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  1. But after a year or two of dust collecting in the rotors, quiet fans inevitably become loud fans.
  2. All Microsoft accounts are single log in so if she has a working Hotmail then that will work.
  3. See I'm caught in a bind over this game. This is the only Forza I haven't played, and I can easily afford a tenner and buy it now. But, it is so obviously going to be made free like all the other old Forzas at some point soon and I am sick of buying games that then immediately become free on Xbox like the last three games I bought literally did within a month of buying them.
  4. Well someone has to start doing it eventually and Sony don't seem to be arsed. I hear there might be a live stream in July showing off the cable tie they'll be including in the box to keep the power lead coiled.
  5. Played some of this due to unlocking the rewards achievement. It's alright. The basic game is fun but it relies on nobheads not being nobheads to be any fun so ultimately is a failure. It also does the cunty Halo shit of nagging you if you quit like they think their game is super important and you not wanting to waste 15 minutes of your life having a fucking shit time is a crime or something. Fuck off you twats. I don't care about your fucking emotes, we could all be fucking dead in a month and I'm going to delete this shit as soon I rinse the achievements. Basic rules I have discovered over 20 or so matches. If your team picks Zero Cool, you will win. If your team picks the useless snake cunt, you will lose. That's the basic rules of strategy. It has literally not failed me. 100% of wins = ZC; 100% of defeats = Snake prick. As soon as XxxEdgelord420xxX picks the Live and Let Die looking wanker, quit the fucking game and save time. The one that is Battlefield is good. The other mode is shit. They say to use a headset, but that's because Ninja Theory think it's 2007 and people talk on the internet. I have heard precisely zero humans interacting during play. It doesn't make any difference. Again, if you have Zero Cool and the rest of the team keep him alive so he can heal = win. Even though it's free, and on Game Pass, no one is playing it. You end up playing the same people over and over again. This helps when the self-important cunt developers put you in detention as you get matched with other people with little patience. This means YOU can pick Zero Cool and follow the least annoying team mate around with Y pressed. Instant win, lots of stats. Quitting = better experience of the game. Again, it's alright. It's probably wicked fun with friends, but I don't play with friends so it isn't. Stop making games that require teenagers and Gamegater trump supporters to act like human beings developers. Better people than you have failed.
  6. And if you finished the tutorial during the Beta months ago it pops automatically before the menu loads.
  7. I had this once. One of the links is broken. Try going to the store page for the standard game and installing from there.
  8. Because touch screens are shit and lead to me accidentally pressing the button as I swiped. I have undone my accidental besmirchment. Although I would disagree with your point here. PS1 was sold directly on its power. We were endlessly told that PS1 was the place to play the cutting edge future of games and Saturn was old and tired. I remember the contempt people held Tomb Raider on the Saturn in compared to the PS1 at the time. And PS2 was also sold on power. The fucking Emotion Engine and how it was the most advanced supercomputer in the world that Saddam Hussein was going to use to kill everyone was never off the games press. Dreamcast was never in the hunt. By the time Xbox launched there were 3000 games for PS2 and a better looking Splinter Cell was never going to be the killer app. Switch I would argue is sold on its gimmick. If that thing was a home console that you could play twee platformers on and downscaled ports of 3 year old games it would be in the same bin as the Wii U. The portability is the whole reason to own the thing and any power drawback it has are lost in the fact that you can play the Witcher on the bog.
  9. One thing I haven't seen discussed much about Microsoft first party games next gen is that they are setting themselves up to be the place for RPGs. InXile, Obsidian, Playground's inevitable Fable game. It's clear they want some meaty RPG-like games. I would assume Compulsion and Ninja Theory will be doing big story based stuff too. With the FPS pedigree and Forza holding steady I'd wager that there is a chance that Microsoft launch with a greater breadth of exclusive games than Sony manage, considering Sony's big studios are tied up with PS4 games right now.
  10. The argument that 'It was a GDC talk' so the reveal was fine is ludicrous. The point that people reacting badly to the dry and boring nature of the talk is THERE IS NO GDC. They cancelled it. It sucks that you spent hours writing an hour long talk on Hard Drives Mark, but we don't need it anymore, they've cancelled the event. Your plan to drip feed tech info won't work if you just broadcast it online and advertise it on Twitter, everyone wants to know what the PS5 is, and your reveal told them that PS5 is a bunch of features we haven't fully tested yet, a weaker GPU than Xbox, a weaker CPU than Xbox, a fancy SSD that lets us make levels in a new vaguely explained way and the sound will be great if you take a photo of your ear and send it to them. All explained by graphs and diagrams. They should have done a 10 minute video about what the box looks like, how the GPU is wicked fast and it will have groundbreaking audio; show a game looking fucking lush and then a few days later dropped the talk on youtube with a 'Here is a deeper dive into the tech behind our PS5 announcement'. Microsoft had the Phil Spencer article a few weeks ago to set up the Digital Foundry stuff, Sony should have followed suit. If they have nothing to show visually about the machine yet, don't show anything. The whole thing comes across as completely tone deaf to the market.
