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  1. I’m on 175 bells per turnip if anyone is desperate! Let me know and I’ll open up!
  2. Got a whole duck to roast, obviously if you were cooking breast you’d ideally cook them pink. I’m assuming this isn’t possible as a whole otherwise the legs wouldn’t be cooked right. Without taking it apart and cooking different bits separately? Ive probably answered my own question - any other roast duck tips?
  3. Is there a correct way to be hitting it? And what shoukd i use? Axe or Spade? Sometimes I hit it and it just smashes to piece, is that cause ive eaten fruit? Do I need to make sure I havent eaten any fruit?
  4. Is there any better way to get iron nuggets? I got the wood required for the shop ages ago but every day I hit the rocks on my island and get like 1-2 iron nuggets from the whole place, the rest is clay and stones. Even travelling with Nook miles I get like a couple of measly iron nuggets. Just checking i'm not missing something!
  5. What a horrible little post! You say it had be written by a woman like that’s automatically a bad thing. Get a grip mate. Anyway watched this last night, enjoyed it but definitely one of those films im thinking about more afterwards. Florence Pugh is amazing too.
  6. Yep, I think that’s the most I’ve laughed out loud at a podcast ever
  7. Personally I think you should.
  8. How is it the perfect song? People SHOULD be walking alone, if they aren’t then they aren’t self isolating as recommended. Irresponsible imo and putting vulnerable lives in danger.
  9. I go to Showcase Cinema De Lux in Nottingham and never had any of the issues you’ve mentioned! Also usually go on meerkat movies 2 for 1 so ends up being about £5-6 a ticket.
  10. Which cinema are you going to that treats you like garbage? Personally I pay a reasonable (considering their overheads) price to see a new film on a big screen with a great sound system. Really don't get people that hate the cinema in this thread. Don't enjoy it? Don't go. But if it didn't exist you have to consider that some of the movies you enjoy watching at home would never get made - someone has to pay for them, and cinema tickets are a currently a huge part of that.
  11. If we’re in a position to play more matches as you’ve suggested... why not just carry on the season?
  12. Imagine scoring the best goal of your career on the day there’s 0 fans.
  13. As Cal said, more of a smash and grab. This is a weird take unless you’re just here on a wind up, you virgin.
  14. A caller on the radio. Great source.
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