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  1. Download the Nintendo online app, hook up nook link and then use the qr scanner. Then go into the game and on your in game phone go to the design app and click download.
  2. There are two other books in the same universe. One is a short story anthology (Sharp Ends), well worth a read and the other (A Little Hatred) is the first book of a new trilogy (and is ace).
  3. I hope that was you I left a tip at the feet of... in a bandana?
  4. Was wondering myself tbh. Here are a few that may prove useful: https://www.reddit.com/r/ACQR/ https://acnlpaths.tumblr.com/ https://acpatterns.com/
  5. Unlucky I think, happened to me too. Loads of bits but no big ones. Over the weekend I did notice some more meteors just after midnight. Don't know if that's a regular thing or not. I got a large star bit from one of those.
  6. I got mine in the river below the top waterfall, dunno if that helps any.
  7. Ah it's not, but it maximises the potential growth spots... I tend to put mine in diamond shapes so each flower has four spaces around it.
  8. Place flowers near each other, with a single gap to allow for growth, and you can get new ones growing. Depending on what colours you out next to each other there's a chance for new colours to emerge. It's fun to figure out by yourself rather than follow a guide, but if you must have a certain colour then there are plenty of guides out there. Some fruit you can only get by visiting other people's Islands. Sometimes the random mile ticket Islands have different fruit, but I have only ever seen that once.
  9. You just need to keep trying. Nintendo (in their infinite wisdom) decided that they won't let people travel to towns where someone is having a conversation or looking at their phone...
  10. Hope you don't mind, my daughter is coming over for s look...
  11. You don't need to submit them, just place them outside the house.
  12. Yup gotta say I'm really enjoying the new season, but then I always liked the others too And Maeve is my fave!
  13. You have to share an island and you have to have a primary account. To progress the infrastructure of the island the primary owner has to finish things off. But otherwise it's pretty open to how much each person can do. Local multiplayer is a bit whack though.
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