required a lot of trial and error. I liked the boss fight though, where you run against each other in parallel corridors, blowing the wet walls and doors apart trying to get at each other. It doesn't vary much from the formulae it starts with, but damn it's nailed it's core mechanic so well, I'm not fussed about it mixing things up much.
  9. Well I went for it in the end and with one caveat, it's pretty much everything I hoped for. Stranglehold meets Hotline really does describe this one perfectly, and after the disappointment which was, Hotline 2, this absolutely scratches the same itch of the original Hotline game. I love the dark neon look they've gone with. The ludicrously lush particle effects from those shotguns tearing up the scenery adds to the chaos of it all and the music... oh man the music is absolutely spot on. Dark, smokey, electronic beats with a hint of chip tune, it's an absolutely perfect match for the action and you can tell the devs took particular care to get it right. It's more difficult than I first expected. You have to get into the swing of how to use the slow down and sliding moves available to you, although I haven't been able to split the hand guns and tornado around the levels as was seen in the early vids! I can't say I feel the controls are sluggish in of themselves, but the more detailed animations of the character vs the basic sprites of Hotline, do make this feel a little less immediate, even though I can't say that I feel it impedes how I move around the game. I counted only three seconds to restart a level, which doesn't seem overly onerous and I couldn't give a tiddlers fart about the cut scenes (compressed as they are) as the story is just background noise, which admittedly is where it falls short of Hotline. My biggest problem with the game, is the appalling v-sync issues (I'm running it on a standard PS4). It's not like there's huge splits constantly running across the screen, but when you're moving around, there's an awful lot of micro shifts between the frames which begins to make the play area look warped. It's a poor, poor result, given that it is still a 2.5d game running on the same hardware which can push out God Of War or Uncharted 4 without such issues. Overall though, it's cracking stuff. I've put two hours in and I'm itiching to get back to it. Hopefully they will patch some of these technical issues but if Hotline meets Stranglehold sounds appealing to you, then buy with confidence.
  10. Yeah, I mean I get the frustration that they just didn't get the sales needed to sustain their business with the shmups, but I think they would have been better scaling back and releasing less games of the same quality, rather than changing track completely. This looks like a train wreck and just graphically speaking, it looks entirely bland. I don't have a single drop of interest in the battle royale genre, so I'll be steering well clear of this anyway, but it will be sad if this is their swan song. I'd imagine if it does break them, the business will be wound down but the core team will quickly reform and create some fresh 2D classics!
  11. I'm poised to buy this but some of these impressions sound rough... All of the issues would - I guess - by quite easy to patch. I'll watch a few more vid and reviews before pulling the trigger... so to speak.
  12. Robo_1

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    Yeah, I'm six episodes in but that seems about right. I was really hooked after the first three and now it's grinding. I do hope it picks up again soon.
  13. Robo_1

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    An unexpected surprise, Blaqk Audio have just put out a single for their newt album. They're a kind of new wave, gothic kind of poppy band but with a hint of industrial. Whatever they are, I'm loving the new one anyhoo:
  14. First off, thanks @Gregory Wolfe for keeping the thread updated. I'm pretty awful at thread maintenance, so cheers for stepping up. I just wanted to share a vid of a new game called Power Blade: Delta's Shadow, which is currently in development for the Next. It's by the same team who delivered the rather incredible Castlevania game for the original Spec and indeed the team are hard at work on both a Next and 128k release of Power Blade. You can see a comparison of the two versions below: The game itself looks great, with some great presentation and gameplay mechanics. The two versions are the clearest look yet at how the Next evolves the original Spec graphics. They still have that chunky and vibrant Spec style but without the quirks. The game will be getting a physical release for both formats.
  15. Robo_1

    Stuff that astonishes you about gaming

    I've shared these two vids in other threads before, but seeing Doom: ... and Mortal Kombat: Running convincingly on a ZX Spectrum will never fail to loosen my jaw. There's been a few moments over the years I've felt, "the future is here". One of the most striking was when I got my first smart phone and could run Mame on it, specifically Robocop. It just felt so bizarre that I was now able to play the coveted arcade game wherever and whenever I wanted to. Indeed it still feels great. It's hard not to mention VR in some form. I don't yet have a VR system, but my brother got in with the Occulus Rift quite early and I think my first experience was Space Pirates, which blew my mind. I then progressed to Super Hot, Robo Recall and on my last visit I became thoroughly addicted to Beat Saber. It reminds me a bit of a modern arcade. Most games are centered around simple gameplay mechanics, but the experience is hugely augmented by the immersion of the cabinet / headset. I can't decide right now whether or not to buy myself the current PSVR set up or hold out for the inevitable PS5 upgrade. It really is hard to resist!

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