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  1. Monster Hunter: World

    So, should I just stop hunting bigger monsters during expeditions? They keep “leaving the location”. Bullshit.
  2. Monster Hunter: World

    First time monster hunter here. I’ve tested a few weapons now and landed on the hammer as my favorite. It suits my flailing, panicky play style perfectly. I’m eating Barroths for breakfast now. Next up is Anjanath. BTW, what’s up with monsters suddenly leaving and disappearing mid-fight? I was beating up a Jyuradotus when he just vanished a few metres from me. Extremely frustrating.
  3. Bright - Will Smith Hunts Orcs & Elves

    I managed 20 minutes before I had to turn it off. Wretched bullshit. "Max Landis The Movie" Ugh.
  4. Stephen King's The Mist - now to be a TV show.

    Yep, season 1 is out today, and man it's shit. Completely squanders the cool premise of the book.
  5. You can recall your ship now from the quick menu from pretty much anywhere.
  6. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Once he gets his license it'll be okay.
  7. I know the history. I wasn't expecting "The Guns of Navarone".
  8. That is extremely patronising. Apart from the staggered timelines, it's an extremely "thin" movie. It has no great truths or revelations to impart on the viewer. It has nothing to teach you about the actual events or war in general. If you're going to use the Dunkirk evacuation as a backdrop for other stories make sure it's a bit more interesting than :
  9. Agenda? I see the "Cult of Nolan" is strong in you. I'm stating some of the reasons I didn't like the film I saw. I haven't even mentioned the contrived plot and juvenile dialogue yet.
  10. Nolan is so amazing he makes Spielberg make "missteps" in retrospect? I see.
  11. Ha, Nolan wishes he could do anything as well as Spielberg. But I had no preconceptions about this film at all other than it would tell at least a bit of the story of the evacuation at Dunkirk and maybe be edited in a competent manner. I'm sure it'll rake in the Oscars though, so don't worry.
  12. A war fought with six planes and one destroyer apparently.
  13. Why not clarify what was going on? Why not show what was going on outside the boat?
  14. It was never established in the movie that the Germans were in firing distance of the beach. Nolan's "great" idea to not show the German soldiers brings nothing to the film.
  15. Got back from this an hour ago and thought it was very poor despite all the praise it received. A string of claustrophobic, nonsensical scenes strung together in a needlessly complicated manner. The whole scene in the stranded boat was just laughable. Who is shooting at the boat, and how thick do you have to be to think you can keep it afloat across the channel by plugging it with your hands. I think it fails both as an historic recreation and as entertainment.

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