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    Play bass, read comics, watch cowboy and robot and zombie movies, listen to funk with a side order of early 90s hip hop, design graphics, paint canvasses, maintain missus, spin records in pubs, raise a boy, and that's about it.

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  1. I had no idea a second season was even greenlit, so to happen across this thread today is a joyous occasion indeed. Having just finished Mr Mercedes, I've been scratching my chin about what to watch next. Problem solved!
  2. Big_H

    Gaming turn ons

    This. I also love it when Batman turns up in a game. The Arkham games are pretty much Spanish Fly to me. Another thing I love is when you're told to man the gun on the back of a vehicle and take out anyone following you. Bully has a great version of this. And lightgun games. Not much of that going around these days, though.
  3. I set my Gamecube up at work for lunchtime playing. All the usual suspects, plus wierdigan shit like Doshin and Chibi Robo. Good times were had by all, until we got burgled over the weekend. I managed to get a 250 quid cheque, by way of insurance, but it didn't cover the exorbitant fee I paid for a pre release Billy Hatcher, among other retail acrobatics. I spunked the cheque on an 80gb iPod Classic. Which would crash if I put more than 10gb of music on it. You've just gotta learn to roll with the punches, I guess.
  4. PlayStation version is VR, too. I'm gonna investigate this.
  5. Just seen it. Perez is a different Montoya to the one I built up in my head. I think Monique Gabriela Curnen had the best Montoya vibe about her in Lie to Me. But, yeah. Gotham Central is ace. Read it about five times.
  6. The Xbox is good for this sort of thing. When I got my Xbox one S, I got a bit of shit eye off the missus. We were about to have a kid, so money was being watched. I placated her by downloading something I knew she wanted to watch, but in a format that I knew the PS4 wouldn't play. 'Oh, no. It doesn't work. Sorry, my dear. Hang on. I have an idea. Maybe the Xbox will play it...'
  7. My OG PS4 was so loud that it woke my wife up on the floor above. Got it in bits so I could compressed air the shit out of it, but I stripped a couple of screws like a beef-fingered div so I can only get it so far open. At this point, I figured 'fuck it', and just held it up like a huge harmonica and started blowing into it for all I was worth. All sorts of dust and fluffy crap just started flying out all over the place, and made a proper mess. It worked! Barely makes a sound now. I've got a couple years of PS4 exclusives to catch up on, as I'd been steering clear of the machine.
  8. Brilliant, ta man. I've plumped for FL4K, as I love having a meatshield minion. Been playing for a little while now, and the skill tree seems really complicated still. Quite involved. Also, my LB used to turn my little gremlin sidekick guy into a raging hulk, but now it sends out a Rakk or two. Can't quite seem to get my head around it.
  9. Will likely be starting this in the new year, doing co-op with a mate. Are there any two classes that compliment each other particularly well, or is it much of a muchness?
  10. This Fall of Cybertron trailer kicks all sorts of ass. I still watch it occasionally even now, years after the fact. The game itself wasn't anything groundbreaking, but was loads of fun. Especially
  11. Big_H

    Avoiding Spoilers

    It's not just overenthusiastic writers in game media. Movie trailers have gotten a bit too informative lately, as well. Half of them just condense the entire plot into a 90sec spoiler reel. I've become a bit militant with spoilers in my old age, though. Even a review score feels like knowing too much. Like it's tainting my opinion before I've had the pleasure.
  12. Big_H

    Nintendo Switch

    Jolly decent of you, man. Good work.
  13. Big_H

    Gamer or lamer?

    I did say max. I'm talking those hungover, missus-is-out-for-the-afternoon, 'I'm gonna treat myself, here' sessions. An erstwhile colleague of mine was keen on saying that while sex is great and everything, it's not as good as the real thing.
  14. Big_H

    Gamer or lamer?

    This doesn't work, as a parallel. I can quite happily play a game for several hours. Porn loses most of its appeal once fluids get spilt, half hour at max.
  15. I like to play Bully up to the Halloween bit, but the love for Costume Quest 2 here is making me wanna have a pop at that this year. Though, there's a toddler kicking about in the house now, which has kinda made me a Switch guy exclusively. Luigi's Mansion 3 might have the honours this year.
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