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  1. Oh my, his twenty minute takedown of Edge's 7/10 in his Doom review is brilliant.
  2. Shame that Scotland and Wales can't both qualify for WC.
  3. Me and my mates are always quoting this one: "It looks like you chose the wrong party to crash."
  4. It's a bit of fun, I played it with my brother and his wife for a while. It's literally the only game I've ever played where I've spun on the spot shouting "the power of christ compels you" while holding a crucifix....
  5. It's the teen wolf remake we didn't know we wanted. Will be disappointed if she doesn't say "Give me a keg of beer" at some point...
  6. Amazing scenes in the FA Cup at the Memorial stadium last night, it was 1-1 at full time...
  7. Put in another couple of hours last night with my mates, I think it's ace and hectic as anything when the horde come swarming. The card system is really simple, not sure why people have an issue with it. You simply choose a set of 15 cards before you dive into a campaign, then they are presented to you in order - the first one gets assigned automatically and then you choose one per level to add. At the end of your run you get victory points where you can buy more cards. The cards themselves are pretty decent selection of standard boosts, nice additiions, over powered but limiting and team based. So you might have one that adds 10% to accuracy, or lets you carry more ammo. Or gives you a massive boost but reduces your stamina. The longer the run, the more cards you get to add to your hand. I was using one last night where I got to replace my secondary weapon with a primary, but my weapon swap speed was reduced by 25%. Worth it for having a snipe rifle as a spare... The different ammo for different gun types works really well in forcing you to choose different weapons, especially when you're all in a team. There's no point in all taking ARs because there just isn't enough ammo to go around. Also means if you are out of ammo for your main type of weapon you can throw it down, pick up another type and start blasting. Disclaimer, only played as a team of 3+ with mates. No idea what it's like to play with randoms or just the bots.
  8. Played this a year or so back on Steam with some mates. It's a good laugh for sure, well worth a go and the community were generally pretty great. Rock and stone brothers!
  9. Haven't been on for a while, but the RLL Mukhang Symposium was doing alright last I looked https://eddb.io/faction/75165 Yeah not bad at all.
  10. Hmmmnnnn..... What have they done to Foundation? It's a very nice looking sci-fi with a mystic bent, but it isn't Asimov's Foundation, such a shame. Book spoilers perhaps follow: I like what they are doing on the empire side of the story, that's been well realised, the idea of the clones and everything. Not anything Asimov ever wrote about, but it would fit within that universe. Albeit the android... The robot... Doesn't quite fit (and yes I have read Prelude to the Foundation). But, I could forgive that, if that was the only thing that jarred with me. But what the fuck is going on on Terminus? And why is the tech of the empire now actually the tech of the Foundation 200 years from where the story is currently? Personal shields? Sigh... And then there's the Anachreons, running around with a bow, shooting practically everyone (until the next episode when nobody seemed to have died), blowing stuff up. The thing I loved about the Foundation in the novels was the way they stumbled through their crises, using their smarts and their tenacity to be right. Because it was mathematically proven that they'd get through them. They knew that Seldon had worked it out, they trusted his maths, and when push came to shove it was rational thought that won the day. There wasn't any mystical finger waving, no special chosen ones, just the right social setting for the kind of person who'd be needed to appear and do the rational thing, as predicted by psychohistory. And don't get me started on the time vault! Whose stupid idea was that? Too much has been made up that doesn't fit with the books for this show ever to be anything more than disappointing. I'll keep watching, it's half decent sci-fi, but it's not what it could have been and is lesser for that. A shame.
  11. I once killed every single person on that level.... Because it was annoying me.
  12. Silent done... 2 x Catalyst+ missing off the bottom of the screenshot, which were absolutely key. Heart battle was very close, thought I was dead at one point and then luckily drew Piercing Wail off of Dagger throw, that saved my life and the run. Having two triples of poison though is lovely.
  13. If you can get the other players to leave... the game seems to continue with bots. But that could be a little tricky to engineer.
  14. L - Le Tissier? or is that T?
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