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  1. davidcotton

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Quite. Not played this yet as waiting for it to drop to bargain basement levels, but enjoyed the other two for what they were. As soon as it drops to around £15 I'll bite.
  2. davidcotton

    Which console should be released as a 'mini' next?

    So a more successful steam box then ?
  3. davidcotton

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Updated firmware on router? Set of homeplugs out of the question?
  4. davidcotton

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    First time I saw this was at boarding college. Had a very old knackered telly in the commons room. So knackered the speaker kept going and the only way to get sound back was to whack it really hard on the top. So of course the main problem we had watching 2001 on it was we couldn't tell when it was meant to be quiet and when the speakers had gone!
  5. davidcotton

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Torn between an xbox one (s or x) as they seem to have the decent deals atm, or the ps4 which has more games I'd like to play. Not seen anything worth getting yet.
  6. davidcotton

    Doctor Who

    It's typical of Doctor Who fan's though. "God I wish they'd do a series without Daleks or Cybermen as it's so samey". BBC does a series without the aforementioned enemy's. "God I wish they'd bring the Daleks and Cybermen back, it's a bit boring isn't it?". Fwiw Big Finish had a similar problem a few years ago.
  7. davidcotton

    Do you prefer physical books or Ebooks?

    Shame that didn't work for me English was always kwite (j/k) gud though.
  8. davidcotton

    Doctor Who

    Paternoster Gang full cast series announced by Big Finish for those interested.
  9. davidcotton

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    Single player or is it co op? Like Jamie not really played it before.
  10. davidcotton

    Xbox One X

    Still a bit pissed that I missed the tomb raider/assassins creed odyssey bundle amazon were running whilst I was on holiday.
  11. davidcotton

    Xbox One X

    Wouldn't that break it though? (sorry).
  12. davidcotton


    Ok so got another issue now. Can't log in to my main steam account due to me forgetting the new password I used when I updated my account. However I can't get in touch with steam support as it says I have a ticket open and can't submit another. Any ideas? driving me nuts this is.
  13. davidcotton

    Nintendo Switch

    It's a new trophy
  14. davidcotton


    Bloody steam. After getting my account back (and confirming that a) it was hacked and b) wasn't charged)went to log in last night for a game of witcher 3. Only to find out it had forgotton my new password and I can't remember it. Contacted steam and they've sent me a code to use but I need to get in to the site to use it to change it! So I need to get back in touch again. Can you set up that mobile authenticator thingy without a mobile (yes I'm a luddite and don't have a mobile, I also don't want one but reluctantly coming around to the idea of one).
  15. davidcotton


    Assassin's Creed Odyssey would have fit the bill if you haven't played that I would of thought? Just started (after having it on the hard drive for about a year) the witcher 3 and loving it atm. To the point I've put aside the idea of getting an xbox or ps4 for AC.

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