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  1. Main reason I gave up Eve online back in the day (er night). Would play to about 11 but the adrenaline rush would keep me awake until around 12ish and then have to get up at half six! Not a good idea. Fun times though
  2. Have you not just describe the steam box that seems to flop every time they try it?
  3. Much to Jim Whites surprise/excitement/etc* *delete as appropriate.
  4. Anyone seen anything of this? Starting sky one on wednesday at 9. Set aboard a space liner that travels the solar system, something happens that throws them off course and strands them in deep space.
  5. Just general genre really. 3rd person etc etc. Played Shadow Of Mordor but not the sequel and enjoyed it. Was undecided about assassins creed odyssey having struggled with the witcher 3.
  6. So been enjoying going through Arkham city (having finished AA previously) and got knight lined up. Was just wondering what other games that are similar in style would be? PC or Switch will be fine, not got a ps4 or would have got spiderman by now. Thanks
  7. Looks like buying a handheld vac might have been cheaper!
  8. Was it wrong that I thought Ada and the other one made better companions than the regulars (aside from Graham)?
  9. Castle of Heart on the switch any use to you as a rec? Not played it but still on offer for £1.34 in the sale till monday. Anyway keeping this to play after finishing Batman Arkham city.
  10. Might get Mario Kart at that price.
  11. Back on tonight at 6:55 for those still watching
  12. No harm claiming it on pc if you have a decent ish one though is there?
  13. Quick question. How do I set the region for uk? Currently it's showing everything in $. Or do I just go and buy it? Quite fancy Assassins Creed for a tenner (with voucher) but steams store is so much easier to use.
  14. That was actually pretty decent. No one watching this? New trailer looks ok as well. Flintoff "At this point I wish I was on Strictly"!
  15. £9.99 on the epic store (with front page code) or £19.99 on steam if that helps anyone on pc.
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