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  1. I'm just about to start episode 3 and same pedigree of tension, plotting and twisting narrative of Gomorrah. This drama seems to linger quite seductively on its cinematography and has a very calming approach to the senseless violence that is ongoing. Highly recommended and just as good so far as Gomorrah.
  2. The fuckers are still saying they won't refund, or explain their refund decision, or tell why the film keeps saying available 14/12 , it is listed as a purchase on my account. Dicks.
  3. In the past, it has been decided that Sony customer service was shit and Microsoft's was great on things like refunds. My experience is to say that Microsoft's is utter shite. I pre-ordered tenet uhd back in November, come release day on 14/12 my purchase is still showing you have pre-ordered and will be available to watch at 00:00. Wait all day and still can't see, but the extended trailer as a pre-order bonus (whoop!) is now a 1 hr 26 minute making of which I can watch, but no film. So direct message Xbox support in Twitter, no response. After 2 days try p
  4. That's where I bailed too, way too farfetched and ridiculous and the concept of real time 24 hours seemingly abandoned for the thrills.
  5. Watched the lot - utterly brilliant and as said you just cannot second guess what will happen next. An absolute roller coaster, not one for those who want everything explained and neatly tied up.
  6. Not the first time it's been done though
  7. Carto is a delightful little puzzle adventure. Recommended.
  8. State Of Emergency was hyped as being the next GTA III
  9. Wow, am watching The Boys at the moment and hadn't clicked that it's the same actor. Mind blown!
  10. https://www.youtube.com/user/hellinterface Updated banner...
  11. I've tried this but doesn't seem to have worked so far.
  12. GTA V is free until May 21st
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