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  1. Mint panny q, vectrex, wondermega (both victor models), RGB modded Pc engine duo r to name a few.....all worth probably 3 or 4 times now, what I sold them for lol
  2. Yep - resolution boost for x and pro!
  3. Could be - wonder if they have boosted the resolution?
  4. Noticed this up on the psn store today is it a ‘new’ remaster or the 1080p remaster from the older ps4 collection? 2 and infinite are also up
  5. 2560×1440 resolution max, choice between 60fps at 1800p resolution or 30fps at 2160p, HDR support.
  6. The single player on WWII is quite nice, but the multiplayer will now be a horrendous spawn - die - spawn - die, for new entrants!
  7. Some Old AAA games make sense to give away for free, as there is a ton of DLC for them to claw back revenue. The COD games being good examples.
  8. You need to stick with it - by giving up after 2/3 levels you are seriously only experiencing a fraction of what it has to offer. Once you unlock abilities, more weapons and get comfortable with the mechanics, it starts to click and you’ll be having some serious wow moments and sublime gameplay.
  9. Is there no higher resolution support for the pro / x / pc? That’s pretty lazy.
  10. It matters quite abit if playing on a 4k monitor, 1080p doesn’t look too hot, 1440p better, 4k best
  11. I remember picking up an Asian ps3 version before most people had heard of it and was amazed at how good it was. Played it for months too.
  12. Can this be played like a single player fallout game?
  13. The broadcast quality crt stuff is amazing, but getting really hard to pick up now and I appreciate you can’t walk into curry’s to buy it. Some thing like a BVM14E5E or 20F1E has full geometry and convergence control via the OSD. You can tweak EVERY part of the screen for convergence and there are pages and pages of geometry options, without even having to go in side it. Real tweakers heaven. Even top tier pvms, like the L4 require so little tweaking to get them almost spot on. I have had a few issues with a 20L2 which I had to put strips and magnets on, but still looked great before the work was done. The BVMs are in a whole different league though.
  14. After seeing how good retro can look on a pro crt monitor, i’d sooner chew my own toenails than go back to using a Scaler and lcd....
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