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  1. Absolutely no contact there whatsoever Am I in the Man U thread
  2. Ive seen the footage on this and it really doesnt make any sense it wasn't reviewed. VAR just needs to go down as a good idea badly implemented and either reviewed how it's used or left to gather dust in the corner.
  3. I just find him so uninterested and dull. Maybe I wouldn't if I hadn't watched so much football recently! Amazon definitely got the commentators right for me.
  4. How does Martin Tyler still have the commentators job with Sky?! I'm used to watching Sky football down the pub so not sure if he has always been like this but having watched multiple games of Football over the course of lockdown, it's quite apparent he is utterly bored with his job. He rarely sounds like he is at all interested in what he is watching, even when a goal goes in it's usually met with a very muted response. Have Sky gone a bit soft and kept him because he's part of the furniture?
  5. I'm answering your question about the goals. You are one of the biggest manipulative trolls on here and doesn't exempt you.
  6. You beat them, with a penalty you scored. What's so difficult?! As for the penalty, I thought it was Salah for a second the way he went down after 'feeling contact'. In all seriousness though, it's time football looked at what does constitute and doesn't constitute a penalty otherwise in a couple of years it will be a penalty in every game or just no tackling taking place.
  7. I think he means wtf....Lingard playing brilliantly again!
  8. Spork, you seem to have a captive audience here that has given you some sort of air of superiority but I'm sorry to say, just because you ask me a question (which was irrelevant) it doesn't mean I have to answer it like you are my mum asking me where I've been all night. So get down of that high horse of yours.
  9. Again, why? I don't need to confirm anything to you. My posts weren't about whether the Egyptian god dives or not. I don't ask you to confirm how much shit you talk about Liverpool, it's just a known fact.
  10. Why? We are Champions and no amount of shit football or bating from jealous rival supports will let me stop enjoying that fact until the day City lift the Trophy.
  11. I assume you can't read properly, so I'll try again. If Salah had ran over a player and fallen over like Calvert-Lewin did, there would be a heap of people saying he dived IMO. End of. Now pop off and enjoy your side beating the mighty Newcastle with a penalty.
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