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  1. dizogg

    The Bookies

    Sorry if this is uncomfortable for you. I’ve gambled and gone to horse racing, I’m not trying to slag it off. I don’t care about the horse. I’m more making a point about the empty message of condolence.
  2. dizogg

    The Bookies

    If you gamble and watch horse racing then you are complicit in its death.
  3. dizogg

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Sorry this is an awful idea. You think things would be improved by making the laws even murkier?
  4. dizogg

    Nintendo Switch

    Fancy a new game but can’t see much that takes my fancy. Last thing I got was Wargroove which I initially enjoyed but found it too lengthy and boring long term. Is there any new(as in last 6 months) must haves?
  5. dizogg

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Let’s not be hasty...
  6. dizogg

    The Man Utd Thread

  7. dizogg

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if Celtic forced his hand. He’ll have been getting a big wage off them they could take off their books as well as a few million compensation from Leicester. Not to be sniffed at for Celtic and with the quality (or lack of quality in the rest of the league...) of their squad still pretty likely they’ll win the league anyway.
  8. dizogg

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Lol which everyone has been saying all season before them losing to Leicester, Newcastle and Palace. We’ve lost 1 game, to City. City have got to play Utd (hopefully with less players injured...) too. City are in form and us less so but we’re still top of the league so just bloody enjoy it!
  9. dizogg

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I didn’t say it was a final, your manager did: “It could be a massive weekend,” he said. “The football this weekend is like a final for us at Burnley. “It’s going to be key in the future of the competition, the Premier League. It’s a massive three points. https://sport.bt.com/news/mauricio-pochettino-burnley-match-is-a-final-for-tottenham-S11364338592478
  10. dizogg

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Yeah half dead after the 2 transfer windows with no signings masterstroke This game was like a cup final for you and you lost. An improvement for you guys though as you usually don’t make Cup finals
  11. dizogg

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Lol no idea what Pochs complaints can be here. Well beaten.
  12. dizogg

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Yeah it’s retired blokes little job for the day isn’t it. Gotta fill those hours somehow.
  13. I modded my Wii at the weekend (thanks to this useful guide!). It was already modded actually but this was back in 2011 or something so things have moved on since then. Turns out the hardest part was getting my Wii to update to 4.3 (really seems to have some janky wifi in there). Can anyone recommend a good HDD to use with this? I don't need anything huge, probably 500gb and under would do. I just know sometimes there is compatibility issues with stuff like this (drawing enough power, USB2.0/3.0 etc.) so didn't know if there was a go to HDD which is known to work flawlessly. Cheers
  14. dizogg


    Seems knee-jerky. Every team has shit results.
  15. dizogg

    The Man Utd Thread

    Most on Carroll and the rest on Suarez, who turned out to be half decent.

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