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  1. Dark Soldier

    Official Metroid Prime 2 Thread

    Just download the Ishiiruka version of Dolphin, find the requisite rom, and use Dolphin FAQS for the rest. Really easy to set up.
  2. Dark Soldier

    Trials Rising

    Its a given but I went absolutely ballistic when this was announced. Its going to be incredible and I have the faith. Fusion is still an exceptionally good game, been hammering it again the last few nights but compared to Evo its a step down. HD was phenomenal but you had to work your bike so damn hard to hit the best line through tracks.
  4. Dark Soldier

    Elder Scrolls VI

    Will it actually have good combat?
  5. Dark Soldier

    E3 2018: Xbox E3 Briefing

  6. Dark Soldier

    The Golf Club 2019

    Basic rules are always bring the marker directly back to the hole as the in game read can lie, especially when it says 1 foot or more down/up. If its say 10 inches uphill, move the marker 12 inches past, if its 10 inches downhill, bring the marker 12 inches before the hole. Always add extra on. Adjust sideways for break, and then learn to putt at the marker. If green speeds are below 160 add an extra four on to elevation, add around two to downhill if its around 160-178ish, two for both. If its 187, add one to elevation, if its downhill fairly severe take an extra 5/6 off. Pulling the stick back to edge of avatars feet is roughly a ten foot flat putt, and learn the increments from there. Feel will soon kick in.
  7. Dark Soldier

    The Golf Club 2019

    Regarding balance play the slower green speeds. If you're playing on 187 and aren't used to putting the putts will go flying. The game, away from the greens, is incredibly easy, they had to leave some challenge in there.
  8. Dark Soldier

    The Golf Club 2019

    If you want tips etc just ask. If the putting was off I and others wouldn't be able to hit -17s and -18s across a lot of the courses. Its all about the putt marker and just getting used to the speed and math, the math is incredibly simple. Most don't realise the putt marker can hinder your putt if you don't move it. Doing it just on feel can be a crapshoot. A putt like the above comes through knowing it inside out. I genuinely want to help as I adore these games
  9. Dark Soldier

    The Unofficial Pre-E3 2018 Hype Thread

    Borderlands 3 and I'm ecstatic
  10. Dark Soldier

    The Golf Club 2019

    Just a general question, what's broken about the putting?
  11. Dark Soldier

    The Golf Club 2019

    I'm a rabid fanboy of TGC so I won't prattle on but I hate three click swing. TGC is an exceptional game once you start to master it, and I'll be in deep on this on day one.
  12. Dark Soldier

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Who do opinions on the bigger games bring out the absolute fanny in people? Beggars belief. I've been playing 4-5 hours a week since launch, probably around two thirds of the way through on Give Me A Challenge and its easily the second best game of this gen. Zero issues with the controls at all. Pick your moments, be calm, don't just spam three buttons over and over and then piss and moan when you keep getting killed.
  13. Dark Soldier

    What Remains of Edith Finch

    I've just played through this and I genuinely believe its one of the greatest games I've played. Fantastic.
  14. Dark Soldier

    A movie watchers blog

    Easily my favourite film of the year so far: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6738136/ Revenge A take on the old classic revenge thriller. Gore to the max, a stunning central performance and some insanely good cinematography. Not for the faint of heart but a phenomenal ride. Attractive woman having an affair with rich dickhead, he takes her along for a yearly hunting trip with his two equally dickhead mates. Things don't go as to plan for her and the hunters become the hunted.
  15. Just watched this, I think its the worst blockbuster movie I've ever seen. Not Spielberg's fault as the source material is probably the worst book ever written but fucking hell its insanely bad

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