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  1. Dimahoo

    Audio Club

    Can't you sample outside and import the wavs?
  2. Dimahoo

    A critical take on the Nintendo Switch

    I've have been utterly cynical about nine-ten-do over the past few years but i'll say it again... the switch is amazing. The perfect portable. Decent portable size screen, plays well, looks amazing and decent games. CONSISTENTLY decent games. Apart from the lack of Waverace. And Fzero.
  3. "he got me with his wire thing"
  4. Dimahoo

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    Looking at the enviroment...I suspect a lot of the cutscene talking will be done with the dpad pushed forward. At least I hope it is...theres a lot of expanse to walk. RDR without a horse?
  5. Dimahoo

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    That is actually pretty cool RubberJohhny. Almost meta in its sci fi-ness. I must say the attention to detail is amazing. Like the clicking of the scanner after he plugs it in to baby. I'm sure thats from a film but i can't remember which one. And about that "scene" in the context of the trailer.... The weird thing about that idea is that he has the interface to plug it in to baby. Yet "he has an idea" and proceeds to open the encapsulation vessel which suggests its never been done for that reason and the baby does indeed have properties he doesn't.
  6. Really looking forward to this one.
  7. Dimahoo

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    I bought it anyway, but totally agree with you.
  8. Dimahoo

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    Its seen to age his skin. Thats a pretty literal metaphor.
  9. Dimahoo

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    Ooh. I get the dooms bit. Her dooms is extinction level which means she destroys the entire universe - IF she dies. His is like...level 2. Which is like, a crater. Or maybe level 1. Of course. Makes total sense. Oh and the monsters thing... So he can only sense them as he's level 1 or 2. BUT, BUT...the Baby has dooms as well....and its like...i dunno...really high. As the baby can see them when he plugs it in. But if the baby IS him...? HOAH....oooh. ooh. o I'm still working it out. Its pretty mindfuck.
  10. Dimahoo

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Hang on....Forza works on PC with crossplay don't forget. So thats nearly all wheels.
  11. Dimahoo

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    Okay. So, given their tech, they couldn't build infrastructure with a similar material? Really? Not even a tent? Hmm...
  12. Dimahoo

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I'm not entirely sure that matters Sean. Plus IOM a bit small and has been done recently in TT - IOM. Ireland would be the perfect size, and has better roads/scenery.
  13. Dimahoo

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Ooh..That means Ireland DLC! Ireland was where the Deloreon was made!
  14. Dimahoo

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    If the rain makes anything fast forward - well he's wearing a coat, in the rain. Surely the coat would be in tatters and then the rain would age him and his bare skin.
  15. Dimahoo

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I hope Stoneybridge is in it. And Balamory DLC (with fun cars and trying to avoid PC plod).

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