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    Over the past couple of weeks I've been listening to a few different albums: Savage by Gary Numan, Antisocialites by Alvvays, and Relatives in Descent by Protomatyr, numbers 11, 12 and 13 on the list respectively (I already own the QOTSA album, and while I think the BR2049 OST is great when you're watching the film, I find it difficult to listen to soundtracks without the accompanying images). The Gary Numan album I really like. My only previous exposure to Numan has been 'Cars', so the sound on this wasn't what I was expecting at all: a lot heavier and bassier; parts of it almost remind me of The Prodigy, or other big beat bands, although the lyrics and strings are a lot more melancholy. (Has he been through bouts of depression or something? I don't know much about him.) Regardless, it's a keeper. My favourite track is probably 'When the World Comes Apart', although there's a lot on it I like. Antisocialites I don't like nearly as much, and I'm surprised to find it so high up the list, seeing as its fairly jejune, fluffy, jangly pop sound seems to be so different from the forum's typical tastes. I quite like the singsong 'Dreams Tonite', but that's about it. There's nothing especially egregious about anything on the album, but then there's nothing that especially excites, either. It's a salted ricecake of a record - over before you even notice its there. Relatives in Descent I've only been listening to for a few days, but there's not much on it that's kept my interest so far. The singer sounds like a slightly gruffer Nick Cave, and has a similar talking/singing kind of style. I'll keep it on rotation for a few days next week and see if anything sticks.
  2. Pokémon Switch

    Platyduck is the baby form of Psyduck before it gets dropped on its head.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    What's wrong with them? Can't tell from the picture.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    After rinsing it on the Wii U, I'm currently playing MK8 Deluxe again. It really is the tits. Also, @The Mighty Ash, what the mother f are you doing with your Switches?
  5. Line of Duty (BBC)

    We finished watching the entire thing last night. The other series are, indeed, as consistently fantastic as the fourth. I think series 3 might even be my favourite, when everything starts coming together. Ted Hastings is my new hero! Will there be a fifth series this year?
  6. Blade Runner 2049

  7. Gaming Magazines

    I read Edge, but I've only subscribed in the last year. It helps me keep track of new releases, and I tend to agree with their critique more than Eurogamer, which is what I used to read. I tend to read it from cover to cover, although sometimes the features don't interest me.
  8. PlayStation 4 Platinum Headset

    I have the golds as well. They're great apart from the fact that whatever game I'm playing I end up having to turn the overall volume mix down, otherwise I end up getting distortion. There's also a very slight whine you can hear whenever the mic is on, which I never use but have to turn off manually every time I turn them on. They're very comfortable for extended sessions, however.
  9. Spyro remake PS4?

    Speaking of PS1 platformers, who remembers Spider: The Video Game? I remember thinking at about nine years old it was a janky bag of old shite
  10. Spyro remake PS4?

    When it came out, Spyro was received very well by critics, as was Crash, albeit to a slightly lesser extent. Certainly, they were loved by their target audience (i.e. kids in their pre-teens, like I was at the time when I first played both games). To say the PSX was only ever home to shite platformers is a big exaggeration.
  11. This isn't aimed at anyone in particular, but it does frustrate me when gamers criticise developers for not resting on their laurels and just doing the same thing for the upteenth time. If you wanted yet another Zelda in the same format as every other Zelda that had come before it then you could have just replayed OoT, or pretty much any other entry in the series for that matter. I think Nintendo's decision to severely depart from the classic Zelda template is something that should be applauded and encouraged, and it's something that I'd like to see them doing with their other classic IPs as well.
  12. Undertale

    I've just started playing this at long last and I'm about an hour in so far. It's hilarious! I don't even think the Monkey Island games have made me laugh out loud so consistently before. The only niggle so far is having to repeat sections if you die, bit fortunately the save points are frequent.
  13. Twilight Princess is the only one I've never finished. I came to it late with the Wii U remaster. Got up to the Lake Hylia bit and kept on dying so got fed up with it. I wasn't especially enamoured with it up until that point, either. Skyward Sword I also came to late but thought was excellent. The desert area towards the end that you have to flood with water was magical, like something out of a Miyazaki film, and I enjoyed the waggle. Majora's Mask I also missed when it first came out so picked it up on 3DS. I finished it, but I felt like giving up on it at several points. I get that it's wacky and wad a big departure for the series up until that point, but I really couldn't see what the fuss was about. It's quite telling that I can't remember much about it, apart from the final boss, who was a complete twat. Wind Waker was my favourite game on the GameCube, better even than Metroid Prime, but coming back to it years later on the Wii U, the padding really is quite noticeably crap, and the slowdown in lots of places is inexcusable. BotW>OoT>SS>WW>MM>TP

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