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  1. Notsureifserious.jpg It's called There is No Game: Wrong Dimension, sort of like a puzzle adventure Zelda parody thing, but quite meta.
  2. There is no Game was very well-reviweed on PC. I own it but haven't played it, typically.
  3. I've had both and the Split Pad Pro is better. A lot more convenient when it comes to docking the Switch, too, as you don't have to remove it, unlike the Satisfye. I still get pins and needles after a prolonged handheld session (oo-er) anyway, however.
  4. Fez is S Tier, gold standard stuff. BUY IT PEOPLE! I'm due a replay myself, actually...
  5. If that was slightly more Gamecube purple then I'd get one.
  6. Yeah, I've fully unlocked HR7 now and it turns out there's another monster. Who would've thought it, eh? I'm not sure if I can be bothered with it, to be honest. especially if it's another Rampage quest, which it sounds like it is.
  7. That's all the HR6 quests done. Mandatory rampage quests are an absolute pain in the arse in single player. I'm not sure what to do now. I'll fight to unlock HR7, as I haven't fought that one before. After that, though, is there an 'end' to the game or just more battles against high level monsters, like Diabolos and so on? Do the quests just peter out?
  8. Nice one, cheers! I experimented a bit tonight and found that the HH's Silkbind + A can i-frame through it as well.
  9. Yep, tried plugging it into the PC. Entirely dead. It's bizarre. I haven't dropped it or anything. Maybe it's punishing me for neglecting my XSX...
  10. I noticed that Black Widow had an arrow necklace on, which I inferred Hawkeye gave her as they seemed to have something going on in the first Avengers film. Did the actor just not want the role anymore or something?
  11. Ah, thanks. That's a pain. I feel like all the really good decs are fenced off until the very end, by which time you no longer need them. Am I right in thinking that the story (so far) is finished once you complete HR6? The later stuff is optional? I might put the game down once I finish this rank and come back once the next big update goes live.
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