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  1. Surprised to see the change in host on Forged in Fire. .
  2. Funniest thing was reading about a cinema being flooded during a cinemas showing of titanic. Taking immersion a little to far!
  3. Think you are getting Zelda mixed up with pilot wings:)
  4. No idea now. Thought it was £54 originally.
  5. Pro controller £49.99 at John Lewis. Free deliver £50 and over.
  6. Just wait until the price drops a bit (yeah I know Nintendo lol). That or trade in your copy of BOTW to offset the difference:p
  7. I hate those sort of penalties. That and short corners in the 89th minute.
  8. Assuming he meant Luke’s training in the cave in ESB.
  9. Cross posted with the makes you happy thread, but belongs here really
  10. Fan base I imagine. Do you want to be the one that sold Messi? Plus I imagine they still sell a lot of his merchandise.
  11. Wonder if they’ll cast a woman in the role these days?
  12. They fucked up shannara to such an extent that I’m a bit wary of any adaptations from fantasy stuff now.
  13. Only available to buy isn’t it? Not included with prime?
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