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  1. Yeah Cadmium is one of the ones you can't refine as well, well you can make more of it if you've already got some... but that doesn't help. This is really useful for refining: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m3D-ElN7ek3Y0f-1XDt0IW2l6HxfXi5n5Yr7VLwLbg4/edit#gid=1624428843
  2. Goddam! ME Too!!! Shit... just spent my credit for the month. C'mon Audible you know I have all the Abercrombie books on my Audible and some on Kindle and yet you don't plaster it over my homepage! Grrrrr
  3. For some reason this ended up in the wrong thread... I am almost entirely sure it was my fault one way or the other... But I might post it here anyway as I thought it looked quite interesting:
  4. I have decided to NOT watch season three. I just can't support the junk that was season two. If you lot start raving about it having turned some sort of corner and being actually, y'know, decent... then I might watch it.
  5. Thought this looked pretty interesting: Apologies if previously posted.
  6. Brilliant, will have to remember that one.
  7. Especially when it now names who has alerted the guards "Danster's footsteps were heard!" Fucksake! Leeeeroy Jenkins!
  8. Not really, Behemoths I'd give you, but Wolves come the first time you are pinged by a Drone and don't realise you need to hide.
  9. Did they not even meet any wolves, damn those guys are tough.... or a behemoth? Good luck dealing with them early on
  10. Loved the Riker snippets, looks like it could actually be good. I hope that this show is another fight back against the grimdark future zeitgeist for something more positive. Fingers crossed for Consider Phlebas too, in that regard.
  11. And it can be stunning looking too
  12. Cool, always said I'd buy it again on PC. Not least cos I might actually get some mileage out of online with mates. But also cos I'm curious to how good it will look...
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