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  1. englishbob


    I don't believe he committed suicide, merely he didn't take seriously enough the drugs/medication combo he was using to manage his ills.
  2. Analogue Productions have made a video to try and sell you a copy of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue for £200
  3. blessed are the innovators - where art thou?
  4. Yeah, although my Dad had it on 8-track initially, so you only saw the front of it. I've seen the cover so many times using different colour tints its hard to know what it was initially. Yours seems to be about the closest to what it should be I reckon.
  5. If anyone wants to buy another copy in physical form - mines in the Trading section
  6. As a kid, for years I thought this was an upside down nose. Its taken a lot of mental reprogramming to see it for what it actually is, and for that its my favourite album sleeve - Animals is a close 2nd
  7. Kylie Minogue has better overall musical output than Madonna
  8. The Mars Volta aren't actually as-good, or as relevant, as they think they are in their own heads.
  9. I had very little experience of The Doors until I saw the Oliver Stone film which bought into the whole Morrison thought he was special ethos, and it was fucking awful and hilariously bad. I'd heard through others my worst enemy in the world (from school) loves The Doors, therefore that proves that wankers listen to The Doors. (Although its hard to think of Apocalypse Now without The End)
  10. If Sony don't bother to supply Amazon UK with stock for release - of course your release sales are going to look shit
  11. I was reading Twitter earlier and people where boasting (but not detailing obviously, that would be too useful) that they where buying a £70 game (Returnal) for between £54 and £56 on digital download. Buggered if I can find a place that sells UK Top ups for that low
  12. Definitely a game I want to try and play. Due to various crashes / entering into areas that don't unlock properly due to bugs - I'm not keen on the £70 entry fee at the moment to find these issues.
  13. Thanks - I'm guessing then at some point this is going to start opening up speed runners getting from the first biome to the last in a matter of 30 minutes or so eventually?
  14. Reading through the thread its clear that the game has it's own language and set-up of different elements that might constitute what a level is or a save/resume point, so my questions might use the wrong terms... (I'm assuming a level is a biome, and at the end of every biome is a boss) If you defeat the boss at the end of a biome and get to the next biome but then die, I'm assuming you are back to the start of the first biome again? Does the boss at the end of each biome regenerate even if you have previously defeated it? Are there literally no
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