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  1. Is there a centralised repository of this kind of info? I'm not a facebook user, so that route is out. Is it all sitting at https://www.specnext.com/ ? I'm too busy to plough in at the moment, but I want to get this right when I do!
  2. No, just a 'here comes the Yodelman' notification today. Didn't know what it was.
  3. Oooh! Mine has just arrived, I'm very excited. How long before open it to be confident I'm minimising my risk of coronavirus from it? (Genuine question)
  4. Good luck. The book reads really well, although I've not played/gmd it.
  5. Bellybutton is great, but bejesus Spilt Milk is a masterly album. I saw them on that tour and they were bloody fantastic. Anyone even vaguely into powerpop owes it to themselves to check them out.
  6. This might well be a fair comment. I stopped buying any new Pokemon TCG stuff *years* ago, and if it has followed the same kind of complexity and nuance creep that MTG has then I assume it is now is Phil Eklund* level of impenetrable. *I'm saying him, because one day I'll be brave enough to take on the copy of 'High Frontier (Third Edition)' I have sitting here. Yeah right. Sure I will.
  7. Whilst I love Epic Card Game... I'm basing this on my nephew, but I'd suggest it's maybe a bit intricate (with a lot of keywords) for one that young. Definitely a step up from Pokemon tcg, but having that idea of a tableaus, and cards attacking is a good place to start him/her learning from though. Epic does play into fantasy art tropes of big breasted cleavage women in places, if that's a consideration. On the plus side, Epic is free on IOS and Android, so you can easily try it to see what you think though.
  8. Epic Card Game has been released (for fre) on IOS and Android. With AI solo and asychronous cross platform support. I can't vouch for the digital implementation yet, but the game itself is excellent (obviously Magic The Gathering inspired, but does feel slightly different). Buying a physical copy (about £12, only one deck required for various different 2 player setups) I think represents great value. The (not randomised) expansions take the value for money down somewhat. As a free digital implementation, I can't see this not being great value! I'm "uglifruit" on there, if anyone fancies a game
  9. Last night was the pure worker placement euro loveliness of Viticulture (3 player). It's not cutthroat, or nasty: just a very well put together game with plenty of choices to make - but never quite enough workers or spaces to do what you want to. So the perfect worker placement... Or does that go to Snowdonia? As an added bonus drinking whilst playing definitely seems thematically appropriate, though could have contributed to me losing.
  10. Coco (Pixar/Disney 2017). 5 tears out of 5. Excellent, though not what I was expecting. Having spent the past few days dealing with the death of my dad I've been looking for escapist non-triggering films to watch. Aladdin (4/5) and The Little Mermaid (4/5) were fine, and I thought I'd try a new disney/pixar I hadn't seen. Coco was, it transpires, not the film I was looking for - the story about familial love and the dead being forgotten had me crying for situational reasons, but also because it's a great piece of film making. Seemingly sensitive to the culture it represented, and beautiful looking, and I didn't see the neat twist in the story coming. Recommended, but bring tissues. It also made me want to play through Grim Fandango again.
  11. Played two player game of D Day Dice last night. There's something about this Yahtzee -esque game that makes me feel clever when I combo recruits and items to make even better hands of dice, yet if it goes terribly I blame unlucky rolls. It's good, thinky, fun - but with a healthy dose of luck too. I like it.
  12. Enjoying this thread. I too have been (for a long while) dallying with z80 on a Spectrum, and - whilst I appreciate the new games that are created - there's a lot of identikit feeling AGD type games, and the z88dk C stuff can create amazing results but the "from scratch" asm stuff and approach is what interests me too. I'm happy enough to ROM call bits and bobs, but I think the feeling of having reinvented the wheel is reward in itself. It's not like development time/release schedules mean off-the-shelf code is the way to go. I've currently been messing with a Proportional Printing routine, that I think has a couple of cool features and should be efficient for the storage of data, plus a (now very well featured) font designer that comes in two flavours - Fixed and Proportional Width. (And in utterly reinventing the wheel *again* I've not reused any code from my fixed width 6 pixel font/42 Column stream printing routine I previously did). That has all come about because I wanted a rotated font stored in memory to use as a scroller in my attribute only double buffered demo. I'm also at the high level planning stage of converting two games I made for BASIC competitions into asm. I *think* they're both within grasp. I will, at some point, look at posting w.i.p. either here or spectrumcomputing. But I get a bit "it needs to be finished to some arbitrary degree" before I post. And once I've got there, I just carry on coding and set a new goal.
  13. Lava and pterodactyls. There's no way this wasn't the Best Game Ever (said the 13 year old me).
  14. I very much enjoyed Escape From Frankenstein, but Lost Valley Of The Dinosaurs was better...
  15. Much as I love City of Horror I'm pretty much sure I wouldn't play it with a child. The backstabbing *is* the game, and it's brutal. You need to not carry baggage into/out of the game, or take the betrayal personally. (There are plenty of my adult friends who I won't play this with!)
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