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  1. Surviving Mars is good fun - the people get in the way, but are key to it overall. Or for a slightly different take on a management type sim is Satisfactory. A first person factory/mine tech tree building game (that has the added bonus of being able to be played coop if you like that sort of thing).
  2. As Kempster said it was an almost infinite deck. I reckon I could have beaten act 4 though as well. If you can beat the Transient down from 999 health only using 12 energy... Well pretty much everything else would go down too.
  3. Finally! So frustrating to have gotten these two on my Switch (less played version) but not on Steam (most played version). Until today, when the stars aligned I'd never have thought to choose bloodletting for a low card run, but got it when I transformed all my strikes and defends and it worked like a dream. I spent 12 health to kill the Transient.
  4. I believe it scales to the number of players on the server. Not sure where I heard that though.
  5. I see your Breaking Bad and I raise you...
  6. Me and my buddy just spent the whole weekend recreating this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallingwater We found some 3D plans and so decided to go for it.... We had material runs, trolls attacking, we build a hill.... lol. Not a single new square was discovered and we spent far too many hours on it. But it's a great base now
  7. How did you get silver before beating the third boss? Love the house
  8. We've only done two! We just keep exploring and building stuff instead of progressing - I guess it depends on how big a group you're playing with and/or what you like to do.
  9. Nice haul! We had a mixture of bad fortune, sheer incompentency and lucky escapes yesterday. But first up here's a layered spoiler for you, there is a place in the world you can go with your gold.... Anyway, in search of that and with only vague instructions on the area of the world to go to, we started searching. My mate started by circling an island in a raft, got caught by the wind and died. So returned in a proper boat, rescued his stuff and then got blown well off course and ended up in the Plains (argh - buzz buzz, if you know what I mean...).
  10. We've started to tame the swamp It's great how what was once a mysterious dangerous place becomes much easier to deal with. Trolls are just a bit of a nuisance now, greydwarves almost entirely ignored - their tickles meaningless. And the same is happening in the swamp, bit by bit. Some good loot to be found in there, recommend anyone venturing forth to beat the second boss first.
  11. Literally the least important part of this game. Good luck, it is a hard game to grasp but it's quite unlike anything else for it's ability to weave a story across the ages. And remember there's really no right or wrong way to play.
  12. Bow and arrows are you friend when tackling a troll. They reaaallly don't like them
  13. Finished a Core wood Gatehouse for our base last night. Our group have been progressing slowly, mainly because only two of us play it non-stop and we're more interested in building stuff than fighting bosses. However, we did manage to take down boss two on Friday night, which was nice. We've also dipped our toes into the swamp biome, which is... horrible! Did have a bug which was a shame, where my mate died in the swamp and his grave simply disappeared. Shame, he lost ALOT of decent gear which we've spent the last two days mining and smelting and crafting to re
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