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  1. Fair enough...but have a gander' at this...its certainly improved.
  2. Skip 6 and 7 and buy 8 if you can!
  3. Kylotonn have indeed done good. Can't knock the codies though - they've been exceptional too. I think the codies are going all "divide down and conquer" Dirt - more arcade like and different series Dirt Rally - about as sim as you can get with a nice series so far GRID - more arcade like and different series Project CARS 3 - about as wannabe sim as you can get with a nice series so far.
  4. Exactly - its not like people are going to give up virtually killing others in protest. You know, with the existing array of guns.
  5. Season 4 now delayed. Because it's time to make a stand against injustice!!. Apparently.
  6. Yeah, Pedal control not so much as TC and ABS allows you to largely smash the pedals (depending on settings) but defo. learn the lines as Meerman and co said. So brake zones, entry and turning and gearing and exit points. On tracks like Zolder and Nurenburg, elevation play its part too as it throws the car or affects braking. Misano is in here and whilst flat and thats a good learner track to master as it has a real decent combination of corners. Some of the corners are faster then you might at first realise (the last left into the home straight for example - you brake early and drive through it at speed).
  7. Hmm. Was playing the Zolder Race in ACC yesterday and I've been doing some laps and despite what we've all said about trail breaking, in modern GT cars trail breaking isn't always necessary or even as effective as certain others series and that element appears to be modelled well in ACC. You can actually slow down, come right off the brake and let aero do the work around the corner. The weight shift doesn't really affect any of the cars, regardless of engine position and you don't actually slide as much as you might (unlike the older series where the only aero really came solely from a spoiler that was immature in its design owing to the age of the car series - so in older GT and most other series that arn't aerodynamic its needed). Track surface and tyre/track temps play a part to so some brake modulation may be required but try it and you'll see what i mean. In earlier series and car design the weight shift of would likely cause spins so you'd trailbrake to counteract this - but these days modern aero comes into play. Or at least thats whats being modelled - the cars seem to be pitch sensitive or rather - their aero and tyre set up/type allow them to be.
  8. Hang on McSpeed! Real life rally CO DRIVING? You wear Racing boots... to hold a map?
  9. Gloves are a good option. Whatever you do don't stick tape around the wheel. It'll eventually come off and make your wheel sticky for ages.
  10. Yeah, in the early days AC used to throw up AI error windows if there was to much going on. First time i'd ever seen anything like that.
  11. Oh will you lot fuck right off! "ACC is really good" "ACC....teh bestest! "I Use ACC with VR and its amazeballz""ACC , ACC, ACC, mehmehmehmehemeh" "ohh ACC is on offer today, its only half price" I mean its not like i haven't got all these tracks anyway in some sim or another. Thats why i left Simracing. I boughtly all the sims on all the consoles and then a Thrustmaster, then the Xbox 360 wheel (after which, someones caught fire!) and the fucking fanny wheel with plastic pedals. Then i bought the metal pedals, coz Meerman said so,. Oh and then another 60 quid on some Coronadevice (ahem... Cronos) because Sony were wankers and wouldn't let the Fanny talk to the PS4 for Gt sport. Then i left for a bit and see this little thread keeps getting up'd - (thats reposted kids!) and now i'm spending more cash! And then i see everyones on ACC AND its on offer....frakking rllmuk EDIT - OH AND..AND..JUST FOUND OUT THAT PCARS 2 DOESN'T HAVE THE CAPER AND AC DOESN'T HAVE A NASCAR! LIKE WTF? AND EDIT 2 - ITS NOT LIKE I'M EVEN THAT GOOD!1111
  12. I didn't know it did that. I wish you'd still all shut up about VR. I've not committed yet and if i build a new PC i won't have the cash edit why i love Assetto. this is the Nissan 2000 GTR at the Sudschleife (part of the old Nordschleife around 1967). I mean can you imagine racing fast cars on a circuit this fast and bumpy?
  13. New Steaming service ad.
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