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  1. How are we supposed to know? Tbh his time at Liverpool has past. He forced a move and he’s gone. Also not surprising it hasn’t worked out. Anyone who moves to Real or Barca for big money seems to be hated unless they are they literally play perfectly every single game.
  2. I can’t decide whether this performance means City will run away with the league or the (possible) result means that maybe they won’t.
  3. Which is unfortunate but I think it’s a bit early to write the guy off. He’s been here 1 season, and has been fit for a good proportion of that.
  4. He’s pulled up in training with a muscle strain, give him a fucking break. You guys sound like those mad twitter fans with a poor grasp of English.
  5. dizogg


    I think Luiz is a decent signing. He’s not going to make you mean in defence like Liverpool with VVD but that was never a realistic aim. He’s experienced and at his best really good. I remember in a 3 at the back under Conte he was great when they won the title.
  6. dizogg

    The Man Utd Thread

    Your lord and saviour Woodward not allowing himself to be bullied on prices! Now that is funny.
  7. Matip was flawless last year, Gomez is fantastic and has the potential to be world class. Lovren is about as good a 4th choice centre back you could wish for. Buying Koulibaly would be a pure football manager player wank fantasy. I don’t think he’d even fit in next to VVD. And is he even for sale? And how much would he cost considering Maguire just went for £85m? If any signing was needed its probably top class back up for the front 3, but let’s see what Brewster and Wilson can bring.
  8. Yeah I thought Salah looked great today, always dangerous.
  9. Sterling is still much shitter at finishing that he should be.
  10. I really can’t see past that being an awful signing (value wise). I genuinely don’t think he’s an improvement on Smalling or Jones. He’s about the same level as them.
  11. Yep don't really care about the result on Sunday but looking forward to watching the game. Also agree we aren't nailed on to even be in the top 2, and we will struggle to keep pace with City like we did last season. Having said that I wouldn't rule us out of winning it.
  12. What an incredible waste of everyone’s time.
  13. Don’t care. Make a Wolves thread. if you ain’t top 4, your club is a bore.
  14. We got 97 points last season and won the champions league. Without the Ox! And Fabinho etc now bedded in. We’ve only got 3 more games or something. We don’t need to make any signings unless it’s the right player for our future that fits the system.
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