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  1. Danster

    RDR2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    Was that before or after he strangled the old woman.... And did anyone else go back and loot her, to see if the gold bar was still there? just me then?
  2. And finished! 52 bloody hours (i got my epic badge :P) Good though and no audio problems.
  3. Danster

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Fair play Spurs, did what you had to do. And Liverpool too!
  4. Danster

    RDR2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    Oh I just meant, rather than walk around New Austin as it is now. I've never played rdr1.
  5. Danster

    Stellaris - "Make Space Great Again"

    Nice. I will have to have a look once I get X4's hooks out of me.
  6. I've definitely caught legendary fish and they are marked off on your map once you have. As i'm working from home and it's lunch....
  7. Danster

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Was what i was thinking too, but then Boycott seems to have gotten away with it.
  8. Game of the Year A1. Tetris Effect "Music and Tetris, a single plinking piano that hits a beat with each line, gradually building into a crescendo of jazz as the tetriminos drop quicker and the level gets hectic - with a crash of cymbals as a Tetris four liner slots home - and relax... For a moment! And that is just one level, one score, one song, one mode. Genius. Possibly the best version of Tetris ever created." A2. Read Dead Redemption 2 A3. X4: Foundations "I've only just started playing this, just over a week I think and it's consumed 79 hours already. Albeit some of that time I've just left it running while getting on with other things, it earns for you while you wait you see. But, despite the bugs and issues, I can totally get on-board with the developers on this one. It's quirky, its menu systems are amazing in their lack of user design, its graphics aren't the best, it sometimes crashes, but it appeals to that world building bit inside me. I want more ships, I want more stations, I want to be as powerful as any of the societies that currently dwarf me, I want to wipe out the enemies of my friends, did I say I want more ships? Can see me playing this one, on and off, for the next 12 months easily and if support continues perhaps even longer than that." A4. Labo A5. Astro Bot Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. Playstation Classic "How did Sony make this go from a day one pre-order to cancellation? Perhaps those early days' PS1 games were not quite as appealing as Nintendo's SNES classics? Or the realisation that this wan't the PS Classic I was waiting for? The bizarre choice of PAL games? Poor Optimisation? A combination of it all I think." Z2. Fallout 76 "Oh Bethesda! How on earth did you mess this up so badly?" Z3. Z4. Z5. Sound Design of the Year S1. Tetris Effect S2. Read Dead Redemption 2 S3. Visual Design of the Year V1. Read Dead Redemption 2 V2. Tetris Effect V3. Astrobot Writing of the Year W1. Red Dead Redemption 2 "Not normally one to experience sentiment in a game, but not only did Rockstar manage to stop me from upgrading my horse to a better one due to sentimentality (C'mon gurl), they also made me feel anger towards a character, frustrations with another, care, friendship, loss.... very good. Some might say it was hackneyed and watching Buster Scruggs and comparing the two does show up its weaknesses. But it's a game, open world and yet tightly scripted - and so much dialogue, so many ways to say one thing - I think perhaps I noticed twice or maybe three times speech being repeated. Maybe I was lucky, the story just matched the way I was playing Arthur so snugly. Yeah I was a bad guy, I stole, I killed even, but I had an honour system, a code. Lines I did not want to cross - the reexamination of my own play-style while the story matched it was amazing." W2. W3. Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. PC "Not really surprising as I got a beefy game machine in Jan and have been testing it ever since" Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Rockstar "How they managed to get my vanilla PS4 to look almost as good as my PC I don't know (I do - they are a huge dev house after all) totally stunning." Best Supported Game (released pre 2018) of the Year B1. Crusader Kings II "Version 3.0.1 just came out on the 5th Dec some six years after the original version of the game was released. Yes there is DLC aplenty for it, but even the vanilla owners get the core updates." Your game of the year that didn't come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2017 or earlier) X1. Ghost Recon Wildlands (PC) "4 player co-op, frenetic fun Throwing grenades at each other while bombing around Bolivia in a Llama bus - talk about special forces." Best game character of the year C1. Arthur Morgan C2. C3.
  9. Danster

    X4 - Foundations - New Egosoft space sim

    Oh another tip I can give is to save some Fine Meals... amazing how many people want bloody Fine Meals!
  10. Danster

    X4 - Foundations - New Egosoft space sim

    One of the early tutorials has you scanning one of the first stations (if not THE first station) that you come across. Do this tutorial! It is the path that leads to the PHQ and opens up teleportation and base building for you.
  11. Ah the princess.... A mystery still.
  12. Danster

    Ever been totally hooked on one game?

    Just to expand on that Elite Dangerous hours spent a little. At one point I watched almost the entire Star Trek TNG back catalogue whilst playing. It took me two weeks to fly to the centre of the galaxy and back - playing for several hours each night and more. A massive undertaking that still didn't get me the "Elite" level for Exploration. I like games, as I have mentioned recently elsewhere, that allow me to play while listening to audiobooks. If there is to much narrative I can't concentrate on the book, but when I find one that does it means I can do two things that really interest me at the same time.
  13. Danster

    Ever been totally hooked on one game?

    Yeah I totally do, unless there is a story to end the game I can get massively hooked into certain genres. Probably my worst/best that I actually have figures for: Other notables include: GTA5, The entire Civilization series, Crusader Kings 2, Burnout Paradise, Skyrim (Two run throughs of 100+ hours and still not seen the end....), Stellaris, Tetris... omg Tetris how many hours...? I'll have a quick go at something, but when I get really hooked I get totally hooked. Always avoided MMORPGs for that very reason.
  14. Danster

    X4 - Foundations - New Egosoft space sim

    A week's worth of play and I have 30 odd ships (automatically getting materials for me) and 2 stations built - the Player HQ and another one that I thought I buy to see if I could. I am now half tempted to start again and work from the beginning knowing what I do now. And some poster on Reddit mentioned it being different if you start on 1.3 (that's three patches in a wekk - fair play) so it might play slightly differently. There is so much still wrong with it. Crew management is ridiculous - especially when you can teleport all over the place but you have to deliver them to the right stations to switch ships and that. Plus just trying to find the crew person that is right for the right ship is a pain in the fucking arse. But, it is quite an interesting game - part Elite, part RTS, part 4X (har har) gaming. Apparently the economy isn't working properly yet, not that I've noticed and ends up bottoming out - which means you cant sell anything, which means you need to build everything. Although they say big wars fix that. I'm enjoying it, that's for sure and am not done with it yet (it definitely is the type of game that you can play while listening to an Audiobook which is exactly what I was looking for).
  15. Danster


    Company of Heroes 2 is free on Steam until Monday, never played it myself but believe it's meant to be pretty good.

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