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  1. Do you think he'll stay with Bellator? Saw Coker has spoken out in support of him, but wonder if training with Jackson-Wink, who obviously also has a stable of UFC fighters, might create some desire to switch. Although I guess he'll be getting paid more in Bellator.
  2. Saw someone tweet that Holloway was similarly 4-3 early in his UFC career (his overall record was 8-3, but he initially struggled in the Octagon) albeit Max didn't get sparked like Pico. Still, it was Pico's first fight with Greg Jackson, and he fought pretty well for the most part. Clearly has talent (and power) but probably needs a little more care with his matchmaking. The beauty of MMA though, so damn unpredictable, unless Jon Jones is fighting.
  3. I actually forgot the side only lost one game. A few of the draws, Everton and United away perhaps, were acceptable given the rivalries but the West Ham game especially felt like a defeat. Think that was the moment it was back in City's hands. Beyond ridiculous that both teams won all the run-in games would say I cannot see similar happening again, but City won 10 from 11 in the previous season, and that was after wrapping up the league early. I'm not sure what my point is... acceptance that it probably won't be our year but it will be damn fun anyway? *shrug*
  4. Heard a crazy stat on the Totally Football Show about City only being behind in games for 90-odd minutes for the whole season. Echoes your point that barely any teams going after them, but also underlines the measure of their control. Looking forward to seeing if our Reds can run them close again. Suppose the result in Madrid takes the pressure off somewhat, will be interesting to see what effect winning something now has.
  5. Will take a Herculean effort to repeat 97 points but can’t see many sides being consistent enough to pip us to second. Just hope a few of the top six actually give City a game (only Chelsea beat them last season?) City’s FFP ruling could be a minor distraction for them but realistically they’ll more than likely win the title again. Same as the season just gone, be in the race as long as possible so there’s a chance. And then pick up #7 in Istanbul.
  6. He was good as a radio commentator back in the day. And had some lunacy on SWOS (“There’s a full moon out”?) But there are so many better commentators out there now.
  7. Out of interest, who’s doing the co-comms in the UK? World feed just has the one commentator per game with no sidekick. England dominating so far, just lacking in the final third.
  8. This Is Going To Hurt - Adam Kay Bit late to the party on this one. Still, it’s an at times fascinating read, albeit most of the exchanges in the diary feel akin to when you think of something witty to say 10 minutes after the moment has passed. But the gallows humour more than makes sense as the book progresses, and can imagine reliving a lot of the incidents was pretty painful for Kay. Some grim imagery in there... the degloving incident... oh my, and that’s at the lighter end of things. Much more importantly though, makes me appreciate those holding the NHS together. Will be a national tragedy if it’s ever ripped apart.
  9. Rewatched that today, he’s practically out the six-yard box when the Milan players take their kicks England Argentina now in a match the Lionesses should win comfortably... so a nervy 1-0 awaits then.
  10. To anyone who’s feeling flush, hospitality tickets for the new season are now on sale with dates as TBCs. Membership is open too, think the first ticket ballot is relatively soon.
  11. Oh but it will be oh so glorious when the USA lose. Every tournament needs a pantomime villain, and thank goodness there is now one besides VAR. Whoever knocks the US out, hope the full squad goes full Marco Tardelli towards their bench.
  12. Thank you for the thorough reply! Yep, totally see your point and similarly viewing this as a hobby until it isn't. Actually quite inspiring to hear you just went for it; think it can be easy with such things to find obstacles when, in truth, there are thousands of other people just shooting for success so why not join them? I'm out of work at the minute so will crack on with my first draft of book two. Learning photoshop at the minute so will have fun designing a cover and looking forward to seeing how the book does. And kudos to your mum! 15,000 sales is great, good to read such things can be done without the slog of getting a publishers etc
  13. glb

    Football Kits 2019/20

    Saw the new Juve kit in a shop the other day. It’s absolute ming.
  14. I applauded when I saw Tie Fighters! Bored after watching two minutes of gameplay. Looks fine, and probably much more engaging to play, but if I’ve learned anything the last few years it’s I don’t really like Star Wars as much as I used to.
  15. I know, hence why I said you occasionally get players like him who can hack it professionally.
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