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  1. Jamie John

    Arctic Monkeys New Album

    I've listened to this about half a dozen times over the last week, but, as @MrPogo describes, nothing really sticks. I'm not averse to the crooning, lilting sound of it at all (in fact it reminds me a lot of the first Last Shadow Puppets Album, which I think is brilliant), and I admire them for not just releasing another "indie" album. The problem for me is that there just aren't any hooks here - nothing to hang onto, to the point where it becomes difficult to differentiate one song from the next and everything just becomes a haze of smugly clever lyrics and pseudo-60s lounge music. I want to love it, but I can't.
  2. How do you guys say "remaster"? I say "reemaster", like you would say "reeturn" or "reeplace". The guy in that video keeps on saying "rehmaster" and it's upsetting me.
  3. Jamie John

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Thanks both. I think the pictures, as well as being overexposed, were just dull anyway, and the ones that weren't were overblown to the point where they would have taken hours to fiddle with. I'd have posted some of them in here of I hadn't already deleted them. I'd left the ISO on auto as well for most of them, without realising, so there were quite a few artifacts on some of them where the camera had taken the ISO up to about 6000 or something stupid. Re. Editing shots in a computer program after taking them, I've read that, as much as possible, it's best to get the image correct 'in camera' first by taking reference shots, checking the histogram and so on, to save editing time. Would you guys agree or do you just take shots and then fiddle later?
  4. Jamie John

    PS4 Pro

    I just did this and there was hardly any dust in it at all. Hmm. I think some games just make it whirr up more than others. Horizon, Doom and Tomb Raider seem to be the most demanding at the moment, but I suppose I did play all of those games in 4K, so it's the cost you have to pay for a higher rez.
  5. Jamie John

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    I went for a walk in the woods on Monday evening. Took 55 pictures in total. All of them overexposed and shit, apart from this one, which I think is OK: I've since bought Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson and plan to study it diligently.
  6. Jamie John

    PS4 Pro

    There's a load of vids on YT showing how to opening it. Looks pretty simple so I'll have a go later.
  7. Jamie John

    PS4 Pro

    I read a few things about the Pro venting from its sides and having it vertical without a stand prevents it from doing this on one side. Just ordered this for £3.50 so I'll see if it makes a difference: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N1UKW0Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_HxM.AbBCJ7138 They've got a few on there with extra cooling fans and so on, but that'll make it even more noisy.
  8. Jamie John

    PS4 Pro

    I noticed recently that my Pro was sounding like a hair dryer playing Doom so I moved it from my TV cabinet where it was a bit hemmed in and now stand it vertically behind the TV where it's got lots of space all around it, but I haven't got a vertical stand for it. Playing Rise of the Tomb Raider more recently, however, it still goes like the clappers and moreover makes my gaming room (which is pretty small) really warm, to the point where my wife just asked me if I had the heating on. Do I need to get the stand for it?
  9. Jamie John

    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Also, what's with all these Siberian "villagers" sounding exactly the same as everyone else? They're supposed to be these indigenous people living in one of the remotest regions on Earth, yet they all have American accents, speak English perfectly and look entirely European. The big baddie, too, despite being called "Konstantin" as supposedly coming from an eastern European country, sounds American. They could at least give them stupid Russian accents, like in the Bond films, or better yet have them speak in Russian with subtitles, seeing as Lara spends time in the game translating the language anyway.
  10. Jamie John

    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    I'm currently a few hours into Rise as well after picking it up in the sale. It's ok so far. I'm enjoying the exploration aspects and the level design is satisfying. The storyline is pretty pants, though - far too po-faced and entirely humourless. All the characters are entirely two dimensional so far, and Lara never seems to shut up. Uncharted does a much better job of making you believe you're playing an interactive adventure movie. It's been mentioned before, but the ludonarrative dissonance, or whatever wanky phrase you want to use, is really quite pronounced as well. I must have murdered fifty nameless soldiers by now, some of whom I've burnt alive, others I've brained with my climbing axe, yet none of this seems to have any impact on Lara's physiological well-being whatsoever. The game seems to linger on Lara's deaths in quite a tasteless way as well. One death in particular, towards the start, when I fell down a hole and the camera zoomed in on the light dying in Lara's eyes as she was impaled through the side of the face with a sharpened stick, was really quite horrible and made me physically recoil. I'm not sure why, as I've recently been playing Doom, where you spend a large amount of time ripping demons in half with your bare hands, literally, but for some reason the violence in this game seems almost voyeuristic at times, as if it's relishing in making you watch a young woman die. Maybe I'm just sexist. Additionally, I think it's quite telling that the optional tombs are the best parts of the game so far, just like they were in the original reboot. I could gladly do without all the combat and pseudo-RPG elements for more actual Tomb Raiding and puzzles. Unlike @sprite, I'd like the game to be focused more on surviving in the wilderness then battling your way through it. But still, it's quite easy to lose yourself in and isn't especially challenging, so it's a good game to settle down to at the end of long day.
  11. Jamie John

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    Little Nightmares would be a great game, but it's a level or two too short. There are some great moments in I, but I wouldn't pay more than £12 for it.
  12. Jamie John

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Cheers. That one was taken on aperture priority. I have the ISO set to 100 by default, but with the auto iso setting on as well, so the camera increases it if it feels the need (which apparently it did here, to 220). I've reverted back to auto focus as well, but in this picture the focus points are actually on the blue doors, I guess because that's the lightest part of the image, so I needed to set the focus point manually.
  13. Jamie John

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Thanks! I'm still figuring out exposure. I thought I'd use a smaller aperture as I didn't want to run the risk of it being overexposed, but if anything it's too dark. How would using a wider aperture make it sharper? I thought doing that limited the depth of field? Yep. I spent about 2 hours doing this in Saturday. Took about fifty pictures but kept 3!
  14. Jamie John

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    I finished Doom (2016) on the PS4 yesterday. It took me a few missions to discover 'how' to play it (initially I was treating it like COD, or a cover shooter) but once it clicks and the battle arenas open up a bit it really hits its stride and every encounter becomes a chaotic, balletic maelstrom of guts and gore, to the point where it feels almost more like a brawler than a shooter. Tracking down the collectibles and exploring the detailed levels is enjoyable, too. I finished it on normal difficulty which, really, was a bit too easy, but the campaign is pretty generous so I don't know if I'd have enjoyed getting to the end as much on a harder difficulty. Overall, it's a great game and well worth the £5 I paid for it!
  15. Jamie John

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Stunning shots @sonicwave I took a trip to the seaside today but it was overcast and I couldn't find much worth photographing. I'm trying to be a bit more discriminate in the shots I take. I also find people more satisfying subject than still lifes or landscapes, unless you're somewhere interesting that's actually worth photographing. Edit: how do you get the link to your Flickr to appear beneath your photographs? Is it supposed to pop up automatically?

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