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  1. Yeah, I noticed that something was up with the desktop controls. Feels like they're trying to make the left trackpad more useful as a scroll wheel like the OG Steam Controller, but I miss having a mouse click on it. Tbh, I should just go into Steam and change the desktop controls to just be an Xbox controller and mouse controls like before, maybe add an action layer to evoke the keyboard and whatever else I regularly use. It's just weird that they've changed it now. I haven't had problems with loading heroic, although I've only logged into it so I can purge the games and remove it altogether and try and sort out some more internal space. Same with Lutris, which is currently a chocolate teapot in my experience - which is bizarre, because it's fantastic on a standard Linux machine.
  2. TBH, I always thought SD cards were temperamental anyway, even without taking into account knock-off cards. I'm pretty sure when this thread first started, my language was something along the lines of 'If I can't change the SSD, I'm not buying this', and that was primarily because I've had decent brand SD cards shit themselves in the past, and having to rely on them when the SSD's health goes south doesn't sound like a great time. But hey, that's not the case, so that's good.
  3. It's what I do! I think it gets a little glitchy if there's two audio sources (basically having the Xbox on to watch/listen to YouTube/Twitch), but I think that's more Bluetooth just being a bit shit in general (it also happens between Xbox and Tablet, too). It's fine most of the time.
  4. FYI: There's a new SteamOS Beta update which adds a couple of new things (percentage next to the battery indicator, more internal resolutions for games to switch to, gain staging fixed to remove white noise on the 3.5mm jack and a revised fan profile). However, I wouldn't recommend switching to it yet and waiting for a hotfix - People are reporting units not booting up properly after updating, and the fan curve being worse after updating. Something to consider before you start playing some videogames this weekend, anyway. It's not like it will stop you accessing games by not updating.
  5. New version of Proton Experimental is out. A bunch of newly compatible games noted including Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers, and Final Fantasy XIV's official launcher got fixed (although FFXIVLauncher has been on Flathub/Discover for a week if you wanted your MMO fix by now).
  6. Yep. I can certainly put together a list of existing guides, but it's a foundation that's on sand and even the usual knee-jerk YouTube guides are horribly outdated. And the gamepass-style posts on this forum is a very valid point. Probably even worse to come when SteamOS 3 is officially out, and people start hacking together their own distributions (heck, it's already happened with HoloISO, which lets you install SteamOS onto.. well, any x86 device).
  7. Here is how Lutris works: it doesn't. You're welcome! (I did hear some shit that installing Bottles includes the dependencies that Lutris requires to work properly without command line bullshit, but I'm busy getting dunked on in PoE)
  8. I can probably knock something up with some links to the most popular shit, but there's a chance it could all mean fuck-all in the coming months as the community gets their own handhelds and fuck around with it. I can have a look closer to the end of the week. Maybe create a new thread for that sort of bullshit (Obligatory @dumpster ode by calling it 'Turn Your Steam Deck Into A Fantastic Everything Machine', obv)
  9. Nope. What you paid already covers tax and shipping. You're very likely going to have to wait a week after confirming your order because of customs, though.
  10. Yeah, that should be fine - the requirements are that it's an NVME SSD, is the 2230 standard size and all the chips are on one side, which it looks like this Kioxia drive follows. (I think it's a BG4 series, from the product code, and I know there's some posts on Reddit that recommend that SSD along with the usual SN530 fare)
  11. TBH, there's a reason I put the Steam Deck down as the only thing I wanted from this year I'm sure in the next six months there's going to be a couple games from the left field that'll be ace, Indie wise. That and playing Elden Ring when it's a score will be more than enough.
  12. I'd suggest just shopping around for any sort of tempered glass protectors - I got the Benzacap one from Amazon and it's perfectly fine and fits well (although the fitting accessories are crap), but by now there's probably matt finish protectors which would be much better for the 64/256gb models. If you got a 512, I'm not sure it's recommended to get one, as it fucks around with the etched screen finish iirc. In other news: 13 hours of Path of Exile's new league racked up on the deck already. The new league opened up at 9pm on Friday Playing on the Deck is pretty much the best thing about the entire league - admittedly, that's not saying much because a lot of people are malding over the rare monster changes, but I'm having an incredibly comfortable time while being destroyed in-game, so that makes it a lot more bearable!
  13. FYI: there's a new update that does a couple of minor fixes. The most notable one being that per-game performance profiles can now be set for non-steam games, too. Previously, they all shared the same profile, and that was not intentional. Obviously, that's good when you want to plug in the DVD drive, install Microsoft Encarta 98 and then run a 3w power tweak straight off of SteamOS while you're finding out more about Pompeii. Obviously. EDIT: I just realised that, on the day of Path of Exile's new league, I can set up a macro in Steam Input to hit all five utility flask buttons instead of manually hitting them to survive. It doesn't even have to be mapped to a button itself - I can tell Steam Input to hit them when I'm tilting the stick to move. Or tap the top of the thumbsticks because of the capacitive touch.
  14. "Todd, we're declaring war on bugged games in our community" "But Microsoft, we sell bugged games in our community!" Dynamite, Dynamite! etc.
  15. Fun fact: every time I see someone mention Undermine, my mind immediately links it to Underrail, which my phone immediately corrects me to refer to Undertale. All three of these games can be played on Steam Deck. All three are... tonally different to one another, certainly.
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