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  1. Nice, I think I might start out in quality mode, the first game is perfectly playable in 30 fps. Once you get used to 60, it's really difficult to go back.
  2. I reinstalled it today too just to hype myself up for 4/2, and it plays even better than I remembered. I was going to wait for the PS5-upgrade but I doubt it'll be out at all due to the delayed sequel.
  3. What a great surprise this was. Cena is totally fearless and I will never skip the opening titles.
  4. Grumpy bastards. I loved the kids from Cyberpunk. Plus
  5. We had a huge explosion last night in the radioactive caverns. I was watching from high above while the rest of the team were fighting a big bug amongst radioactive crystals. A satchel-charge must have reacted with the crystals or something, a massive area just erupted in flames wiping out my team and all the bugs. The remaining crater was really something to behold, needless to say, I had the last laugh.
  6. Screw It We're Just Gonna Talk About The Beatles. I highly recommend this podcast where they go through every release from the beginning. Very entertaining.
  7. Fuck me, Deep Rock Galactic is like crack. I just can't put it down.
  8. Thanks for the recommendation. I binged both seasons this weekend and I bloody loved it. It's weirdly transgressive for what is on the surface a standard network procedural with supernatural overtones. I'm all in on season 3 later this year.
  9. That was fucking great. The tv-shows keep nailing what I want in my Star Wars.
  10. I hated what I watched of Don't Look Up. We quit halfway through to skip to the end to make sure
  11. It has of course been said a million times but Ringo is the band's secret weapon. He seems to be sleepwalking and just hanging throughout the rehearsal process but really shines in front of an audience. Every band should be lucky enough to have a Ringo. I'm playing with a dishcloth on my snare from now on.
  12. I'd call myself a "peripheral" Beatles fan, and have never delved deep in their discography but this was fantastic. Fucking hell, they were a tight live-band.
  13. Yeah, I'll never get back the 30 minutes I suffered through the "tutorial" of Godfall. Utter shite, and probably one of the ugliest games I've ever played. There's no way to upgrade the PS+ version of Mortal Shell, because...reasons. This, coupled with the absolute desolate wasteland of new games on the PS5 this holiday has really made me look for a Series X.
  14. A demo of Godfall and the 30fps PS4 version of Mortal Shell? Fuck off Sony.
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