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  1. Will the Capcom D&D beatemup collection that was released on the XBox 360 or One (Can't remember which) work on new XBoxes? I bought it years ago and didn't get to play it long before whatever machine I bought it on died, and I've been solidly PS only since then.
  2. Is he in the recent Swamp Thing series I've noticed on Prime? Is that series any good? (For a big fan of the classic Alan Moore run, as well as Hellblazer). Never really heard anyone talk about it so assume not, but thought I would ask.
  3. Yeah I'm not really meaning to use the phrase golden era to mean it was the time the best games were coming out. More that it was the time when the Amiga was looked up to as a fantastic machine where you were likely to be playing the best possible version of a game, if it existed on the format.
  4. Ah, well that's actually where I got the specific piece of knowledge that caused me to ask that question. Because I know there is a version of MAME (0.54 I want to say... Might be wrong) that does allow it to be distributed absolutely freely, for commercial purposes even - https://opensource.org/licenses/GPL-2.0 So I am thinking that perhaps Capcom used a different version - which is certainly naughty. I'm a bit confused as to why they would, though, as the OS MAME runs every Capcom game I've ever tried on it, which is probably all of them, just fine, as far as I r
  5. But if it's open source why would they need to license it?
  6. I only played on an R360 a couple of times because it was so expensive, seem to remember it was £2 a go at Sega World at a time when 20p a go was standard for a normal cabinet. Also there was always a huge queue. I remember thinking that it was more like a fairground ride than an arcade cab from the arcade operator's view. It needed a big bit of dedicated floorspace, cordoned off to stop people being near the machine when it was moving, and a full-time staff member to steward it.
  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattgardner1/2021/02/19/insanely-rare-sega-arcade-cabinet-found-abandoned-in-uk-field/ Someone goes out for a ramble and spots a Sega R360 cabinet quietly decomposing in a field.
  8. What happened with that ripping off the emulator thing in the end? I remember chat about it a while ago and someone had worked out they were using an unlicensed emu, right? Did they get away with it in the end?
  9. The big-name, memorable games I mention in the OP are mostly US games though, Cinemaware, Origin, Sierra and suchlike - I am not sure if those were ST ports (would say that the Cinemaware stuff certainly wasn't.) Maybe the early Lucas stuff was?
  10. Do they have online multiplayer and leaderboards?
  11. Actually I was just wondering recently - is there a name for the sort of "default" D&D campaign world - the one where beholders and mind flayers are likely to turn up if you go poking around in dark holes in the ground? And there's no spacefaring sailing ships and it isn't overly gothic/dark fantasy? And the gods haven't forsaken men and there are no Draconians? I guess it would be the place where the D&D cartoon was set (The Realm) - but this isn't necessarily the same as the Forgotten Realms, right? (or is the Realm one of the Forgotten Realms?) Are all the different D&
  12. Can't someone just to the "real" Constantine for once, I'm not at all familiar with his character post-Hellblazer but none of the TV or film adaptions seem to have captured that gritty, highly-flawed (how many friends does he sacrifice to demons just to save his own skin?) working class magician character very well. Been (slowly) re-reading the Jamie Delano and Garth Ennis stuff over the past few years as it's mostly available on Kindle Unlimited and it's really good storytelling. I seem to remember the Mike Carey run was great too. Those would all make a good basis for a TV show.
  13. Were there any Amiga games that user the HAM mode in - game? I know there was Pioneer Plague and a few others that used it for still screens. But my understanding was always that games that used more than 16/32 colours tended to do it with copper trickery (as mentioned above) to just create gradients with extra colours.
  14. The old school d&d monsters like the beholder and mind flayer haven't really had a faithful interpretation in a film have they? They are great monsters that it would be cool to see what could be done with, in a epic fantasy film.
  15. Always wanted this when I had an Amiga but it never turned up in the bargain bins or on the piracy circuit which were my main two sources of games, aside from asking for one AAA title for every Christmas and Birthday between 1990-2003. Played it since on emulation and yes, it's terrible! The Mega Drive version is even worse.
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