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  1. SpagMasterSwift

    Akira live action - Taika Waititi to direct - May 2021

    Since Thor had a heavy Flash Gordon vibe (and he created a sizzle reel based on Flash to get the gig) I expect he’ll be fine considering how much source material he has to work from.
  2. SpagMasterSwift

    Akira live action - Taika Waititi to direct - May 2021

    Taika is going to use ‘Asian teenagers’.
  3. SpagMasterSwift

    Illustration Club

  4. SpagMasterSwift

    Mystery Film

  5. SpagMasterSwift

    Star Trek: Picard

    Sort of answers its own question.
  6. Kinda wish they'd taken it back to its horror roots, this looks like some Fast and Furious type YA bullshit.
  7. I've joined the First Order by mistake.
  8. Was like being told the events by a coked up HBO executive, you’re only sat in his bathroom with him because he has the coke.
  9. Trying to pack all that into 6 episode was a very tall order and while it had its moments it’s safe to say they fucked it. I’d have loved for the scenes at the start of the last episode to have occurred at the end of the previous one (instead of that horse bit). End it with Dani talking to her troops. In fact I thought everything in the finale was excellent right up until Jon made his move. Especially loved the dragon wings behind her, Imp throwing down his badge, dragon coming out of the snow. Everything after that was proper shit, like next level rubbish. They totally fucked it.
  10. I think it comes down to the actress being really bad at her job.
  11. SpagMasterSwift

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    Sunset Beach had such an amazing ending I’m not sure whether I dreamt it.
  12. I liked The rest was very disappoint.

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