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  1. That's a shame. Sounds like it'll be a lot better in a few months.
  2. Come onnnnnnnn SILKSONG shadow drop!
  3. I thought it was funny in a cringy/horrible sort of way, but that was kind of the point, right? And @elmo's fooling no-one when he says it only took him ten minutes
  4. @phillv85 If memory serves, you need first to have As Benny says above,
  5. You don't get Achilles' until you complete a couple of sidequests and other IIRC.
  6. Shadow of the Colossus Hotline Miami The Witness
  7. Yeah, I like folders, if only so I can have one for 'Played' and one for 'To play'.
  8. You'll be beating him soundly in no time, don't you worry Annoyingly, though, you can only give him nectar when he pops up back in the House.
  9. Soma is a great narrative-led horror game, although, admittedly, it's five years old now. Have you tried the latest Amnesia game?
  10. Glad to hear this has gone down well. I'll get the physical release, eventually.
  11. If you're after the achievements/trophies from the beginning of the game then it's a good idea to give away nectar to literally everyone you meet as often as you possibly can, and also to use all the different trinkets you unlock from the get-go to level them up. It's certainly not the most efficient way to play the game, but if you can see yourself getting into it for the long haul (and you should, because it's excellent), getting a head start on the achievements early on is a good way to combat the RNG woes you might experience later. I played the game for nearly 100 hours, and I'd say a good ten of those was spent rolling runs, over and over, waiting for the right RNG (not that I regret doing so, however).
  12. Yep, that art style is too gorgeous to be denied. Plus, any game with a train going through shallow water, Spirited Away style, is a must have for me. Lovely.
  13. A Short Hike is great and everything, but Bloodborne is, well, Bloodborne. Get it played @Calashnikov, ya mad bastard.
  14. I agree - even though there are lots of games coming out, it still doesn't really feel like much of a blockbuster Q4. Sony hasn't got much in the way of big hitters now that Deathloop is out and Horizon is delayed. Nintendo has Dread, but that's a 2D game in a series which previously was seen as handheld fare; it's not exactly Mario Odyssey. Microsoft are probably best placed with Forza and Infinite, but I feel like the hype for Forza hasn't quite had enough time to brew, and I'm not sure what sort of state to expect Halo to be in at launch. All of this is to be expected, of course - I think the industry is feeling the fallout of the pandemic a lot more this year than in 2020, as lots of people predicted we would.
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