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  1. Siri

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Spark of Light does come with a copy of Forsaken, thankfully. and unlike (?) D1, it skips the campaign allegedly. And you won't need Year 1 guns and armour because they'll all be garbage in five minutes of Forsaken's campaign!
  2. Siri

    Challenge breaking mechanics

    Jury Rigging perk in Fallout: New Vegas. Aka. the art of repairing .50 Hand cannons using the shitty .22 handguns you get at the start of the game, and buying out entire shop inventories because of selling the newly repaired hand cannons. Between that and winning your money back playing Caravan, you basically stitched up the dude at the dinosaur shop for infinite ammo. And all his caps.
  3. The GDEmu clone that I ordered from AliExpress has come through the post. It seems as though it's the revised clone with the fixed oscillator, as the PCB is black as opposed to green. Probably have to wait until the weekend to give it a blast, as life is generally in the way - in the meantime, it's probably a good time to research into hooking it up via HDMI. It's gonna be one sick Sega Swirl session happening when I'm off work
  4. Siri

    Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes

    You can find out in your Bungie profile - There's a specific page that you can log into, and normally a little hyperlink underneath that breaks down what you haven't done. Did all the redux missions with Moodmon - They're all well paced (with the exception of Payback, which felt like you'd be better off blowing up the tanks with Whisper/DARCI these days), offer a decent level of challenge, and offers a couple of surprises. Very good start to the event - And at least, unlike the faction rallies, you have a good month to chew through it.
  5. Siri

    Warframe - Ninjas Grind Free

    Today on Warframe: - Got a credits booster, ran Seimeni until my eyes bled and walked away with 800k - Pulled an Attica out of the oven, bolted a recently acquired Thunderbolt mod to it and now I'm Hank Scorpio - Found out all of my frames have space aids (warning: spoilers about The Sacrifice in that link), all but two (which are incubating) now have been stabbed in the neck because of it All before lunchtime! Now it's time to get Nova and Nyx out of the oven and BLOW MORE SHIT UP.
  6. Siri

    Warframe - Ninjas Grind Free

    You'll also want to have a look at the alerts menu and look at invasions, in case there's any that is currently winning and will reward you with Fieldron. If there are, run those missions three times to get the loot. Compared to making Fieldron from samples, it's miles easier AND cheaper. But you'll want to collect it. For reasons. Done The War Within this afternoon. Now I've basically gone around and picked up every side quest that gives you a frame at the end of it, so I can have a steady stream of new frames to play with until I get to Eris - currently waiting on the next steps for Limbo and Mirage.
  7. Siri

    Warframe - Ninjas Grind Free

    Definitely. I've now got Valkyr and Nova parts in the oven. Also jammed a bunch of secondary guns into the oven because I've ran out of things to master and forgot about it while enjoying the luxury of having a portable flamethrower. Oops. Also started dabbling in the invasion missions where you fight for a faction -seems to be a very good way to earn full-fat Fieldron for Lenz, and I've somehow walked away with being one neuropics away from Nyx, which is nice. Need to get back on the plastids hunt for Nezha, too. I might even get back to a story mission soon
  8. Siri

    Warframe - Ninjas Grind Free

    Didn't do an awful lot yesterday - finished levelling Ember so I've swapped to Volt, got a bit bored of Burston so I've gone over to levelling Cernos (strictly for MR, and then getting the Mutalist version), and spent most of the time playing the first five waves of Seimeni, over in Ceres. It's always funny to see newer players write 'only five waves :/', when it's the only place in the game where you WANT to just do five waves, because it's 25,000 credits for roughly four minutes of work. Protip for other new players: because of the way standard reward rotation works, means that you should expect to be in a defense mission for 20 waves, four extractions, or 20 minutes in a survival. Obviously, if you're with another player, you can override whatever you want, but you're probably better off writing in chat what time you're expecting to be in the mission before you get ten minutes deep and the pub starts acting like a dickhead. Obviously, don't do this in Seimeni. You'll get laughed at. Probably. Hopefully I'll get through War Within this weekend. I'm going to need new frames soon, and I'm thinking of Saryn or Valkyr. Depends what's easy, mind.
  9. Siri

