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  1. I enjoyed the tail end of the 80s sides, and those 87-89 sides were imperious. That being said, this Klopp side is the one I’ve found the most joyful to watch, and the one I’ll cherish the most for however long I live. Was lucky to see the title winning side play at Anfield a few times before lockdown hit, and they were phenomenal, and probably the best side on the planet at the time* Klopp may not win anything else during his remaining two and a half seasons but I don’t think that would damage his legacy. He’s rebuilt the club from the ground up, and while we’re no paupers, he has produced major success in an era when Manchester City really should win the league at a canter. *I know the Club World Cup win suggests that anyway, and beating the Copa Libertadores champions is at least the best way to do so.
  2. House of Gucci - 2/5 Lavish, a handful of good performances but so, so shallow. Felt like the major plot points were taken from chapter headings, with no real drive or purpose between scenes. As a result even Driver and Gaga’s efforts become a bit one note because there’s little emotional connection to be had with them. A huge disappointment. PS - Jared Leto looks good for the Willie Thorne biopic though.
  3. Movies 24, currently renamed Christmas 24, has these on 24/7 from October to January. Plus a ‘Christmas in July’ stunt every year in… July.
  4. Thiago could skim a stone across the Atlantic.
  5. Hang it in the Louvre etc
  6. Surge - 2/5 (Netflix UK) If BBC2 did Uncut Gems. Ben Whishaw is brilliant as a man falling apart but the film lacks any real depth beyond his remarkable performance. Space Jam: A New Legacy - 2/5 Obviously it’s rubbish, but it has some amusing moments. Such a shame the core Looney Tunes characters are largely sidelined for the most part. And who on Earth thought it should be almost two hours long?! It’s a longer film than Taxi Driver! Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins - 1/5 I have a soft spot for these British gangster films. They’re utter tripe, but it’s fun watching the abysmal performances. And Origins is up there with the best of the worst of them. Also contains a wig of staggeringly bad proportions. Film of the year. Black Friday - 3/5 B-movie fun with Bruce Campbell! And Devon Sawa! Low budget horror done well. (last three were all screeners, think all are on PVOD… but please don’t spend any money on Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins. You dirty facking mugs)
  7. Athletico Mince and The Totally Football Show are about I’ll I listen to in terms of football. TFS has decent guests except when Julien Laurens is on. I think he likes PSG. TFS does have Paddy Power ads, so the skip button gets a workout at least twice an episode.
  8. I’ve been sitting waiting for the reactions for nearly two months, and now feel really happy the feedback is mostly positive. I think Afterlife is similar to Super 8, in that it captures the feeling of 80s films while adding a bit of modernity. I’m torn on the idea of a feature sequel though. While there is room for such, this would be a great way to round off the films. Perhaps a spin-off series, but maybe even that would be excessive.
  9. Decent way to win a derby.
  10. I’m hoping there’s some random Hollywood fans of the show, like how Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd ended up on Travel Man. Greg: “Welcome this series guests, Eddie Izzard, Matt Berry, Dawn French, Julia Stevenson and, for some reason we can’t even begin to understand, Vince Vaughn.” Although, thinking of Travel Man, Richard Ayoade would be good value. Reckon he’d start off thinking (and acting like) the show was beneath him, but like the football game with Frank Skinner in Zurich, he’d get super competitive within three tasks.
  11. Incredible that he hasn’t really even been seriously wobbled, given the amount of clean shots he’s taken. Would have loved a catchweight between prime Ferguson and this Max.
  12. Yep, was a wild end to a really entertaining card. Only shame was it wasn’t in a decent arena with a capacity crowd.
  13. I’m curious about what the wider reaction to this will be next week. Thoroughly enjoyed it but do think it will be quite polarising. Think it’s box office will be decent, although probably extremely front-loaded.
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