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  1. Comrade

    Black Mirror

    Is Charlie still doing it? I felt that the end of the Black Museum episode was a not-so-subtle message that he was done with the show.
  2. Comrade

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Whether or not dismissing someone being excited and passionate about a game he loves makes you dead inside (it fucking does), the idea that Huber is faking it is ludicrous to anyone who’s actually watched him for more that 10 minutes. Especially when you take into account the excitement that was broadcast on this very forum the night of the E3 of Dreams.
  3. Comrade

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Jesus, just imagine seeing a man get genuinely emotional over a hobby he’s incredibly passionate about, and your reaction is “pfffft”. If you watch that incredibly joyous E3 of Dreams video and don’t appreciate it you’re basically dead inside.
  4. Comrade

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    If you’d actually watched any EZA content and could interpret human behaviour, you’d know that Michael P Huber is genetically incapable of deception. I don’t think he’s ever provided anything but a genuine reaction to literally anything that ever happened to him in his life. If you can’t see that his tears in reaction to Shenmue 3 are 100% real you are a husk of a man.
  5. Comrade

    PlayStation 5

  6. Comrade

    Greedfall - RPG from Spiders (2019)

    Got to say, the only thing I see when I read the title of this game is “Grenfell”, which is probably not the association I think they’d like me to make.
  7. Glad to hear the city is bustling - I really wish more people played Assassins’ Creed Unity because, while it had its problems, the sheer number of detailed characters filling the streets was incredible.
  8. Comrade

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    White male privilege is definitely a thing, but to come down on Dan Ryckert of all people over it seems pretty weird.
  9. Comrade

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    Here’s an interesting theory that I think seems pretty likely: Also, I’ve been considering how similar this game is to Metal Gear Survive. You’re roaming around a bleak alien-looking landscape, there are weird half-seen creatures in the mist, it looks like there are at least some survival elements in DS. I think it’s very likely that Kojima had some early concepts for this game knocking about when he was at Konami, and when he got booted, the company basically ordered the remaining team to follow the plans he left behind. Meanwhile, Kojima carried on with his plans and they eventually led to what we’ve seen today.
  10. Not sure what you guys are on about, the Eurogamer interview is fine.
  11. Comrade

    The Last of Us Part 2

    It might surprise you to hear that I know how bracelets work.
  12. Comrade

    The Last of Us Part 2

    Ellie’s (100% dead) girlfriend is played by Elsie from Westworld, which is interesting.

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