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  1. Cant tell if this is just not great photography or if this looks really awful, like something designed by a manufacturer of cheapo hardware peripherals in the early 90s? Same goes for the picture of the controller bellow!
  2. The thing is, for better or worse (and I might argue it's actually worse) you can pretty much ignore most of the faffage. Particularly if you play it at all socially, whereby you will easily end up with enough gifts and handouts from other players that you will never be in danger of running out of anything. But even without that, the game is forgiving enough that you're unlikely to run into many problems. For example, you can, if you want, pretty much just ignore the eating and drinking mechanics. The only penalty for keeping your character's food and drink bar constantly at zero is your AP takes a little longer to fill. There's practically zero penalties for dying, too (you just drop your junk items and have to pick them up again). The whole game is pretty consequence-light, to be honest, but it's actually balanced in quite a clever way, in that you can, if you want, run it as a fairly hardcore survival sim - keeping yourself fed, free of disease, etc, and doing so is the way to end up with a very buffed and maxed-out character. But equally you can just play it very casually, treating it as a light-hearted yomp thought the wasteland. You won't max out your character to the point where you'll be unbeatable in PvP but you'll still see everything the game has to offer.
  3. It is outstanding, however I can't help noticing how much easier just the fact you can move and shoot at the same time makes it, particularly on the boss fights - you can literally run rings around them. It's like their movement and turning speeds were nerfed in the original, to make up for the fact they would be fighting stationary players, and this version hasn't been rebalanced to adjust for that. Just a minor observation, it doesn't detract from the game, and I'd rather it was too easy rather than too difficult, as the main reason I'm playing it is to experience it in VR, rather than be challenged by a game I've completed 10 times already over the years!
  4. Nice selection of games, some classic titles without going without just going for the obvious ones (eg Cadaver but no Gods/Sb2, Simon the Sorceror rather than Monkey Island). I just wish it had a working keyboard, then this would be a definite buy for me.
  5. Ah yeah, Command and Conquer definitely has to be in there - also Age of Empires - I played the originals to death when they first came out (except 3 which I never got into) and am currently having a good time with 4.
  6. Mine are a bit older - by the time the games on your list came about I'd moved onto console gaming, I think ... Mainly because I was at uni and quick pick-up-and-play games like Wipeout, Tekken and Goldeneye fit with my lifestyle better. When I think of my favourite classic PC games, I think of stuff like Ultima 7, Wing Commander 2, Civ 2 and Sierra/ Lucas adventures.
  7. I keep forgetting it's actually them I'm watching, and having thoughts like "wow the guy playing John really looks like him", for some reason.
  8. Of course it's soulless. It's a term created by marketers to describe the process of extracting value from creative people.
  9. True, and they don't even call themselves that any more, they all call themselves "content creators" now.
  10. Well there's an interesting point there, in that the term "journalist" is very loosely defined. It isn't a profession like "lawyer" or "accountant" where you have to be qualified and registered in order to be able to use the title. (And I say this as someone with professional qualifications in journalism and 10 years' experience employed as a news reporter). More recently I've been on the "dark side", working in marketing. And it's always been my belief that, from an ethical point of view, we're obliged to treat this new breed of "influencers", "Citizen journalists" or whatever they call themselves, the same way we treat "proper" journalists. As long as they hold themselves to the same standards.
  11. How do you mean "real estate"? I think the interest is that Atari want to have a stake in the streaming business.
  12. Plenty of journalists give products bad reviews despite being sent them for free. The principle has always been that journalists (or their outlets) live or die based on their integrity. If journos give glowing reviews to clearly substandard products that they've obviously been sent for free, it quickly becomes apparent to consumers that they can't be trusted. Of course that self-governing system doesn't always work one hundred percent efficiently. But in general it does, and that's been the foundation of the symbiotic relationship between industry and the media for a long, long time.
  13. Mobygames has been owned by Antstream for ages, but everyone involved has kept very quiet about it.
  14. I don't think Skyrim is a great example, mainly because 's hard to argue that, say, Fallout 4 with it's building mechanics or Fallout 76 with its social element isn't a significant step forward from Skyrim in terms of gameplay. But that's an isolated example, certainly most other franchises haven't evolved that much. GTA is another one I guess, ok so there's no destructible environments yet, but GTA Online has pushed the boundaries of what's possible in a shared online game world in some interesting ways. Online in general is one area where gaming genuinely has evolved a lot over the last decade, I guess.
  15. It has Rab making a joke about a Nintendo Switch being someone who likes to play both Mario and Luigi in the bedroom (or something like that) so probably not.
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