    Warframe - Ninjas Grind Free

    Early neurodes, you're best off doing the capture mission on earth, similar to the Cephalon Fragments - roll in, demolish the capture target, and then spend the rest of your time in the mission scoping out nooks and crannies that you know of - container looks like what only could be described as a potato sprouting out. It's not perfect, but it does the job when you only need one or two.
  10. Siri

    Warframe - Ninjas Grind Free

    Still waiting on that 75% off plat daily. ...to go with the platinum I bought with the 50% off daily this weekend. IT'S FREE REAL ESTATE!
  11. Siri

    Warframe - Ninjas Grind Free

    RE: Gorf's post - Indeed, from reading about Mod set-ups per faction, there seems to be a focus on having a combo element that punches through a factions' chosen damage mitigation, and then an additional element to provide an additional benefit. It's very similar to Path of Exile, where excellent bets to do damage was to use elemental penetration or using the element which completely negates armour of any type (chaos damage, in that game). Thankfully, I think I'm at the point where I have enough Loadout slots to start looking at dedicated faction-murder sets of gear to cater. Which I really need to do for Corpus, because Bursas are complete shitters that I need to delete with a single bullet. One thing I really do like about this is that there's effectively a sliding scale for how much damage you're going to get out of a gun, and it typically goes quite high - Meta is always going to be meta, but there's nothing stopping you from sticking a potato into a gun you just like firing and then ramping up the damage enough to plod around in missions with. Then again, I have been basing my crafting choices on googling 'best gun for MRwhatever', so there is a bias. OTOH, there's enough guns kicking around that you'll find something you like that also fits into breaking what's making the game tick. And that's great!
  12. Siri

    Warframe - Ninjas Grind Free

    Well, it's only taken about 60 hours, but I've finally started delving into the big, wide world of rolling my own mods, as damage has dropped off quite a bit around Neptune. It's quite expensive on endo (I'm almost out of it now - I'll probably have to sell my collection of Atayan treasures soon), but it sure is nice to actually build a weapon correctly - I really didn't like using my Cestra and Amphis, but one base damage and element mod later and both are death machines. And these are weapons I'm still levelling - I'm going to take a wild guess that sticking the same mods on a maxed Soma Prime with some other damage bonuses is going to tear everything up. I'm going to have to start some frame modding soon, as well. Now MR8 and Sedna to explore later, as well!
  13. Siri

    Warframe - Ninjas Grind Free

    There's certainly nothing wrong with the saturation. If going by pure colour theory, it's not fair off (although colour theory can be broken, especially if you're breaking it up with a neutral colour). That dark red/magenta with the black base is a strong aesthetic, so I'll base suggestions on that. If you went pure complimentary, that orange has to be... Some sort of neon green, which I don't think would look particularly good. You could get away with something like a muted pthalo green, but I think there's too much area to cover. Maybe putting the dark red/magenta in the middle and then having the pthalo ride over it from the shoulders would be better, but that might need experimentation. I'd say that analogous colour is the way to go, so try some purple, or a more vivid red or vermilion (although you might be going into edgelord/disturbed album cover territory with the red). In all, at the very least, keep the black and red, it's good ting. The middle could do with something to make that red pop off harder, even if you have to two-tone the armour. Anyway, ember's cooked, and I need to dive in again after how good Second Dream was. Bye!
  14. Siri

    Warframe - Ninjas Grind Free

    Got a bunch of stuff in the oven now, after finding out about the infestation survival mission on Ceres handing out 25k credits for just five waves. Also: Rubico has no right to be as good as it is, considering it's a sniper rifle in a game where you move 900mph. So fun!
  15. Siri

    Warframe - Ninjas Grind Free

    As it turns out, it really just is Nezha and Wukong that has immensely high plastid requirements (as well as some expensive things in general). Thankfully, Saturn is fantastic for plastid resources - I got 600 from an active party, and I somehow stumbled into an AFK farm and walked out with double that. Everything else is free reign, though - Got Volt and Ember in the oven (In comical fashion, after suggesting it was going to involve grinding out, ended up with catching the end of three boss missions and getting a different blueprint for each). I got enough resources to get Banshee in there as well, but I need the credits for the frame craft on both. Also somehow picked up Dread while dicking around and ignoring said Stranger Fortunate, as I just can't get on with Penta.

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