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  1. I would be. Nier was out in 2017. Did they even have production values back then? Yikes.
  2. Yes to both. I think Bungie said previous season activities stick around for at least four seasons, or something to that effect. New season looks adequate. Hopefully the Pinnacle Quest is hot shit (in a positive manner of speaking) like Presage - That's what caused me to actually pick up the Season Pass for Chosen and rinse the bloody thing to 160 or something absurd. I barely reached 100 in my most played season (uh, whatever the one Saint was reintroduced in), I guess the Seasonal Challenges helped massively in that regard.
  3. My only confident prediction is that Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis will appear somewhere in the Microsoft Conference as an 'available now' announcement, despite the release window being announced a week or so by Sega as the same time period. As for other things for Microsoft: - Definitely something Bethesda related in playable form - probably Starfield. - A next-gen Forza. - As mentioned, probably the next GTA and Elden Ring are formally revealed on a Microsoft stage, but obviously multiplat. - They'll probably acquisition another company to get the intern
  4. All I require this year is a Nintendo Direct that drops the release date for Shin Megami Tensei V so I can go ahead with picking up some Nintendo Online game vouchers or pre-ordering a physical copy. Anything else, considering the impact of covid, is a bonus.
  5. Audio lag can definitely be a thing on PC, but it's usually inherently tied to what output device you're using to listen to stuff more than anything else - a lot of cheaper Bluetooth headsets are notorious for having enough lag to cause lipsync. That, and if you had audio lag at device level, you'd see it on everything. Maybe check some Let's Plays on YouTube for the console version to see if the cutscenes are also suffering from the same thing there in case it's just a case of the game just having really bad lipsync. I'm not that sensitive to it after years of playing
  6. TBH by the time you actually need gold, you're probably better off slapping Item Drop rate onto your biggest, filthiest spear and running the Junk Yard dungeon a couple of times. Word of advice, though - if you do end up doing this early on, keep two Memory Alloys and three Machine Oil drops on you instead of selling them. Trust me. As for the third playthrough:
  7. Well, that's Endings A and B done. Also, RE: my previous framedrop issues with the game, I'm more convinced it has something to do with the hardware polling via Steam Input on a computer - I still get drops to 20fps, but only when my controller connection drops from low battery or bluetooth disconnection. Same with my wireless headset turning on/off. To be fair to the port, this is also a problem I experience with Destiny 2 - which is arguably worse, as it's not a single player RPG and for some reason it has the additional issue of not wanting to reconnect when it happens. But
  8. I got a Series S on a whim when it popped up in stock. For what I've been using it for (playing GaaS games on a pad, Gamepass stuff and the occasional Retroarch game), it's been brilliant. It's tiny enough that it sits neatly on top of the Xbox One X, barely makes a sound even when it's playing something modern, and if I feel like playing a game it takes seconds to get into it (which is ideal if I need to log into something quick on a break to claim promotional shit for the day). The potential regret is the storage, but solid state storage is still expensive shit at 1tb
  9. I think if a publisher wants £70 for a game, it's fair play to respond with "It's nice to want things" and move on with other games. We're at a time in videogame history where we're inundated with an embarrassment of riches - Free-To-Play titles that run for decades and get frequently updated, indie games that become global phenomena despite being a fraction of the price, and subscription services that offer a slew of titles from a publisher for monthly rental. If a company has to justify their cost, fair enough, but that's not going to prevent people from just not buying their shit. Tha
  10. The only glaring issue I had with the PC port so far is the game randomly shitting the bed and dropping to sub-10fps for about 20sec before going back to normal. Threw on a framerate cap via Nvidia's control panel (I mostly use a 60hz telly for controller based games anyway), and it's felt fine for the subsequent 3 hours after. Definitely a better state than requiring a mod to claw back overzealous global illumination settings and fix framepacing. As for the game itself - yeah, I like it, just arrived at Facade for the first time. I didn't play the original Nier, but combat doesn't
  11. Heck, it's probably worth having your mobile phone around for the Warframe App. Getting notifications on when you can get some of the more important materials (like Orokin Reactors - at least, I think that's what they're called, it's been a while since I played) and being able to stick things in the crafting bench remotely and check on when they're done is extremely handy given how long most weapons and frames take to cook. Just bung a load in, do some other shit for the rest of the day, and come back after to play with some new abilities and guns over a weekend is a very good balance. I
  12. Choice of games aside, nobody would judge you if you just... you know, stopped playing games. It's a hobby. Burning out on hobbies is a real thing, and it's healthy to stop if you're not having fun.
  13. Siri

    Old Age Gamers

    The only thing I'm worried about when it comes to playing games when I'm older is the thought that I'll probably need medical attention to replace my fucked thumb joints. I try and do stretches every now and then, but it's already at the point where it can feel uncomfortable after a prolonged time playing something action-orientated. There's other fears like not having a home, experiencing some form of dementia and not having a reasonable pension, but they absolutely are more in the realms of 'generally hoping the future is not shit'. But as others have said, I'll proba
  14. Siri

    Disco Elysium

    Default is KBM - TBH though, I've been playing it with an X-Box pad because when I played the PC version at launch, KBM felt a bit clunky to me personally (things like double click to run, which probably had a toggle somewhere). and I like to be in a more relaxed state than being up against my PC desk when there's lots of dialogue to chew through. Pad at the moment doesn't resolve the clunkiness (there's plenty of fighting the direct control of the player character to navigate the town and contextual selection would be better as radial-based navigation), but the fact I can just kick back on
  15. Siri

    Disco Elysium

    IIRC, any new avenue of conversation consumes in-game time, so going for all of them on every single character can be a problem when there's certain conditions to continue throughout the game.
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