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  1. Garibaldi

    Black Summer

    It’s bizzarely awful considering the show runners. The only character that demonstrates any kind of intelligence or survival instinct is the criminal, everyone else would’ve been dead within a few days. Six weeks into the outbreak and we’re told that petrol is rare, despite there being parked cars everywhere (neatly parked rather than abandoned.) Six weeks into the outbreak and none of the characters are carrying improvised weapons (plus this could’ve been set in the U.K for all the guns that are in it), and are incompetent to the extent that two zombies are considered an impassible threat to five people. 99% of the characters are so annoying and act like they have genuine mental impairments that you’ll be rooting for the zombies. Best of all is the korean woman who stubbornly speaks korean despite nobody understanding her, yet seems to comprehend when something is explained to her in english. Speaking of which, the zombies don’t conform to the rules of Z Nation zombies, with one being smart enough to clamber to the top of a school bus. For the cherry on the cake, each episode scene is announced with a title screen that only serves to irritate and feels oddly pretentious. As to the weird episode lengths, it seems everything was made on a shoestring budget so I think they just ran out of money and had to stitch together whatever material there was.
  2. Garibaldi

    The Division 2

    Tempted to give this a break for a couple of months until things settle down. I know some people love staring at stats, but I’m not one of them - especially when any build I come up with could be useless within a week due to Massive’s perpetual tweaking. It’s good that they’re trying to find the right balance, and responding to player feedback, but the end result is a nightmare for someone who barely grasps these systems in the first place.
  3. Garibaldi

    The Division 2

    Well, seeing as how you can easily respec every speciality, I invested in the pistol just to see if it’s as bad as folk have been saying. Bear in mind I’m only WT1, but the D50 I’ve unlocked is quite nice. Higher damage than a diceros, and has a real ‘hand cannon’ feel to it. So if you’re at my level, it’s good fun. Baffles me that Massive haven’t provided a blueprint so you can rebuild it for higher tiers, though.
  4. Yeah, I've given up on this now. S1 was, at times, a bit ponderous, but had a sense of momentum. S2 is just rambling, aimless, and feels like pretentious wanking off far too often. It's like they only had a script for S1 and are now winging it.
  5. Garibaldi

    The Division 2

    I’ve got a nice blend of talents going as far as grenades are concerned. Have incendiary ones for which I have two talents (in that I can cook them before throwing, so enemies don’t have a chance to flee. Also, a talent that increases the explosion radius by 150% and gives a grenade back if that alone kills an enemy.) Add to that a couple of ‘extra 15% damage to burning enemies’ on weapons and my pyromaniac tendencies are well served.
  6. Honestly I think everyone is freaked the fuck out by Bran, and nobody wants to ask a question for fear of what else he might tell them.
  7. Garibaldi

    The Division 2

    In which WT do you start levelling up control points? As I’ve intercepted supply convoys etc but it seems to have no effect in WT1.
  8. Pointless and anemic reveal. Save it until E3 so you can show us the whole thing; nobody likes a lone CGI trailer this close to release.
  9. Garibaldi

    The Division 2

    I knew it was coming, but didn’t think it would actually act like a minigun as regards damage. I did notice Curtis pause before reviving us, and I’d like to think he sighed.
  10. Garibaldi

    The Tick (2016, Amazon)

    Finished season 2 last night and really enjoyed it, some great lines. One thing bugs me though, and it feels like a pretty big plot hole, concerning Arthur. It was established near the end of season 1 that Arthur’s suit is capable of a lot more than just flying, but he’s fairly clueless as to how to work it. A big part of his arc in S2 is that he feels inadequate next to genuine super powers, but despite having the resources of Aegis at his disposal he doesn’t ask their tech bods to help him work out the suit - or even just a safe area that he can experiment with it in. The one thing that could help empower him and he ignores it entirely. I think the problem the writers ran into is that they can’t empower Arthur. He has to remain the nerdy, brainy counterweight to Tick’s guileless brawn. Even if that means disregarding something that his character never would.
  11. Garibaldi

    The Division 2

    Ahh, I thought you wanted to do the entire mission and was like 'fuck that!'
  12. Garibaldi

    The Division 2

    I recieved a couple of requests from GMass for the same level. Saw their gear score, saw mine, thought ‘hmm’, then saw what they were tackling and decided that shaving with a cheese grater would probably be a less stressful experience.
  13. Garibaldi

    The Division 2

    Quick question regarding specialisations. I heard via Reddit that the signature sidearms you can unlock via perks are not scaling correctly, so something like the D50 is actually worse than one you’d find in the field. Does anyone know if this was addressed in the latest patch?
  14. Garibaldi

    The Division 2

    Not what you describe, but raccoons in the game do make a similar sound to the ‘electronic device’ audio, which has led to some confusion on my part.
  15. Garibaldi

    The Division 2

    @Shimmyhill The uniform you get for completing that side mission is pretty amusing as well.

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