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  1. Do they work though? I remember in the old days UAE had a "kickstart replacement" in the package but it never worked for me and I always had to find proper ROMs.
  2. The Amiga thing is definitely down to licensing the kickstart ROMs, but that's perfectly possible if they're willing to pay for it. Gods is on Antstream as well as being remastered, so the fact there's a remaster can't prevent other people from licensing it outright. It's probably down to the fact that Evercade would launch it as a physical product.
  3. Yes, we've done this before, and as I pointed out before, there are many kinds of open source license and lots of emulators are available on the sort of open source licence where you can indeed use it commercially, for no cost. Mame 0.134 (I think, can't be bothered to go and look up the exact version again), Mednafen, Fuse, Vice, WinUAE ... Those alone will let you release just about anything you want, commercially, without needing a licence. (Except you'll need kickstart ROMs for WinUAE of course).
  4. It's not licensed anywhere exclusively. It can't be, because I know of at least two services it's available on.
  5. If it's none of the above, I think I know the game. It has much more basic graphics than the games people are guessing here, if I'm right. Closer to Galaxians/Phoenix. And it did the 3D effect by some sort of mirror or screen-tilting or something - giving a sort of perspective. Does that sound right ?
  6. As always it's the little touches, like Alan wearing a hoodie while he has dinner with the monks.
  7. It does sound very ambitious and a bit like it's trying to be all things to all people, which is always worrying with a new product or service.
  8. So it is. That's interesting. Although it doesn't mention streaming anywhere, except in the context of Twitch. It has lots of the features I wanted to implement at Antstream, but never got the chance to before I left. Most obviously online multiplayer but also inbuilt integration with Twitch and the ability to run your own games. Lots of stuff I never dreamed of, too like using original carts! It also looks to be much more targeted towards retro gamers, rather than "casual gamers" which was the target audience at Antstream when I was there (despite my objections). Far
  9. I think it means a dedicated retro device, which the Switch obviously isn't. I mean, technically you can play multiplayer retro games on the PS4 and Xbox One. Although there never seems to be anyone around to play with, when I try.
  10. I'm fully aware some people have this opinion and of course it's valid. Everyone enjoys comics their own way. But as I've said, you can still enjoy the full screen view alongside the panel view, if you configure it that way. So that shouldn't be a reason to put you off trying it. Also, and I appreciate this is just a minor point, but I don't think they are cut up by a formula. The reason I say this is that in several years of using it, I've never seen it get it wrong and present a panel out of order. It even copes with unconventional layouts like when you have a big picture taking up the whole
  11. It does, there are various ways to configure it.
  12. Ben and Holly is to Peppa Pig as Futurama was to Simpsons - a bit slicker and edgier, and a bit more knowing, so perhaps a bit less classic and universally loved, but still great.
  13. Try reading an issue of something on the Kindle app with panel-by-panel view active. You might just think "meh" or, like me and several other people I've spoken to, you might find it's an absolute gamechanger and you don't want to read comics any other way, ever again. Full-screen single panel artwork is just mind-blowing to me on a tablet with a decent screen. Depending on the original artwork of course but with something like Locke and Key it's great. Since I discovered it a few years back I've re-bought pretty much all my all-time favourite series just to experience them
  14. https://www.stuff.tv/hot-stuff/gaming/piepacker-takes-multiplayer-retrogaming-online-and-piereader-brings-your-carts First I've seen of this. Anyone know any more about it? Online multiplayer is the holy grail of "modern retro" for me. This has in-line video chat as well by the sounds of it, which I hadn't even dreamed of. If this machine has a store where you can download more games, and let's you use original controllers, and has online leaderboards (no suggestions it has, from that rather short article) as well as letting you use original carts (which it does) this wo
  15. I used to cart bagloads of promo games and even hardware into that CEX to sell, too. Didn't want to use my own membership unless it turned out it was somehow illegal (technically I guess I was stealing them from my own company, where they'd been sent for review. Even though we didn't actually review games...) So I'd just pay some chump who happened to be in the shop a fiver to sell them for me. For some reason we got loads and loads of Sega stuff, like probably everything Sega released at the time, hardware and software. This was Dreamcast days, so I guess they had a huge PR push at the
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