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  1. The Game Development Thread

    Posting here for visibility, I'm selling a handful of copies of Theory of Fun if anyone is interested...
  2. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Good stuff folks and great play @Spleen - that was on the impossible pin setting too. You're also the first person to achieve two masters tournament wins, however, this has also had an effect on your handicap which is now 1 | 0! Thanks to all who took part again, I'll post here to signal the new round beginning on Sunday. Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions
  3. God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    As ever, I’ve missed too many posts in this thread to read everyone’s opinions so apologies if I repeat anything... I’m enjoying it overall but I feel the hype is unjustified. The graphics are good, the combat feels weighty, the seamless narrative aids immersion and it clearly wears recent inspirations on it’s sleeve. There are some very well paced sequences and the introduction of enemies is steady throughout though I have been getting a little overwhelmed with rewards and other UI prompts, turning the HUD off for that has helped subdue that. However, speaking from a game design perspective, I feel there are a number of issues that could have been resolved: The default controls/settings aren’t the most intuitive or tactile, I’d recommend adjusting various options (I can post here if interested). I understand the reason for having “retrieve” on Triangle so that it’s not an accidental input during combat though I can’t help but think it could have been adjusted; a timing challenge may have been added to catch it for a power boost or holding a button combination for a short time to retrieve it from gameplay obstacles. Although, I’m guessing lots of this was tested unsuccesfully behind the scenes. The puzzle chests could have better reflected the reward; a survival or endurance challenge for a health boost and an aggressive mashing or destructive challenge for a rage increase. Whilst there are varied challenges, they mostly revolve around finding symbols and/or finding out how to interact with them, some under time pressure. I like them but I do feel it’s quite jarring to earn a reward with no association to the skill I just demonstrated. Combat is decent, but as a Batman veteran, it reminds me of the original Arkham Asylum given it’s primitive nature. People don’t realise how much of a massive improvement Arkham City was until it came out and was compared to the original and my thoughts are the same here - some people may think the combat is great but until you see a substantial upgrade, you won’t appreciate how basic it is. The camera work during battles is poor (hence the indictators), you can’t quickly transition to the next target (hence the quick turn) and the feedback for incoming attacks isn’t anywhere near as clear as it is on Batman, I still haven’t got to grips with the parry window because of it. I’d also like to have seen non-linear damage where each subsequent hit does more of an impact during a brief juggle. Though one nice touch, the boy rarely kills enemies on low health allowing the player to do so. As it currently stands, if this is considered a better game by critics than say The Witcher III (ignore the genre) then I’ll never trust the hyperbole associated for any upcoming game ever again. It’s a great game yes, but I disagree that it’s groundbreaking nor should it be directly compared with other open world games, it’s more of an elaborate hub and spoke and it reminds me of the original Forza Horizon where you’re locked to fixed tracks even though the perception of the world map is huge. It’s taken the successful Tomb Raider reboot formula and has blended that with a seamless narrative alongside brutal combat - it’s great! But there is plenty that can be improved upon for a sequel, which it will absolutely get, and to say that it’s close to perfect (on the metacritic scale) is ludicrous.
  4. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    I'll call it there for this round then, looks like we're not going to get many better scores... Hat's off to @Theholyhogg for winning the tour with -37, without a single handicap stroke Thanks to those that took part, it's clear that the Standard Clubs helped to reign in the scores and keep the gap narrow. Only 4 strokes separated the top 5 entrants. This means that the MUK Masters VI is as follows: @Theholyhogg v @Spleen As with previous, if the TOTAL score is tied or the game isn't played by this time next week - @Theholyhogg wins by default due to having a harsher handicap (and for winning the tour). Please arrange the match amongst yourselves and post the stream here. The MUK tab and settings are now live. Enjoy!
  5. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    I am back, managed to get a score in just in time too! Final round is now live, a good bunch of competitive scores listed too. Keep them coming folks
  6. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Jesus I didn’t realise he was that good *insert something about being a Champions League player at a Championship Club*. Jokes aside, he looks ridiculous. Reminds me of Ascensio from Real - scoring wonder goals with every attempt on target. From the look of it, you’ll struggle to keep him; half a dozen goals from centre midfield and a set piece specialist. Don’t get too carried away but I reckon he’s worthy of a mid-table Prem club and, based on consistency, will likely move to a top 6 team from there. He’s not going to walk into Real Madrid or Chelsea just because of a 3 minute highlight reel.
  7. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Some of us are in Las Vegas Cheers for the reminder though bud
  8. BAP - Season 39 sign up thread

