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  1. Jonsi and Alex have released lost and found today. Looks like streaming options only.
  2. Yep, agree with you on all counts. Have the last three albums which are very good, and as you say the latest has a more psychedelic vibe too. Missed when recently toured, as think clashed with another concert, but wouldn't mind catching them another time.
  3. There's a scene in Episode 6 which is absolutely brutal.
  4. Started watching this, this weekend. All very enjoyable and not dissimilar in style to Banshee ( same creator ) and Quarry. Set during the Tong Wars in late 1870s San Francisco, California, the series follows Ah Sahm, a martial arts prodigy who immigrates to San Francisco from China, in search of his sister, only to be sold to one of the most powerful tong in Chinatown. Based on an original concept by Bruce Lee
  5. Oh wow, cool. I didn't know the new season had started.
  6. I went back, thanks to this thread, and watched it. Really, really good. Part way through season 2 and I think I'm enjoying it more just because of how everything is unravelling. Crazy complex situation (as a minor fault, I thought the outcomes in season 1 were a bit predictable) Superb acting all round.
  7. I've always found it slightly strange that promo copies of games, which are rarer than the retail release, often command a much lower price. Whereas in music, the opposite would be true. I guess for retro collectors it's all about having that box and spine to be able to display on a bookcase/cabinet shelf over and above it's rarity. So its valuable, but unlikely to be as much as a normal copy. As always demand over supply dictates the price.
  8. I watched the first episode when it came out, and wasn't feeling it.I'm sure it's great though and will try it again. Sometimes you have to be in the right mood for a new series.
  9. Shenmue 2 didn't come out on Dreamcast in America.
  10. This is on C4 tonight at 9:00pm if you haven't seen it.
  11. Nice of Bran to let all those kids and families get burnt and crushed to death in kings landing then, cos it was all for the best.
  12. Highly recommend The Miracle - currently on Sky Atlantic They've been streaming 2 episodes each week, but you can get the full lot now by looking at The Miracle (Dubbed) boxset and the full season of subtitled episodes are available there. https://www.sky.com/watch/title/series/0e113d88-41b7-4957-a975-ddb53a4fa0ff/the-miracle “In Italy, the referendum that could bring the country out of Europe is round the corner.In eight days, four figures find themselves dealing with the biggest event of their existence; one capable of changing the world and that will change their lives forever.” Similar in a way to The Leftovers in that it posits the what happens next, and not the why. Great soundtrack too.
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