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  1. Stopped watching this with three episodes of season 2 to go. Worth ittokeep going?
  2. Most of the talk has been in the general netflix thread.
  3. Brandon Sanderson Oathbringer (Stormlight 3) deal of the day 99p.
  4. He’s been watching Gareth Southgate at work and thinking hmmmm
  5. davidcotton


    How much per kick would they pay the players though?
  6. Doesn’t look anything like David Jason :p
  7. This is beginning to look like a failed Dragon’s Den pitch. “I’m out!”.
  8. So basically it’s the equivalent of signing up to another credit card to pay off the old one? Reports are that two of the english clubs are close to ditching it already due to the backlash from just about everybody!
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