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  1. Buying one per level is part of the completionist list. I've revisited this recently too, am only using a guide for those times where I've practically cleared a level and still can't find that last one or two. Some of the best moons are the hard to get ones.
  2. Argh! Great save by the keeper though
  3. What the fuck was that penalty all about? I haven't got the sound up... Not sure I could see what was wrong.
  4. Oh dear oh dear... US look bloody good though.
  5. One of the refreshing things about this world cup (so far) is the lack of gamesmanship that has infected the men's game so much we don't notice until it's not there.
  6. Harsh penalty, but not going to complain!
  7. Oh dear, Nigeria falling apart.
  8. Bah! But Spain are so much the better team. I'm really looking forward to England Scotland tomorrow! And Brazil Italy could be good too.
  9. Cmon South Africa!
  10. Absolutely stunning. Amazing TV from the first minute to the last.
  11. They weren't using the game pads in the game.
  12. There's a new one every year....
  13. Totally binged from start to finish last night. It's probably been over 25 years since I read the book (when did it come out?) But most of the story points I do remember were there. Thought the casting was absolutely spot on. It was fun in places, but not laugh a minute, and was utterly charming. Great acting, great script and lush visuals all added up to something quite special.
  14. Just about to ask the exact same thing...
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