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  1. I've been quite impressed with this - it's nice and compact, comes with a lens protector and a wee bag for cables/batteries/etc, but it does mandate that you tighten the straps all the way down before the headset will fit in the case.
  2. I'm getting strong Chekhov's Gun urges about the floating repair droids that are in almost every scene now. Season 1 : "Droids? That's a funny noise, is that a word? What does it mean? Season 2, set about 5 subjective seconds after season 1 : "Careful you don't trip over the floating droid that's busily humming around the place, why don't we step over here to have a conversation, and maybe a bit of a cry, in front of the glass-fronted droid locker that now exists in every corridor intersection?" It's just going to turn out to be visual noise isn't it?
  3. Ah, it all makes sense now. Star fleet is the end stage of the liberal democrats.
  4. Space Hitler: "Where I'm from, we were prime and you were the mirror". Saru, whose species was preyed upon for meat in space Hitler's universe: "As it should be" Wat.
  5. "The sphere data clearly wants us to foobar the whatsits!" "Well, I guess that's all there is to it. The sphere data is an entity of pure knowledge accreted over millennia of exper... Hey wait a minute! That sphere is just two incompetent writers standing on each others' shoulders in an overcoat!"
  6. "OK, off you pop to vulcan on the first diplomatic mission in a thousand years. You'd best tread lightly though, as they firmly believe we forced them to destroy all civilisation in the galaxy." "How about I immediately rules-lawyer them into tearing their own society apart?" "Yeah sure, that'll be fine"
  7. The personal transporters need to be reigned in. * Comedy lizard man: we've all had a laugh, end it now. This cannot continue. * It's difficult to show a character making a point of walking away when they can apparate at will. Saru throwing a cream puff for a few steps and then remembering the beam-me-up button lacks gravitas. * Discovery's transporter room is staffed by the proto-Chief O'Brien. He will destroy the ship. This needs to be explored.
  8. Oh man, you can smell the camera person's desire, nay, need to spin a tight orbit around Michael and Book's kiss. Alas, the confines of the turbolift set restrict their art. A sequence of jump-cuts will have to suffice.
  9. Hmm. Stamet's "I thought Trill carried their host's memories, not their soul!" line. Maybe there's some meat there? What is a soul? What defines a soul as distinct from memories? Are people just the sum of their experiences, or is there something ineffable, even divine, that defines a person vs a mechanism? Is it something biological, or are the machine intelligences that enable our everyday existence and empower almost everything we do in some way deserving of acknowledgement or respect? Narrator: this issue was never visited again.
  10. "I'd rather regret something I did than something I didn't" Ah yes, St Burnham perfectly personifying the Star Fleet Prime Directive there. To be fair, Burnham vigorously fucked the directive on Saru's planet in the last season and no-one heard the whimpers. This is at least consistent characterisation.
  11. Disappointing lack of Mammy Two Shoes, but I suppose they don't want to ruin the big reveal in the trailer.
  12. While I'm glad that Space-Hitler's ability to analyse and exploit inscrutable future-tech by smashing it with a chair and then clawing through the shards didn't seem to go anywhere in this episode, I have no confidence that she'll not have cobbled together a neutron bomb out of it at some convenient point in the future.
  13. "Our AIs have evolved quite a bit since your day" "Oh really? The AI in my day almost destroyed all life in the galaxy. This obnoxious asshole sounds like complete dogshit and can be alt-f4ed by blinking" "HIGHLY EVOLVED!"
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