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  1. Had a go at making a brick path in the designer. It's not perfect but pleased with it for a first attempt: Has it been confirmed yet whether you eventually unlock proper paths?
  2. Is this the same as Mario Maker in that it's full of dross and very difficult to get people to actually play your levels?
  3. Dude, it's taken me five nights of trying with bait. We'd be out of lockdown before I found it if I'd done it without.
  4. I was at the very top and down to my last bit of bait which I accidentally threw over the waterfall and it landed in the pool below, then a huge goddamn shadow appeared...
  5. YESSSSSSSSSS Bastard fucking thing.
  6. Bully for you I wouldn't mind so much if you could just buy bait; searching for clams and then turning them into bait is the real pain.
  7. Up where? At the 'spring' at the very top of the map or in a river on one of the elevated tiers?
  8. Each book in the Shardlake series by C J Sansom (Dissolution and so on) is down to 99p. I've seen these a lot but never read them. Recommended?
  9. Who was I just playing tag with? That was great fun. Made me bloody jump a couple of times
  10. Welcome to come over but turnip pig has typically disappeared, or it looks like it anyway. I'm in BST timezone. She was definitely here a moment ago because I spoke to her and she offered me nips again.
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