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  1. I vote MG Hi-Nu ver Ka, just to spice things up...
  2. For anybody that scrolled past this one let me just say... Melissa George is in this!
  3. Rocket’s face when they do the hyper jumps tho...
  4. Get Wes Anderson to do it then?
  5. This was a brilliant watch, ended up bingeing the last few episodes. Harold Torres is a bad motherfucker!
  6. I'm watching it as a prequel to The Expanse.
  7. I’ve started watching the alternate space race series For All Mankind and really enjoying it so far. I’m only about 5 episodes in but very interested to see where it goes.
  8. I watched this, it’s proper trash and I kept thinking the hotel manager was Slipping Kimmie from Better Call Saul taking the piss.
  9. The first episode didn’t grip me, probably because the characters haven’t yet been established which left the drama somewhat empty. I like the casting tho and the scale is impressive enough that I’ll certainly continue with it.
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