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  1. The final technique is really good for bosses as when they flip out of pressure you can follow them and attack them in the air. All the the bosses I've fought have flipped out at some point...And this goes right back to the likes of Chapter 4/5.
  2. Anyone of Chapter 7 yet? I got to who I am assuming is the boss of the chapter and he is kicking my ass! Story spoilers For veterans of these games is it possible to beat boss characters without chugging life ups? I've done each boss so far without it and would like to try and continue unless it's really not possible. I much prefer to learn moves and counter but I wonder if this will only get me so far.
  3. One thing I found this morning, but it depends if you’ve spent spheres already... In the green abilities section, the locked skills (ones with locks on) are tied to learning from Toki. If you upgrade the line to the locked skill then visit Toki he will teach you a new technique. There’s 5 techniques to unlock along this line. I had enough spheres to unlock all the techniques, which gives you some good moves.
  4. I didn’t have any problems with this guy TBH. What difficulty are you playing on? Most important point is that you HAVE to block his attacks, don’t try and dodge them. The one attack you dodge is when he jumps off the wall and it slows down. Outside of this just block and when he finishes his string, start your own attack. Don’t get too spammy just in case he blocks or dodges after but most of the time you’ll get a combo on him.
  5. Goemon

    The Retro Import Enthusiasts Thread

    I still buy nearly all my retro stuff as imports. Until the days of the 360/PS3 games were still released earlier in other regions and still potentially still in 50hz so importing was a must IMO. I’m a JPN player for life yo. Can’t get it out of my system. The early consoles were like completely different machines for what was available. Heres some recent purchases
  6. Goemon

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    I thought it was arcade mode only...? Definitely has online play? It may be a bit awkward as I guess you have to play Yakuza with a stick to play VF with a stick? cant believe they bothered to port the game as a mini game within Yakuza and never bothered with a full release.
  7. Goemon

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    This video popped up in my recommended and it reminded me how much I love this game. I used to watch a tonne of Homestay A videos back in the days on VF4Evo, great to see he's still flying like 16 years later. Such a smart game. People say it has a steep learning curve but that level of understanding is no more than other fighting games. In fact I would say SFIV brought high level understanding to the masses, so it's easily plausible to learn. Wish this was on PS4, I would get it again in an instant.
  8. From what I’ve played the Switch version is spot on. I’ve finished this now, really enjoyed it. The Wily area is actually quite short with only 2 levels, the boss re-fights and Wily himself. Still plenty to do for completionists though. Challenge mode and achievements/trophies will keep you going for a while. Toughest looking achievement seems to be finishing the game under an hour. Only 0.4% of people have done this. Started a Superhero difficulty play through and a Newcomer play through to mop up some of the general achievements. Super hero difficulty differences seem to be Take more damage less/no pick ups harder bosses
  9. Goemon

    Devil May Cry 5

    The animation work in this game is absolutely astounding.
  10. Goemon

    Master System Appreciation Thread

    My favourite type of retro game. I love finding enjoyment from something average.
  11. Goemon

    Master System Appreciation Thread

    Okay, so it’s started...
  12. Likelihood is that they didn't want to waste money marketing a game that has it's fans but is unlikely to attract randoms. You've been able to slide since MM3, which low profiles you under things.
  13. It can make some bits easier for sure but I don't think it breaks the game. TBH I think it's going to make things more diverse with the way you tackle areas. I did a section on Wily 1 where I slowed things down to dodge some enemies, and it worked! However as I'd slowed things down a bullet from another enemy lingered onscreen and actually hit me after I'd come out of slow and started climbing a nearby ladder Can't wait to see what speed runners start coming up with.
  14. I think you're in for a tough ride if you try that. I think everything is possible without it but I really think they've designed things around you being able to use it. I did this at the start, but mainly because I'm too ingrained with NOT having it. Some sections are brutal without it though
  15. I don’t really like 7 and 8 if I’m honest, so well done for going through them. I personally feel this is far more in line with the original NES versions. The boss fights are amazing too! I didn’t play the demo either as I knew I was going to buy it. I will say that it seems crazy hard when you start off, but once you’re in the rhythm, nailing sections of a level is soooooo satisfying. Also, weapon selection is on the right stick with each direction corresponding to a different weapon. Clicking it returns you to Mega buster It’s genius!

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