    I’d be interested in this again (FIFA 19) and running it through a spreadsheet. Works fine for the Golf League and it’s really well balanced.
  9. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Not much time left to get your score in @Theholyhogg...
  10. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Glad to hear everything is okay buddy Happy to see so many scores already, a wild @DC LEMON appears, maybe we’ll see @Kelthink, @PeteBrant or @tyler too? The handicap is still working great, only 2 strokes separate seven competitors even using standard gear. You don’t have to prove your score @Theholyhogg, this is just honest fun. If only the FIFA league was as dedicated to ensuring competition and balance... As for the modifier, yeah that one has never came up before. I didn’t like it at first but I was the same shortly after, I got two or three PIs. It’s a timing skill so technically you could do it with your eyes closed. I remember complaining a fair bit when the game first came out about the lack of shot styles because I didn’t used 3-click system but now it’s second nature and that modifier proves it. Anyway, keep them coming folks and as always, feedback welcome.
  11. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Right then folks, as promised, I've made a bunch of updates and improvements as follows: Fixed various formula bugs on both the RGA Tour and MUK Masters tabs to display the below correctly Revamped the entire randomisation system to allow for improved visibility, more variable granularity and simpler event generation Each round can now be independently randomised, first pass of variables have been input Earlier rounds have a higher likelihood of choosing earlier/easier settings (e.g. Eagle City / Tornado Cups / Regular Tees) Later rounds have a higher likelihood of choosing later/harder settings (e.g. Imperial Garden / Teeny Cups / Championship Tees) I've reduced the chances of the initial DLC courses being selected and have removed the following 3 DLC courses entirely (for now) There is a possibility for "EG Rules I" to be randomised differently to "EG Rules II" - not currently set up this way, but a trivial change to make Restricted the Clubs and Balls to "Standard" though "My Data" progression is still allowed All of the above is displayed as a tab called "RNG" - take a look and let me know what you think It's a pretty complex system but it makes everything really easy to change. I can review suggestions ( @Spleen - commenting on too much rain & @Mr Majestyk - asking for standard clubs) and make adjustments between Tours. All types of feedback welcome! With all that being said and we're just approaching midnight, please feel free to take part... RGA Tour 6 is LIVE!
  12. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Apologies, I must have confused myself when I said that! I just meant to say that if your overall scores were level, Kelthink wins. You beat him by 1 stroke, overall, which is fine As for custom clubs, that's part of the reason why I've added those additional fields. I may restrict the next competition to standard club only...
  13. Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Great game fellas and congrats @Mr Majestyk! Really happy to see that the handicap is keeping things competitive and we've had five different winners of the five Masters tournaments so far. Your handicap has now been recalibrated due to your success. Many thanks again to everyone who continues to take part... As some of you may have noticed, I've been making a few functional and aesthetic changes to the document. Changes are as follows: Adjusted layout to emphasise main scores Course choice has been expanded in size alongside branding logos Added several new restriction fields to the settings for more variety Restricted the view of the ladder to the top 32 players Adjusted the graph to show the average forum score as a trend line The new round will go live on Sunday/Monday, I'll have made a handful of adjustments before then and will post when it's up. Cheers
  14. Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    I've only glanced at this thread over the last couple of weeks and I can see both sides of the arguments raised. For what it's worth, my opinions so far are based solely on the final game which I spent a good 10+ hours on just yesterday, using a gamepad on Windows 10, the majority of which were with@Nicky,@Kiwi Cake and a random... My first impression was that it threw me in at the deep end; not necessarily a bad thing but I felt I had to learn quickly, especially when I joined a ship where the captain was barking out orders, but within an hour or so, I became exactly that and had a couple of Americans willing to do my bidding. Once I got used to the sailing mechanics and began to explore, I felt there was a lack of urgency, I imagine intended, to go around and do things - which I also imagine has put a handful of people off. However, it becomes second nature when you get into the flow of: Accept Quest > Set Course > Complete Objective > Return Bounty > Repeat Following on from this, I found it difficult to perceive who was what and where. By that I mean, there are numerous outposts, which I didn't know were friendly and were plentiful in interactions and there were various islands which appeared to have zero gameplay. Obviously, I later found out that bottles can lead to secret treasure and such but without this information, it seems like places to visit for visiting sake. Those that did have some gameplay, i.e. Skeletons to kill, help to show up the really poor combat system which is not only shallow but has such poor feedback, especially for the first-person melee, that it feels neither satisfying or understandable when you make the killing blow or are killed yourself. This is in contrast to the ship mechanics which, as has been mentioned, allow for various tactics and mastery of numerous individual and collective roles. Off the ship though, the outposts themselves are poorly laid out and I think each seller could be better signposted to indicate their role, what they require and when. Having said all this, I had some excellent games with the guys above even if the experience is unlikely to change in the short to mid-term. The game is what you make it. We had a decent crew, sailed from place to place through storms, boarded ships and delivered loot. We located buried treasure, hunted chickens and played music. It was great! I'll certainly be about for more games over the coming days and weeks, I'm trying to rank up each of the progression trees to access new bounties but I don't feel particularly precious about the order in which things are done or how urgent time is to do them. It was good just to go along with others and take it as it comes. There is a competitive side though, I finished a skull cloud island yesterday and aside from showing up the game's clunky combat for the umpteenth time, it distributed a tonne of lucrative rewards. I'm currently sat on about 20,000 gold and I've spent a bit of what I had beforehand on what little customisation there is. As a game designer though, I think the game is missing a handful of features that can help lead the player in and sustain engagement past "collect 2 chickens in cages" over and over again for 50 hours. I don't doubt that Rare are onto a nugget of brilliance but, putting the server's day one technical issues to one side, I think it's lacking from a wealth and variety in content to sustain the audience. However, I'm also willing to bet that they also have a roadmap for where the game is heading throughout the coming year, and beyond...
  15. Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    Anyone around at all today? Feel free to drop me an add. I’ll be around for ages!

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