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  1. I'm level 38 on my mage now and have 37g, quite a bit away from the 90g I need! First mount by be delayed by a couple of levels.
  2. Yeah, I was thinking of doing that. But at the same time I want to play as soon as. I might delete one of my other names, and see if a friend can create a character with the name before testing it on Loki (if I can even get it nowadays).
  3. Zandalar Tribe - Horde for me. For the name reservation tomorrow, can I just create a random character with the name I want and then be safe to delete it and have it reserved for me (sure this used to be a thing where only you could create a character with that name for a set period) whilst I select the right features/skin tone etc?
  4. That's me sorted then. RP-PvP Horde (assuming there's only 1 RP-PvP realm).
  5. They are doing a character name reservation two weeks before the launch, which is on the 12th/13th depending on where you live. You can create up to 3 characters across all realms in preparation so you should be able to reserve any names you want.
  6. Yeah, I could do with it being as early as possible because my friends suck at making a decision.
  7. What? How else are you supposed to plan where you and friends are going to create characters?
  8. Still no news on the realms which will be present for Classic yet? It's only two weeks until the early access character creation unlocks! ;/
  9. Even if you don't keep up with the curve and you have to struggle through a couple of zones, at least when you're max level you still have the opportunity to do World PvP. Not going on a PvP server because leveling will be more difficult just doesn't make sense if you're interested in World PvP at max level.
  10. I've only practiced with Kitana so far but hear she's pretty crap/difficult unless you're a god in neutral, but I do like the feel of her more than any other characters I've tried (namely Shao Khan and Jade). Not had any games online yet though, so if anyone fancies some matches by PSN is Xanthie
  11. Mage will be my solo leveling character as I'll be on more than the people I'm playing with I'm sure. Might level a Shaman with friends/family. Or a Rogue... :p
  12. Engineering/Tailoring I think for me. Engineering for certain as it's just too strong in PvP not to have, but I might switch Tailoring out for a gathering profession.
  13. I suspect the most played classes will be Warriors, Mages and Rogues. Mage is 100% going to be my main, but I'll no doubt have alts to level with friends who aren't on as much. Shaman will potentially be one of them, just because I've been wanting to play a 2H Windfury Shaman for ages.
  14. I've been re-watching all the Vurtne videos lately. Can. Not. Wait. We still haven't heard anything about realms yet have we? Might end up on Sylvanas myself if RP-PvP realms don't make return.
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