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  1. A celebratory is about as good as reason for a 10,000th post as any other. Genuinely didn’t expect Salah to stay on beyond next summer, so this is fantastic news. Hopefully we get an energised Mo, with the silver lining of a mid-season break to boot.
  2. No purchases for June, just been hammering Cricket ‘22 and Sniper Elite 5* on Game Pass. Find downloading games on the service also scratches the ‘new game itch’ without spending any further money. Still intend to pick up Horizon Forbidden West, but there’s enough in my backlog along with ‘free’ content in the next few months to mean that HFW will be bought in the Autumn, and will likely be my final purchase for the year. The Callisto Project looks to be shapely up nicely but unless my slate is clear doubt I’ll day one it; more likely to do that with the Dead Space remaster in Jan ‘23, then play Callisto as a pseudo sequel. *may buy the extra level, but that’s the only amount I envisage spending before HFW.
  3. Oh cool. Will download and keep for Halloween. Probably should give Until Dawn another play, that was a fun game.
  4. There is plenty more for fans of the original but also think the balance is pretty good between milking that nostalgia and offering something fresh, albeit familiar. EDIT: spoilered first part in case anyone hasn’t seen the film yet and is going in cold.
  5. glb


    Fair point. I hope I’m wide of the mark and she goes on to enjoy a glittering career. Hell, the reality is even regularly going deep in major tournaments will be landmark progress for British women’s tennis.
  6. Heard Man of Medan is pretty good, right? And the better half will probably enjoy a bit of Crash, which means she’s not kicking my arse on MK11, so not too bad a month.
  7. glb


    I doubt she’ll win another tournament in her career, let alone a slam. Not because she lacks the ability to do but rather the pressure thrust on sports stars to perform by mainly the English press/media, and the subsequent follow-ups to that, is borderline abusive. She perhaps shouldn’t have played this year’s tournament after recent injury issues, but I’d bet a decent sum there was pressure on her to do so. There’s enough candid biographies out there to realise it takes a select few to be able to handle that expectation, particularly in an isolated sport like tennis where there’s no one else out on the court with you. Add in the increasing physical demands and there’s a pretty small window of opportunity for success unless you’re in that elite handful that is able to exceed expectations, and willing to essentially break your body in the pursuit of glory. Hopefully she’ll have someone in her camp that recognises her long-term needs and not just the short-term gain from an unexpected US Open win. At least she has that victory to draw on and use as a foundation.
  8. Holy shitballs! I enjoyed Maverick first time around but it’s an altogether different film on IMAX. The action scenes are simply sensational on the format. Blockbusters have utilised VFX incredibly well in recent years but there’s a lot to be said for in-camera set-pieces. It’s so damn visceral. Tom Cruise can be a loon but damn if I don’t admire him for how hard he’s pushing the envelope for big screen cinema. And beneath all that is still an incredibly well-made, unashamedly old fashioned classic narrative film. I did get a huge, appreciative wave of gratitude halfway through tonight’s showing. I don’t know how many hundreds, probably thousands, of hours I’ve sat in the dark watching films on screens in my 42 years but films like this are why I still feel a tingle of excitement every time the house lights dim, and I get to escape into a new world, wide-eyed in wonder, for a couple of hours. Top Gun: Maverick may not be the best film I see this year, but I’m pretty certain it’s the one I’ll remember the most fondly. Pleasingly the BFI IMAX was 2/3rds full tonight. Seen that the film is also back in rotation at the other ‘big’ screens in central London. Deservedly so.
  9. glb

    Secretlab Chairs.

    This looks like a lovely set-up; I need to get some plants in the home office. New desk arrives in a few days, extra 50cm wide, so the Titan won’t look so comically large next to my current desk.
  10. glb

    LA Olympics 2028

    Think the change was already in the pipeline to, ahem, modernise the event but the horse punch eroded a lot resistance to the change, including within the IOC. An obstacle course will be great, and given they’re in the UK’s DNA thanks to The Krypton Factor, Team GB’s recent success in the event looks well-placed to continue.
  11. But can he do it on a wet, pot-holed road in Stoke?
  12. glb

    LA Olympics 2028

    Less chance of a coach punching an obstacle course I suppose.
  13. Looking back, I’d say completing the story is certainly the way to go, before tackling the free play stuff. As with all Lego games you need to unlock certain character classes to navigate areas. This however takes that to an extreme. Not in a negative way at all, but there is so, so much to unpack. Depending on your preference, the original trilogy levels are the most ‘classic’ in style, but they’re all pretty fun. It’s a stonkingly huge game.
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