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  1. Mikes

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Jesus Christ, cocky. You are not human.
  2. Are the servers shared between PC, Xbox and PS4?
  3. Had my first couple fo games last night. Died both times without finding a gun. Yep, definitely a BR game.
  4. cool, sounds fun. Looks like I know what I'm downloading tonight.
  5. A mate ust pinged me to get this. What's the deal, do you choose characters with different abilities like Overwatch then go play battle royale?
  6. Mikes

    Overwatch - Bob!!!

    I agree. At lower levels it was easy to get value out of him, but when you got into six stack comp matches McRea just did everything so much better. IIRC th e health buff went up 20%. I think half that would have been fair, and still make him scary without making him nigh on unstoppable.
  7. Mikes

    Overwatch - Bob!!!

    Yeah, I struggle with it. Honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong. Anywho, yeah the new Paris 2CP map looks interesting. A lot like Hanamura in the layout. Should be fun. Also, there's another change to armour on the PTR, this time how additional armour like Briggeta's Rally or Lucio's Drop the Beat stacks on existing armour. Apparently right now additoinal armour is stacked on top of existing armour, which makes it a bit harder to break through to health. I heard someone explaining it , but it went over my head. The changes reverse that, putting the stacked armour below. It's supposed to make it easier to break through. Also, I'm surprised reaper's healing buff hasn't been toned down. Even mediocre reapers are killing machines right now.
  8. Mikes

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    OK, so had my first game of Saga last night. It was definately a learning game but was still a lot of fun. My opponant had played Saga 1st ed, which we thought may have been a help, but lead to a few "I'm going to do this," follow by me saying, "I don't think you can" then us searching through the rule book, which it turns out is not very well laid out. But even so, we got a handle of the rules and I'm keen to give it another go. We played a four point game, with me taking vikings and my opponant Anglo Danes. My force was made up of two units of eight warriors, four hearthguard, four berserkers and a warlord, versus one unit of 12 levies with throwing spears, two units of 8 warriors, four hearthguard, and a warlord. The game objective was to kill the opposing warlord and quickly urned into a melee around a small portion of the board where he took first turn and set up a defensive position behind a wall with one unit of warriors, hearthguard and his warlord. I sent my warriors in to clean out his - a gambit which, depiste me laoding the dice in my favour did not work. It turns out the Closing Ranks order is pretty damn effective, especially when you're behind a wall. But then in the following turn he got cocky and sent his warlord over the wall to finish my warriors off. That's when I learnt how to use the warlord and battle board to get the most of a unit by avoiding or removing fatigue to run my berserkers up to batter his warlord. What followed was quite a few lucky rolls on my opponent's part. in three rounds of melee I threw 44 attack dice. In the end I had one berserker left but his warlord was still standing - albeit with three fatigue and him having to have sacrificed three of his heearthguard. there was some back and forth after that, him finishing off my lone berseker, until it came down to his warlord facing mine, and in true heroic fashion they drew swords, charged.... and managed to kill each other. It felt a little anticlimtactic, but also fitting and more than a little hilarious. Anyway, lots of fun.
  9. Mikes

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Soooo...... anyone know of any decent tabletop scenery KSs at the moment?
  10. Mikes

    Overwatch - Bob!!!

    Did Winston get a buff or something? Suddenly I'm seeing one in everygame they're killing it.
  11. Mikes

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Yay, Cocky video guides!
  12. Mikes

    Your creative process of writing.

    In September I changed jobs. I needed to, because I was becoming more and more depressed in my previous job for a number of reasons and I needed out. The last straw was sitting through a two hour meeting while senrior managers doscussed exactly how far we could screw prisoners over their access to telephones call without breaking the law. Anywa, as luck would have it the moment I googled 'ethical jobs' one popped up that had been posted that day and now I'm sitting in it, actually making positive difference to the local environment. I have reasons for posting this.... ... because having to change job means I no longer get that nice train journey to write in, and my lunch break has also gone. And while I love my new job it's demanding, and I have three small boys, so by the end of the day when I've finally fed, bathed and gotten them all to bed I'm exhausted and am in no mood for writing. It doesn't help that I'm a morning person, and that's when most of creativity fires up. Anyway, writing stalled after that, until I had a sit down with my wife to talk about it. in the end we agreed she would shoulder a lot of the morning routine in helping getting the kids up and ready (luckily the older two are able to do alot for themselves by this point EVEN IF WE HAVE TO TELL THEM THE FLOOR ISN'T A HAMPER), and also she would field them one evening a week, leaving me time to go to the tate library after work and write for the evening. It's bloody bliss. and I've probably gotten more done in the past two weeks than the previous two months. More over, we also talked about the possibility of me going down to three days a week at work. I'm still in the process of automating some of what I do in this new role, and she's in line for a promotion soon that would pick up the slack of my last time, but this would allow me two days to write, and also to be around the kids more, which is of course ore important. ANyway, just chiming in with the struggles of finding creative personal time while still adulting.
  13. Mikes

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    This thread is making me sad. My saga vikings are shite by necessity due to life being insane at the moment, and peoples' work here just makes me want to sink hours on a single mini
  14. Mikes

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Any paint is indeed better than no paint. And I think I'm taking a lesson from the bane crew I painted for Batman. Took me ages, then I played three games and realised it wasn't for me. I probably spent more time painting the minis than I did playing the game.
  15. Mikes

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Looking good mate. I'm not posting my own progress shots. I'm burning through these Saga vikings like it's 1999.... IE, I'm young and have no patience. They're going to look awful up close, but I know I'm only to play them in my semi-lit club, so they should pass the three foot test.

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