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  1. Jamie John


    I'm watching this at the moment with the missus and it's great. We're about midway through series 2: The soundtrack is excellent, too. Bronski Beat, Run DMC, Sylvester - great stuff. I wasn't even alive in the 80s but I'm still feeling the nostalgia.
  2. Jamie John

    Best New Music of 2018

    I listened to this album a dozen times through a few weeks ago but only really like a few tracks: Short Court Style (the one you posted), Oh My (the opener) and Lost. The rest of the album I just found a bit bland. It's a shame, as I really enjoyed her debut, and I think the slightly funkier, R&B-style tracks on the new album really work, but overall it's inconsistent, and her voice is a bit too saccharine to pull it off all the way through.
  3. Jamie John

    Cigarettes After Sex

    Couple of new tracks from (presumably) their forthcoming album: I really like both of them, Seasame Syrup especially. The sound is pretty indistinguishable from the first album, but that's no bad thing in my book.
  4. Jamie John

    All things Yakuza!

    I'm still playing Yakuza 0. Not sure how far in I am. I've got to the bit where I'm enjoying it. It's a rare example of a game where the storyline is actually compelling and memorable and not just something that has been arbitrarily added on to fit around the gameplay, like in most other games. That being said, however, the gameplay itself is a bit light. At the moment the fighting system lacks depth and variety, especially when compared with most other brawlers I've played; a typical fight will involve me honing in on one person, bashing square followed by triangle to knock him down and then seeing him off with a heat finishing move before I rinse and repeat on the next guy. This strategy works 99% of the time and I only tend to block or dodge when it's a boss fight. Things might become more nuanced as I unlock more moves, but the rate at which you're able to do this is quite slow. Maybe I should up the difficulty. Out of combat, much of the game is spent just running around and talking to people, which in itself isn't a bad thing as the dialogue is typically strong (and often hilarious), but the game overall feels a lot more like a virtual novel/film/TV show with combat tagged on than a good brawler with a good story. It's a bit imbalanced. Overall I think it's the type of game that is best played alongside another lighter, arcade-y kind of game that has lots of gameplay but minimal narrative. Judging by the thread, lots of people will disagree with me, I'm sure, and say that they find the whole thing entirely immersive, but some evenings I find that this doesn't quite scratch that gaming itch for me. Still, however, I'm intrigued to discover how it all turns out so I'm going keep playing.
  5. I played 2 and half hours of the demo for this today on a coach journey. I chose the hunter woman's story but then met the thief guy. I liked: - The battle system: like in Bravely Default, its mix of risk and reward with the boost and break mechanic is the best thing about the game. - The open-world, start anywhere structure was refreshing. Not being gated off from certain areas especially so. - The slickness of the menus. It sounds trivial, but being able to see what characters are already equipped with whilst in the shopping menu is very useful. - The tilt-shift perspective art-style is striking (although the sprites and animations weren't as good as I thought they would be) I disliked: - The olde style language, which was completely abhorrent and seemed entirely arbitrary, as if they just decided to add -est and -eth to every fifth word. Bonkers decision. - The voice acting. I promptly changed it to Japanese and then just turned the voices down completely. - The writing. The dialogue I encountered was entirely humourless and without charm. It didn't make me smile once and I never felt especially interested in what anyone had to say. - The narrative and characterisation in general was clichéd and boring, and on ocassion just plain odd. For example, the fact that the stereotypically gruff and aloof thief immediately allowed my hunter woman to join him when she first me him, but then didn't have one subsequent conversation with her in the next hour of gameplay, was just bizarre and jarring. Additionally, the fact that she then conveniently disappeared from view whenever there was an important conversation concerning the thief was also very odd. I really don't see how this design decision is going to work once you start to accrue more party members who don't talk to one another. I understand why they've had to design it in this way so that it fits in with the mechanic of being able to play the game in any order, but that doesn't stop it from being stupid. - The exploration. Linear paths with an occasional branch and treasure chests; gameplay that hasn't moved on since the original Final Fantasy. I get that the whole thing is supposed to be a nostalgia trip, but the level design of the few different areas I encountered was bland and forgettable. Overall, I'm certainly not champing at the bit to run out and buy it. I may have another go at the demo with some of the other characters, however, and could possibly pick it up once it gets to about £25. That being said, I'm warned off by the memory of both Bravely games, which I poured about sixty hours into each but then couldn't bring myself to complete, despite their superb battle systems. Like from what I've encountered so far in this game, the characters and story were just too naff to bother spending any more time with.
  6. Has the Switch release date for this still not been confirmed?
  7. Few more from SoTC.
  8. Jamie John

    Reading Challenge 2018

    14. Between the Sunset and the Sea: A View of 16 British Mountains, Simon Ingram I finally finished this! It's a bit of a tome at 500+ pages. My Goodreads mini-review: A passionate (although maybe overlong) description of Ingram's ascent of 16 different British mountains. Each chapter is full of historical, scientific, geographical and occasionally literary information about each mountain or the surrounding areas. I often found these bits more interesting than the accounts of the ascents themselves, which were sometimes a bit dry.
  9. Jamie John

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    It's coming home though. Haven't you heard?
  10. Jamie John

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I'm nicking that.
  11. Jamie John

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    France v Belgium will be a cracker.
  12. Jamie John

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Well done Belgium. Glad to see them go through.
  13. Jamie John

    2018 FIFA World Cup


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