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  1. It's a dumb idea, certainly, and one that stifles creativity. Welcome to each match being the exact same as the last. Although some interesting news about role lock - there will be an ETA timer for each role, so you can see how long you're likely to wait for a match, and also seperate SR for each role. Additionally, there will be some kind fo reward for playing in roles curently in demand. No statement what they could be at the moment. But anyway, I hope this goes the way of the role queue.
  2. Some big changes coming in the next patch. Global ult charge has been slowed by 12%. Slowing effects no longer stack (IE, a Reinhardt with his shield up don't be simulatniously slowed by a Sym turret), and the biggest speed reduction will be applied. Ashe's reload time per bullt reduced from .3 to .21 seconds. Brigetta Inspire healing has been increased from 100 ps to 120, but her self healing has been halved, her shield barrier health has been dropped from 500 to 200. She now has three charges of repair pack, but they're no longer immeidtaie and have to build up like Ana's healing dart. Her whip shot retrun speed has been halved, and her shield bash stun time has been reduced. In short, with 2-2-2- role lock we'll never see her again. Hanzo's Storm arrows have been reduced from six to five. Moira can now use her Fade while sunned. Orisa's barrier cool down incresaed from 8 to 9 seconds. Reinhardt now resists ncbacks by 30%. Sombra hack time reduced from 6 to five seconds. Sym's teleporter now stays up until destroyed and it's istance has been increased from 25 to 30 metres, but it's re-use time has increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds. Tracer's Pulse Bomb damage has been returned from 300 to 350. Wrecking Ball's ult bobs spread out further, and and their activation time has been reduced from .25 to .1 seconds. And that's it. Personally, I like the ult build up increase., but I think they just illed brigetta. With 2-2-2 incoming there was going to be little reason to take her anyway, and what reason there was has just been nerfed. I like the intention of Orisa's sheild cooldwn, but again with role lock just having two DPS is not going to knock that sheild down anyway, so I don't think it goes far enough. I wouldn't eb surprised if we see the sheild's health reduced soon. Similarly I like the Moira Fade and Sym turret changes. Both moves increase their functionality in game. The Hammond change is just bullshit.
  3. I had another game of Malifaux last night. Really good game, lots of fun. It ended up being 4-5vps to my opponent, so really close. What it came down to in the end was me being caught out by a change to the Pale Rider. For those who don't know, each faction has access to a 'Rider' which is basically a horseman of the apocalypse type model. Really expensive points wise, with a strange mechanic which means it's pretty weak early on, but gains tokens on each turn until it's a monster on the final to turns. At least, that's how it was in in the last edition. There was a change which meant the monstrous stuff it could do, it could on turn 3. And with a 7" move it managed to charge right into the middle of my models and do an explode, which set everything on fire, caused irreducible damage and removed one action from each hit model, which included my master, henchman and two big beaters. I was playing off the idea it couldn't do that until turn five, so that in simple terms, ****** me over five ways till Saturday. Afterwards my opponent and I agreed that was way over the top, and I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't errata'd back to how it used to be. But even with that It came down to me taking a work phone call midway through the game that gave me a nasty surprise, so my attention wasn't on the game and I missed an opportunity that I'd alreayd set up that would have swung it back to me. But hey, we weren't playing for money. At the end of the last turn my opponent only had two models left on the board. This is becoming common in the Sonnia lists I'm taking. I've got the murdering down, so now I just have to sort out the points scoring.
  4. Welp, I just put in an application for a writing support program. If accepted, I get support for a year from a mentor in finishing off the novel I'm working, and also enough money for me to buy enough leave from work to have one day off a week just to dedicate to writing. Wish me luck.
  5. I could do this one and remove the pirate...
  6. Oh god, not nearly that many. Like, three or five of a specific type. They look cool, but don't fit what I'm after. I found these, which could work, but I kinda need one more at least. Although the one on the right is a goblin, they're also undead, so a pint job could cover a lot of that up. There are these, but they're not undead nor piratey.... I need them for a stand in for a Malifaux crew to fit in with an undead pirate sheme. The actual models are like little, speedy kids, hence me looking for monkeys. I ould use these, but they're not very small, and also I need at most three.
  7. Also, I'm looking for models for a little project. Does anyone know of any 25/30mm pirate or undead monkey models?
  8. I went all the way through this thread recently, and it was a genuine joy to see everyone's skill increase throughout the years.
  9. calling time on this Malifaux Nellie crew. Could spend more time on it, as always, but I have a queue.
  10. Did some one here get the Rum and Crossbones models from KS? Any opinions on how good they are?
  11. Every year ta gencon Wyrd release a special edition of a crew. Something fun and different, like last year they released hamlin - who as you might guess used lots of rats, as a crzy cat lady box. It was pretty cool: Anyhoo, they just announced that this year they;re re-rendering the Molly crew - who is an undead style crew, thusly: This is objectievly awesome, but i have a problem with this. The thing is, nothing else in te faction looks like these models. So, you can buy this crew box and use it, but all other models from the keyword will look ridiculously out of place. It's a massive shame.
  12. This is, if you want to play it getting the board sections, tokens and minis yourself is not hard.
  13. Jumped in on the Undercover Reporter proxy last night. Aneasy model so I made a fair amount of progress.
  14. looks awesome man. It makes me want to pick up a copy to play with my kids. But honestly being a kids is stressful enough without Space Hulk Anyhoo, this happened: Aw yiss.
  15. They're hard plastic. I think HPS is the term, but don't quote me. It's weird it's like the spirit (pure stuff, btw) actually effected the whole plastic's integrity. The its I tried to save sometimes just crumbled under the scapel as I was trying to cut it from the base. On one hand I'm glad it was the cheap ebay find, on the other - damn, cheap ebay finds don't come along regularly
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