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  1. Stejay

    The iOS gaming thread

    I know, something I reluctantly ended up doing myself some time back. :-(
  2. Stejay

    The iOS gaming thread

    Civilization Revolution 2 is available though.
  3. Stejay

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    What’s going on with Minecraft? There is a £19.99 Minecraft listed on the eShop for release on the 21st of June. Is this a separate version with cross-platform play that they expect us to buy as well as the Switch Edition?
  4. Stejay

    Best three films from this list of 15?

    Train To Busan is on Amazon Prime though, if the OP has that of course. Great movie.
  5. Stejay

    The iOS gaming thread

    I’ve play Jetpack Joyride, Lara Croft Go, Hitman Go, and Canabalt on mine.
  6. Stejay

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    When will Ant-Man and The Wasp be set in that case? It would be a strange time for lighter Marvel romp to take place if half the universe is on the brink of destruction.
  7. Stejay

    Parks and Recreation

    This has dropped to a much more palatable £19.99 for all six seasons on iTunes now. It was £70 or £80 before.
  8. Stejay

    PlayStation VR

    Does anyone know the trade-in value of a boxed V1 headset at GAME please? I’m just wondering what it would cost me to get a V2.
  9. Switch owners get Sega’s take on virtual console though! No Switch Samba de Amigo yet though? Poo.
  10. Stejay

    Night trap 25th anniversary edition

    Is this ever coming out in Europe?
  11. Stejay

    Food Prepping

    Sorry, late to the thread. What are you doing, batch cooking and sticking them in the fridge or the freezer? Where do you buy those plastic containers from? Any pointers? Edit: Doh! Started the thread from the beginning and found some of the answers. This is something I’m seriously interested in trying out though, as soon as I manage to empty the freezer a bit!
  12. Stejay

    Nintendo Switch

    They said the same about the difficulty on The Computer Game, and also that it has some of the best cutscenes to date. Quick question though, is it right that your character starts the game injured from the events of the last game? Is it necessary to play the original first?
  13. Stejay

    Vostok Inc. Free Switch Demo out now

    Is it cheating that I’ve turned sleep mode off on my Switch and intend to leave it plugged in with Vostok Inc running all night?
  14. Stejay

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    And is it something that fits under the instapurchase category?
  15. Stejay

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    I did try to buy it yesterday, but I’m in a cabin in Sherwood Forest with intermittent WiFi and my purchase failed. I figured I’d just try again today. Oh well, I’m busy with my new job working for Vostok Inc anyway.

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