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  1. Finished watching this now and agree with him entirely. Not just because it justifies my stance for the last 7 years that Part I wasn't a masterpiece but also because it has shored up my feeling that Part II absolutely is. It's not a perfect game, and not my favourite game, but it is trying so many things within the medium that it could so easily have played safe about and manages to do it whilst still fulfilling the remit of a Sony AAA game that I can't fail to admire its vision.
  2. I enjoyed Mark Brown of Game Maker's Toolkit's thoughts on the ending: https://medium.com/@mcbacon/the-uncomfortable-complicity-of-the-last-of-us-part-ii-full-spoilers-8da1700de033 I agree with it but not in a way that makes me feel negatively towards the game, just an "oh, yes, it does have some flawed logic" but I also agree with Ferine's excellent post in this thread about how the third act is crucial to the story. It's an improvement on the first game, a lot of which I think is around me finding it a lot less tense or at least playing it as a straight shooter is encouraged, so I felt like I could play it for hours and get into it, rather than feel my shoulders getting tighter with every encounter. But I think the key thing about the game is that the folk who are praising it all sound like they're having a much better time than the edgelords that are constantly whining about betraying a character who was clearly selfish bordering on villainous. It felt like an 8/10 when the credits rolled but I'm slowly finding myself pushing that score up as I soak up other people's impressions.
  3. Everyone watching this thread as it hits 12pm.
  4. I know it's not worth complaining again about the online implementation but the fact you can keep retrying if there's "interference" but if the destination is full, it just ends the online session and you have to start it all over again is just ridiculous.
  5. It's really not worth the backtrack now and there's a sidequest later on which will take you back to the church anyway so you can pick it up then. It's materia.
  6. I think everyone's pockets were too full to do that!
  7. The gate is back open but, at this point, I recommend sharing the wealth and visiting BubbleWife instead! Thank you to everyone who came and left very generous tips. At last count, it was 4,293,100 bells from 100 visits, 27 oranges, 1 spino tail and 1 power helmet. All hugely appreciated and I'll be sending some on to my pal's niece so she can get a foothold in the property market at the age of 7.
  8. After EIGHT HOURS, I think that's it for everyone who asked (other than @Alan Stock). The gate is currently closed but just PM me if you want to visit. I'll keep it available until 10pm - although it's a lovely place to visit in any season.
  9. Down to 15 on the list (including everyone on this page up to Callithump) before repeat offenders. Somehow we're almost through! Had another connection error so let me know if you got kicked.
  10. You're second in line once the error-stricken get to finish their transactions so should only be about 10 minutes.
  11. You were actually next up before the errors so still are once the backlog is sorted!
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