  11. To be fair there is highly likely to be a world wide financial meltdown in the next few weeks so half you 40 somethings will be lucky to afford broken Dreamcasts on ebay to play 18 Wheeler on never mind £650 to play Cyberpunk with slightly sharper mohawks.
  12. And people who come back to where they used to work six months later with no money, claiming that they feel a new energy (mostly the new energy to not have to live in a hostel when they get evicted).
  13. I don't know anything for sure of course. Sony could surprise us all and run a livestream where they announce day one PC ports, all Sony games are bundled into Playstation Network etc. But I think the fact that they have the pieces to enact this strategy (they bought Gaikai a billion years ago and have Playstation Now available now) and have done nothing of real value with them at all is telling. I've no doubt that Sony will eventually try to move away from the current model, they can't be that blind to how everything is going, but I think they are a naturally conservative institution who are reticent to pivot away from a clearly working formula. They made a fortune on PS4, they will probably make a fortune on PS5. In the meantime the new model that Microsoft are clearly gathering confidence in has been put in place over the course of 5 or so years now and eased into practicality. It is striking to go back and watch the first Spencer-era Xbox conference, and his interviews around it, to see just how clearly he was putting in place what Xbox now is. This has clearly always been the plan and Microsoft are now in a position to feel that they made the right call. Of course, as you say, this would be a lot clearer to see if Sony actually said anything of worth about the console they are supposedly launching in 6 months. But so far all they've said is what it's called, the logo, and it has a faster hard drive. Maybe they are being wily predators waiting for naive Microsoft to misstep and pounce with their all encompassing vision of future gaming. But the fact that the heads of the division all fucked off, every journalist going has been channelling their inner Laura Kuenssberg and briefing that developers dealing with Sony are saying they're acting like cunts again now they are billy big bollocks, and they seem two years behind on every announcement Microsoft makes (Crossplay! We have streaming!) that I half expect them to finally announce CD compatibility for the PS4. I may be wrong (it has been known), and hopefully I am as I would love to be able to play Sony's big games without buying a big expensive box that I don't really need, but every leak that comes out seems to back up the idea that Sony really, really want everything to just stay how it is please and thank you. I mean they're calling it PS5. They can't be advertising their attempt to place the next big box on the lineage of past big boxes any more than that really.
  14. It got so bad last night that I started to think about how one becomes a train driver, such was my flawless ability to pilot a Class 66 to Acton. I believe actively seeking a job with Southern Rail is one of the measures doctors use when issuing section orders. Running the stopping service to Reading whilst listening to old episodes of Athletico Mince was probably the best thing I've ever done. It does run like shit though. I just roleplay the dodgy controls. "When are fucking GWR going to fix this fucking handle. 6 weeks it's been fucked. Cowboys. All ready to go Reg?" (Press door close button 8 times.) They should tier the game difficulty by country. My lax British Rail attitude to arrival time (I'm only three minutes late, I forgot to speed up after passing the speed limit change) would be easy mode. Japan would be insanity difficulty. 30 seconds late, Game deletes your profile.
  15. That's the gamble. Sony think boxes will sell for the next gen, and the gen after that and so on. Microsoft think the box will not matter in the next ten years and the money will be made selling software to developers to make games work, that runs the cloud, that runs the interface, that runs the server etc. (What was in the article up thread basically). Sony can morph into a Game Pass like service eventually as far as Microsoft are concerned. The games on Sony's software platform will be made with Microsoft software and run on Azure cloud servers. Microsoft want games on their 'platform' (meaning server infrastructure) not Google or Amazon's. The next gen is just the start of Microsoft positioning themselves to outflank Amazon/Google, and Sony trying to milk the current system as long as they can. At some point there will probably be a games service called Playstation which is essentially an online portal to play games, games made on Microsoft software, running Xbox Live features and played on Azure servers. Who owns what will come down to the current model's longevity and if Sony bet wrong, how long they can compete against companies that dwarf them in terms of Market Cap. Until then though Microsoft are nudging the market where they want to go, without going full Don Mattrick and spooking the horses and Sony would really love it if you paid £50 for every game you bought and played it on the box they make.
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