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  1. Best classic tomb raider?

    http://xproger.info/projects/OpenLara/ Play the original Tomb Raider in your browser... actually works impressively well!
  2. Football Thread 2017/18

    Lallana has been England's best performing player over the last few years (before his injury). Also Gomez played great in a 3 CB formation against Brazil so deserves another chance. His qualities are great in that set up as he can play decently and intelligently at CB but also has athleticism and mobility to go with it. Everyone always bashes the England selection but (possibly bar Hart) I don't think you could do much better. Whilst picking players in form is ideal, you can't completely compromise cohesiveness to do that. What is the point in selecting Murray when hes never realistically going go to the World Cup in his life just because hes going through a purple patch? The purpose of these friendlies is not to win at all costs, its to prepare for the World Cup.
  3. Football Thread 2017/18

    UEFA put us together because the rest of Europe scared of us. FIX.
  4. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Man City are the team I least wanted us to have just because it feels more special playing a European team from another country. But should be an exciting couple of games.
  5. The Man Utd Thread

    Me driving past this thread right now
  6. The Man Utd Thread

    This is very enjoyable, I must say!
  7. Connecting an N64 to a HDTV

    Yep tbh I just wanted to have a little play on them and also check they and the games are in full working order. It’s might end up just giving one to my nephew so cheap/shit is probably the way I’ll go! Its also hard to see whether it’s the cable that looks shit and how much of it is using a 20yr old console on a 4K tv that I’m used to playing 1080p ultra crisp content on. Both I guess. Thanks all.
  8. Connecting an N64 to a HDTV

    Ha, amazing that someone has gone to the trouble to the create that but maybe just a tiny bit out of the price range I was expecting!
  9. Just pulling some old gaming gumpf out my parents loft as it needs clearing out. Found 2 N64s and some games up there, however just wondering the best way to hook these up to my HDTV? It’s a new Sony Bravia one so doesn’t even have scart, just HDMI, composite and component. Only cable I have is one shoddy GameCube composite cable (the 3 yellow, red and white plugs) which is on the blink. Just wondering if I were to buy a cable what’s the best option?
  10. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Just saying, you only come in here to post negatives. It’s basically trolling but pretending to provide some sort of analysis. Over the last few weeks where we’ve been unbeaten you haven’t posted once.
  11. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    You never post in here apart from our (rare) losses. Such a sad little gimp boy. Go and support Birmingham City properly, they are faultless apparently. We didn’t play great today and good win for Utd. Could easily have been different but can’t afford to give away 2 goals against a team like that.
  12. Football Thread 2017/18

    Totally Football is better than Football Weekly though. The Paddy Power segment at the end is pretty easily skippable if you don't want to listen. I still like Football Weekly though.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    It was when I wrote that... are you claiming I made it up?
  14. Nintendo Switch

    Cool. Think I might go for that. Unfortunately the Nintendo eshop is currently down for planned maintenance
  15. The Man Utd Thread

    I was thinking that, why the fuck does he look so tubby? Imagine how much you’d have to eat/drink to be a fat professional footballer.

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