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  1. Larsen B

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    My 2007 self cannot express how relieved I am that the map tells you how many orbs are left in each area.
  2. Larsen B

    Wrestling PPV Predictions

  3. Larsen B


    Easier to compartmentalise City as having bought the league. A little bit of regret that Klopp should have been Arsenal manager. Liverpool not winning the league means they're slightly less attractive to signings/might lose their star players so we still have a chance at contending for the top 4 in coming seasons. If they win it, they'll consolidate and City, Liverpool, Spurs and likely United will basically have it sewn up based on us being a bit of a disaster at a boardroom level. Liverpool fans have a reputation (deserved or not) for going a bit over the top in their fandom and a league win will make them insufferable in the eyes of many. The fawning from all the ex-Liverpool players in the media will be as above but more so. (But, personally, I don't mind)
  4. Larsen B

    Consolevania's back...

    Watched Rab's RE2 review about 5 times now. Something about what he's saying combined with the Hana Bi soundtrack and cuts is just captivating.
  5. Larsen B

    Wrestling PPV Predictions

  6. Larsen B


    As Arseblog noted a while back, seems with we had 3 egotists with Ivan, Raul and Sven who would cancel each other's power out and keep the foundation strong. Once one goes, the whole thing collapses. Nice to see it's still an old boys club even when you bring in completely new people. Not sure why Raul thinks we'll have the money to pursue his "connections" when the coach was saying we could only loan. Unless...
  7. Larsen B


    Strong rumours abound that Sven's off. 2/3 of the board that appointed Emery gone within 6 months. I have a feeling that we might be in a pickle right now.
  8. Larsen B

    Return of the Obra Dinn

    I'm gone back and forth over that complaint. Beyond probably a technical level whereby the vignette has to load from a specific place because the assets are already in, I think it means you pay more attention since it's a bit more deliberate to open each one up. If I had to trek across the ship, once I'd arrived I was more likely to make sure I absolutely knew what I was seeing and wrung every bit of information out of it. Still it's probably mostly technical.
  9. Larsen B

    Gaming Podcasts

    Ah jeez. Sorry!
  10. Larsen B

    Destiny 2 - Out Come The Big Guns (part deux, redux)

    Hail, Brothers. The Positivity Club always welcomes new additions to the flock (even when they should have listened to advice and joined months ago!)
  11. Larsen B

    Gaming Podcasts

    Elmo basically loves RDR2 because it's a poker game with cutscenes! Think Mat did a good job of critiquing the game.
  12. Larsen B

    Wrestling PPV Predictions

    I can't believe either Jinder Mahal or R-Truth is going to be the last entrant in the men's Royal Rumble.
  13. Larsen B

    Consolevania's back...

    Absolutely died at "Team Cuck *click*" There's something so comforting about Consolevania. I don't know what it necessarily is, that magic ingredient. Maybe because it's basically the same as it was 14 years ago but without actually copying the old stuff at all. I think Rab and Ryan being pals again is part of it too. And that's it's always a celebration of this silly hobby.
  14. Larsen B

    The Outer Worlds | Obsidian 2019

    Only finished New Vegas a couple of weeks ago at the insistence of our own @Siri so I'll now pretend I've always been a fan and have been waiting for 10 years for this. Love the idea of doubling down on what you're crap at to give you boosts elsewhere.
  15. Larsen B


    Holding out with an ACL rupture. Going to be an even trickier festive period now.

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