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  1. Finally had a decent go with sigma last night Damn that's a lot of moving parts to keep an eye on. Really effective though, really high damage, and the ability to move the shield so quickly really screws up the opposition. If I could only get a handle on using his ult though...
  2. It's really reflecting your effort. Nice one.
  3. And I've resubbed because it's addictive as hell and I need help.
  4. Looking awesome mate. How long have you spent on this one model so far?
  5. None from me, but if you're on twitter I'd recommend shooting that question to James at Needy Cat Games. He's a top bloke and full of useful info on stuff like this.
  6. One of he worst parts of being an artistic creative is being in the middle of an emotionally torturous situation and guiltily finding yourself thinking, "I can use this."
  7. The more I play he the more I appreciate the calls to nerf her. And this is me playing as her. So many games now can come down who has the best Sym or who can keep her alive the longest.
  8. I tried some stripped down Deadzone with my 6 year old, using star wars minis. The rules were already simpl were made even mroe so, and to be honest we ended up just moving them around the board going 'pew pew pew!'. Which was fun, but not gaming. Now, though, my eight and ten year olds love Lord of the Rings.
  9. Well, had the chance to have a proper go last night, and it was exactly like it was 13 years ago. Exactly. Like. I started after putting the kids to bed at eight, and only looked up when my youngest woke up crying and needing milk. It was 2 am. I was having fun, but dangerously so, and I have kids and a seriously growd up job and everything. I'm unsubbing for my own sake. It's true. You can't go back.
  10. Watching The Dark Crystal is making me want to paint Arcworld....
  11. I can definetly see her potential. She has no resource that could run out like Moira, or have to reload like Ana, so long as she's close enough to hit people, and that healing effect and her ult has been upped. Plus her repair pack goes through enemy shields. But yeah, she'll need more than the usual PUG level coordination to get the most out of her. We'll see how the OWL goes next season.
  12. Yeah I'm just salty because she's been my favourite character for ever. Right now she's a beast. But she still needs supporting, but if that support's there she goes through shields and high health targets like butter. I was also listening to n interview with a few pro players last night, and they all reckoned Brig is going to be a mainstay healer in the coming season. Apparently her healing potenital is insane, and her health pack healing no syncs really well with a few characters. Doomfist was given as a prime example - jumping into the enemy team, getting brig's ranged sheild x3 at intervals with his own shield from hurting people, he can build up enough to get his ult and escape, rinse and repeat. This pleases me. I love playing Brig.
  13. I'm a 40 year old casual and love it. There are around 30 characters with vastly difference play styles, so choosing one which will contribute to the team that you enjoy is easy.
  14. Playing on a private server, they clearly upped the ag drop chance. I'm up to lvl 8 and still on my one bag. Goddammit, stop giving me quest items!
  15. Jumped on US PVP server last night for a try out. Best part of playing on US server from Australia: no wait times. got straight in. It. Is. Glorious. The chat was basically one long string of "This is so awesome! I got a bag!"
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