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  1. Robo_1

    Neill Blomkamps..... ROBOCOP!

    Yeah, rebooting from the sequel I could understand, but I don't get why they'd ignore it. As you say, it wasn't in the same league as the first one, but it was still a decent film and more than worthy of being considered canon.
  2. Robo_1

    Neill Blomkamps..... ROBOCOP!

    So there's been some pretty big news on this. The film is about to get financed and Peter Weller is ready to sign up for another tour of duty, providing his cheque is big enough! I mean, colour me sceptical. I've all the respect in the world for Weller as an actor and what he did for Robo, but this is a guy who didn't even want to take an hour out of his day to say a few words for the fan documentary, because he said he said he was "so over Robo". I completely get the nostalgia value and as a lifelong fan, of course I'm excited at the prospect of seeing Weller return, but if he can't even fein enthusiasm for the character anymore, I'm not sure the world really needs a seventy year old Robo, coaxed into the role with buckets of cash. Although that said, I think the story they could tell with an old Robo could be legitimately interesting. We'll see. Also, as a welcome bonus the original script for Michael Miner & Ed Neumeier's unreleased Robocop 2 film has been released and you can read it at: http://www.robocoparchive.com/scripts/robocop2-corporatewars-script.pdf
  3. Robo_1

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    The new Queensryche is far, far better than it has any business being, given the tumultuous few years the band have endured: Sadly it's one of the worst lyric videos I've seen, possibly ever, but the song is an absolute evolution of the driving, relentless rhythms which characterised their Mindcrime era. Todd is a force to reckon with on vocals, sounding enough like Tate that he can comfortably sing the bands back catalogue, but he clearly makes this new stuff his own. The whole album is solid, but I think this is my highlight.
  4. I get the appeal of XGP and I have no trouble believing there's a customer base out there exclusively for that, but I don't see how this box is going to entice them over. We're late in the gen, shops are awash with second hand consoles at a comparable if not cheaper price to what MS are asking for this. If it had been $100 cheaper then I could see it, but I just don't think a $50 discount is enough to tempt those over who have previously been uninterested in the console, as not only do you lose the ability to run disc based games and films on it yourself, it also cuts out the simple appeal of sharing games with friends, something which sparked much of the controversy around the launch of the console. I don't think the proposition is in of itself a terrible idea, but I guess the crux of our disagreement is that I don't think the $50 price difference is enough to make the product viable, which is why I think ultimately, a cheap streaming box is where this digital only concept will succeed, where the games still need traditional console horse power to run.
  5. This seems like a misstep to me. The market is moving beyond digital and towards streaming. Anyone with a standard XB1 can can go all digital if they want and the €50 saving doesn't strike me as significant. If somebody wants to go all digital, then I imagine they would broadly be open to a full streaming solution and a sub €99 console. This seems neither here nor there, the price point isn't enough to entice the Spotify generation and the more casual gamers who haven't yet jumped in will likely be looking more at the bountiful number of second hand consoles and the cheap second hand games market. I don't see who this console is pitched at? Even the lack of a unique design sends out the message that it's just a hobbled XB1S.
  6. I was only talking about 2, a main console and streaming box. I think some early leaks about the next Xbox pointed to 3, which suggested they would launch a streaming box, a base console and then a high powered beast of a machine alongside it for the die hards.
  7. I'll bet pounds to pence that the general pricing model for this gen, will be to release a fairly powerful base console, alongside a simple network box for £99, which will come with a controller and a console which will include a simple OS, designed to facilitate the streaming of games via their cloud services. In that respect, I imagine it will be the most accessible gen yet.
  8. This seems like an odd way to announce the console, almost the exact opposite of the flash and sizzle of their dedicated PS4 event. It all sounds very promising though, the SSD speed seems like a genuine game changer and it's bringing the specs to match. I don't know much about PC graphics cards, but I'm assuming any card made on a 7nm process is cutting edge, smoking fat stuff. Thrilled to read the console will be backwards compatible and that current PSVR headsets will be compatible with the machine. I've long been on the fence over buying a PSVR and one of my biggest fears was that it would become obsolete next year when PSVR2 inevitably arrived with the next console. With the current stream of quality VR content, I see this as the green light to finally invest. Great article though, thanks for making a dedicated topic for it!
  9. Just bought this last night, in the first five minutes I did a Burnout 3 style takedown and the grin that spread across my face.... It's brilliant, a straight ahead, full blooded arcade racer. It misses a few bells and whistles in the presentation, but it's got it where it counts. Nice to see so many forum folk already on my friends list playing. I can certainly say the game wouldn't have been on my radar at all if not for this thread, so thanks for the heads up Alex.
  10. Robo_1

    R-Type Final 2

    I've recently been thinking of dusting off my copy of R-Type Delta. I really got into it back in the day and haven't really followed the series since. The hours I lost to the Spec conversion back in the day.
  11. Robo_1

    PlayStation VR

    Sony seem to be going all in with PSVR. I'd initially decided to sit out this gen of PSVR and wait for inevitable improvements for the PS5 version, but there's so much quality content now and the price has come down so much, that I'm almost certain to get one as soon as I've got the pennies saved. The Iron Man game is being sold as a full open world single player game too, so it really does seem like they've decided to throw as much investment in the system as necessary to make VR commercially viable.
  12. What type of game is Conan? I didn't hate the PS3 version, it was an Aldi God Of War.
  13. Baggers In Space is looking wonderful, there's some great games in development for the Next, I'll include a few vids below: To keep track of future Spec Next releases, there's this website: http://www.spectrumnextgames.uk/ One of the biggest titles headed to the next is from the team which created the phenomenal Castlevania: Spectral Interlude. It's currently going by the name of No Mercy, and is promising to be a bit of a spiritual follow up to Target: Renegade. No videos have been posted yet, but this early screen is promising.
  14. I'm sure I'll be able to find an hour to put that together. I've been worked off my arse recently, so haven't read too much about the various E3 plans (or rather, non-plans) of the big hitters. As I understand it, MS, Bathesda and Ubisoft will be there as usual, Nintendo will be exhibiting and putting another Direct together, whilst Sony and EA are skipping it. Is that right? At the very least we'll want somewhere to gather and have a natter about the announcements. Last year I set up a thread in A&F to see who wanted to contribute and I thought that worked well. A bit closer to the time when everyone has announced their plans, I'll probably set up a similar thing, although as E3 changes, it's probably best to see if we can improve how we cover it.
  15. Robo_1

    Axiom Verge - PS4/Vita

    That stings as I bought the Vita limited edition. Complete scumbags, I hope Happ gets paid, I enjoyed the hell out of AV.

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