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  1. Cosmetic tat: do you let your kids buy it?

    I bought cosmetic stuff in Elite Dangerous (Yellow ship and Green lasers) because I'd put so many hours into the game I felt that it would give the developers a little bit more. I've also bought skins for Minecraft for the kids in the past too.
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Loving my Korok cushion! Thanks @grindmouse
  3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    They have serious episodes?? Can't say I've noticed.... Co-co-co-co-co-co-cooool.
  4. Elite Dangerous

    Oh and ask on here if you get stuck.
  5. Elite Dangerous

    It seems much more complicated than it actually is. End of the day it is about flying your ship from one star to another, sometimes stopping at bases. You can run away from nearly every fight, if you run away quick enough. Do it, chuck an audiobook or podcast on and just play. Start small, avoid fights, aim for the next big ship.
  6. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Have you done the Mage college? If not, do that. I find that using one ice, one fire is pretty effective. Especially that Ice shard one, that shows em right down.
  7. Elite Dangerous

    No, no, no, NO, NOOO!!! Spent about two hours mining getting Painite. Come out, sell off the other stuff, get rid of the refinery and prospector limpets controller. Set direction for whatever her name is engineer who needs the 10t of Painite..... Jumping, boring, jumping, jumping, boring... Some pirate idiot in a Federal Dropship, no probs there, submit to interdiction. Circling each other....I'm trying to get the Kill Warrant on him and he keeps beaming me, gradually reducing my shields - still not worried, won't take long once I've got my sights on him properly. Finally get the warrant. Switch to weapons and.... shiiit I've left the mining lasers on. But I do at least I have the Plasmas still.... no prob, can still do this. Hit him a couple of times, then he hits me and strips my shields! And immediately run into each other and I'm suddenly down to 16%...Run run run run... nope missiles... bastard! Then it dawns on me the FUCKING PAINITE! Shit shit shit.... fuck it. Stupid game, rage quit.
  8. Ah, interesting, I read the book a couple of years ago and was pretty gripped, it's very interesting; I wonder how they will explain the border.
  9. Elite Dangerous

    Had a little look around the Elite forums for Python loadouts, one was three Plasma Accelerators and two Missile Launchers.... not very efficient, but bloody great fun. Stripping shields off smaller ships with a single hit, then blowing them to bits with missiles. Great fun Need to make the PAs more efficient though which unfortunately means another engineer run to unlock an engineer, who then requires Painite (which you cannot buy, only mine) *sigh*
  10. Elite Dangerous

    We won the war comfortably. There'll be a cool off period (3 days) and then be the next thing, probably another war, maybe for control of Mukhang. We already have control of Hemait and Basesuka.
  11. Elite Dangerous

    Ah right, if you go to any ship yard you can where they all are.
  12. Elite Dangerous

    Zoom out on the galaxy map, should have a red marker on it.
  13. Elite Dangerous

    Thought I'd sign up with Aisling Duval, might as well get the shields after all. And noticed this... Seems old Mukhang is ripe to become a new fiefdom of AD, long live her empress.
  14. Football Thread 2017/18

    That's fucking mental. What's the backstory?
  15. What are you reading at the moment?

    Walking on Glass... and you know what? I don't think I've ever read it before!

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