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  1. See I have enough of a hard time buying things as it is (someone at work once memorably said "christ dave how have you bought anything?"), but £10.49 on switch verses £3.99 on steam and it becomes even harder. Do I want it on portable or on pc?
  2. Think the main thing was the encounter with shelob being moved to Return Of the king to give Sam and Frodo a bit more to do.
  3. Ori look tempting but still ploughing my way through ac odyssey
  4. Still playing this. First game in ages that's really hooked me. Will be sad once it's all over. Around level 33 atm and just hit the first grindy bit I've had to do but still been enjoyable enough. Figured something out though. Kassandra's not going to die of old age is she? Or a sword in the back or a random arrow fired. It's going to be std.
  5. STILL not got round to doing the finale. Maybe I'll stick it on this weekend and get it done.
  6. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/over-100-doctor-who-audio-dramas-free-to-stream-on-spotify-3467171 As link really. Spotify have got a load of free big finish doctor who stuff up. Links in the post. Check out Chimes of Midnight if you haven't.
  7. Picked up Assassins Creed Odyssey and really been enjoying sinking an hour or two into it after work. Something relaxing about wandering about ancient greece with the forests and sunlight streaming down. That said I was not best pleased the other night when I rocked up in Athens to find a plague had hit and the skies had turned grey with rain and everyone was shuffling about moaning and coughing! Talk about art imitiating life.
  8. Been doing a kind of random selection on spotify lately based on album covers alone. Found some decent stuff so far (Fish On Friday is worth checking out).
  9. Looks like it's time to get a mobile Damn things.
  10. Do I need a mobile for 2FA?
  11. Welp as usual I overpaid at £16.00 then a few weeks ago. Mind you I have gotten more than £16.00 worth of entertainment out of it so whatever.
  12. Use to go to (disabled)boarding college back in the mid-late 80's and it used to be a bit of hassle packing for 3 weeks at a time which books to take. These days I imagine they just sling a kindle and ipad (other book reading and tablet devices are available)in the bag and they'd be set!
  13. Because the one thing Nintendo are desperate for right now are sales.
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