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  1. Goemon

    NIOH 2

    Oh wow! If there’s a push for multiplayer stress testing, there could be a lot going on with that side of the game. Exciting stuff! I guess there’s no indication on how to get a code?
  2. Goemon

    Currently playing...

    Just finished Simon’s Quest on the Castlevania Collection. Really enjoyed it. I know it’s considered the black sheep for being different and having crazy random clues to puzzles, in fact I remember playing it back in the day and getting nowhere, but having a few key bits of knowledge and setting out allowed me to get through relatively easily. All I really knew was what the blue and red crystals do, that there’s fake walls everywhere and that you use wooden stakes on the body parts in the castles. I think I got lucky at a couple of points but overall it’s really not that convoluted and actually a really enjoyable playthrough. Glad I played it. Edit: oh and the music is great too!
  3. Goemon

    Konami 50th Anniversary Collection

    They already released it in the CV Requiem double pack. They’re not going to put it in this set otherwise it’s a huge reason to not buy Requiem and probably cause a load of complaints.
  4. Goemon

    Devil May Cry 5

    That’s the beauty of this game, you can go as high as you want to take it/capable of. I won’t reach the heights of the top guys but I still love just practicing stuff and being stylish. It sounds obvious but it really is a single player fighting game. Playing through this game once is like buying Street Fighter, playing through arcade and then you’re done. That’s not what the game is about, finishing this game means nothing and is barely the beginning. It’s about understanding what’s possible and then trying to do it. When you think like this there’s literally 100s of hours to be had. I’m still messing around with Dante at the minute. I’ve started looking at how to tackle certain fights using certain styles. I found out Trickster wrecks Urizen in the 3rd meet up (Mission 17). You can use the technique the guy explains in the Trickster video a couple of pages back to indefinitely sit on him. In the first part of the fight and he can’t touch you as his melee attacks hit too low. 2nd part needs more learning as he starts using projectiles. Basically the progression is Teleport to his head, air melee, enemy step, trickster air dash away, teleport to his head, repeat. Just wrecked the SOS difficulty mission, mainly using this technique for an instant S rank.
  5. Goemon

    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

    For SF2 in my local arcade you would play the first round, gift the second, third (if you knew the person) you would play to near death and then stop, tie the health and time over. Play the final round. I always wondered if they took out the final round in SF3 because people did this.
  6. Goemon

    Devil May Cry 5

    Okay, so after messing around with Royal Revenge on a Fury, I’ve totally got their number. They have a tell on how they will attack, which TBH I expected, but should have spotted a lot sooner. So I parry the first attack for the meter and Royal Revenge the next. This knocks him down at which point you can stick a charged double Kalina Anne shot right up his ass. Repeat this a 2nd time and the guy is toast. Super satisfying to destroy an enemy that at the beginning seemed like a real nightmare. Fighting a few of them is a different story though. Still need to figure out a few things for that. Finding Dante super satisfying now. Still no good with him but my mind is slowly catching up with what is possible. And when you start to go to town, you can REALLY go to town.
  7. Goemon

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    Linkle Liver Story? I’m dying to have a play of the English version of this.
  8. Goemon

    Devil May Cry 5

    Royal Revenge is explained in the Royal Guard video a couple of pages back. Basically if you press back/away and the style button in Royal Guard he will do his twirl, which will deflect the opponents attack and knock them back and out of any potential combo. Never tried it on Fury actually, that’s not a bad idea! It takes RG meter to use though (1 block) otherwise it will just fail. I was actually using it in the DMD Vergil fight as it knocks him out of his combos (but not when he’s in devil trigger)
  9. Goemon

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    What mods got done?
  10. Goemon

    Devil May Cry 5

    I’d debate that DS is all about the combat. DMC definitely IS all about the combat so allowing people to easily bypass 90% it isn’t good. The characters are so versatile it would be easy for them to avoid stuff in an open world Sekiro is more combat based with a versatile character and that has more gating. It’s enemy damage is also brutal to deliberately slow you down. You can literally cover areas in 10s, which would take ages if you had the versatility of a DS character. Great tutorial on the trickiest style, shows you a couple of loops which can help with styling.
  11. Just noticed this on Netflix. Not sure if it’s been mentioned elsewhere but thought I would post here as it’s games are definitely retro
  12. Goemon

    Devil May Cry 5

    Finished DMD difficulty, Heaven and Hell and Hell and Hell unlocked at the same time. Hell and Hell is SOS difficulty/enemy layout, you can take 3 hits and there’s NO CONTINUES! That is going to be tough. When I think about something like Mission 16, which has a Fury and other enemies in the same arena as well as taking on King Cerberus and only being allowed 3 hits, it makes me cringe with fear! No wonder only 0.3% have done it according to the trophy. Started a Bloody Palace run too. Glad to see they’ve put a suspend points in, would probably take an hour to do the whole lot.
  13. Goemon

    Devil May Cry 5

    Yea, Monster Hunter went through the roof sales wise and I think they’re similar on numerous levels. I’m sure it could work! Just read a tweet saying there was no more content for DMCV when specifically asking about Vergil as a DLC character. So he won’t be coming that way.
  14. Goemon

    Devil May Cry 5

    I don’t think you can do a fully open world for this type of game. I remember when I saw DMC for the first time I thought I was going to be exploring the castle Resi style and was put off by the mission structure. It needs to be some kind of “mission” though. You can’t play this type of game where you can just leave the fight when you want and go do something else. The focus is the fight. This is why I think the MH idea works. You drop into the “demon world” with an objective to take down demon X and you can go around the fixed environment hunting him and his cronies.
  15. Goemon

    Devil May Cry 5

    Oh wow, gutter. I guess that means (as kinda expected) it hasn’t done as well as they’d hoped. Pretty much all games do DLC these days Will there be a DMCVSE, not sure...They said development had stopped on the game, which indicates work on a Vergil playable character was either already finished or not gonna happen. Tis a massive shame. The game is really stunning, I still can’t get over how amazing some things are. I think if they ever make a DMC6 they’ve got to change the model. 20 single player missions is not what does this game justice. It needs to be open ended like Monster Hunter with a less obvious end point. Give people this fighting ability in an open ended world of demon hunting and the sky’s the limit for how much time people could put in. You don’t play DMC for the story, or to see the ending. There’s a wealth of learning to be had, which I imagine most people don’t do.

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