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    Playing games both new and old, making music particularly DnB, recording the Ban Hammer Podcast gaming show with Levi. The hardcore nature of being in the army, Pizza's always nice too.

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  1. Eternal Sonata. This is one of those I’d been after playing for a long time as I used to come across it from time to time years ago. Initially it looked wonderful and i thought it was going to good as I clicked with it early on. Eventually I grew absolutely bored shitless with the slow storyline and the ending and final bit was crap. The dungeons got hugely boring and on the PS3 they changed the difficulty compared to the Xbox 360 OG release so that bosses were tougher. Ended up causing me to have to grind for hours every time I got to a boss. The selection of enemies was very limiting too for each area. It was also very very linear. The antagonist was fucking child that I hated.
  2. Ok let’s look at some significant entries. The entirety of Metal Gear Solid series. I’ve played the demo of the first game when it came out and loved the look of it. But just never played it. It’s one of those that I won’t play at all unless I play it in order of release. There’s always something else though in my way and I think oh I’ll go back to it one day. I also did did a similar thing with Resident Evil and never played any from 4 and beyond. I’ve finally played Remake not long back and currently just started Zero (also picker in Retro Game Club right now). I’d also add Silent Hill 3 and beyond as I only played 1 & 2. Even 2 was in this situation for so long as I’d played it finally about 7 years ago for the first time, way way after launch. Again that was one of always wanted to check out. Dark Souls. I’ve played Demon’s and finished it and even own Dark Souls, but the fear is holding me back. I keep thinking I need to be ready, and then don’t bother and play something else instead. This extends to bloodbourne which I won’t play until I’ve done Dark Soul’s. These are just a tiny fraction of never got round to games but all of which are really in my want to play list.
  3. That’s exactly where I got to but decided to sacrifice myself taking me back a fair amount of time because I used way too much ammo before realising it wasn’t striking the scorpion in a vulnerable spot. It didn’t come across as a bit random. Was expecting something more bizarre looking to attack me than a regular looking scorpion that’s larger.
  4. I started this the other day but haven’t had chance yet to properly go back as I’ve been super busy. Hopefully tomorrow when I’m back from this army weekend I’m currently on.
  5. Yeah it’s because I love Super Contra and recently got into ESWAT that I wanted to get it. Haven’t looked fully into it properly as not to spoil things but someone mentioned it in recently completed thread a bit since and screen shots of it looked really good.
  6. Hah I’ve just spent about £37 on this to get it from limited run. Hope I get on with it.
  7. Been listening to the FFVII episode too.
  8. Been age since I listened to an episode. Was drawn to the title because I too thought it was unexpectedly on its last episode, thinking oh no! Anyway good show. Good luck on the gaming challenge.
  9. Dark Ciders Explore the darker side of this refreshing alcoholic beverage made from evil apples tainted by the demons of the underworld and grown on twisted apple trees. Go on the ultimate quest to find the apple which did it all and condemned humanity, the one in the garden of Eden and brew it into a dark cider. Whatever you do though, watch out for that crafty snake.
  10. If I’m not too tired after work tonight I’ll make a start on it. Was playing The Evil Within 2 and just finished that last night so I’m ready to focus on this now.
  11. Nice write up. You wrote “bunches” instead of punches on one bit about the attack types. Never tried this one out in the end as I was away anyway for half of the month but got sucked into ESWAT.
  12. Yeah fair enough, def no point in spending money on it if you know you’re not going to benefit at all.
  13. You can change the control system on the remasters though can't you? I know you can with REmake as I ended up doing that after so long of becoming frustrated with the tank controls. It make it so much easier to play. @Nathan Wind
  14. I’ve just ordered the Origins collection on eBay for the PS4 new for £11.99.
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