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  1. Quest

    Apple TV +

    Yeah, I'm also on the free year and surprised by how meagre the selection is. I've watched two things and already struggling to find anything I'm interested in. No way am I continuing to pay for this after the trial.
  2. Kawasaki. Nintendo stripped out the logos from the Wii VC release but they went back in for the Wii U.
  3. Oh, for some reason I haven't seen that. Not sure how I missed it. I'll get on it tomorrow.
  4. The old Futurist cinema? Edit: I see from the video that you posted later that it seems so. I always loved passing that building on the way to see my aunt.
  5. I only really liked the Dark Quiet Death episode. Just make more like that.
  6. Yeah, my daughter will love it. Interesting that Nintendo is publishing and the developer is currently unconfirmed.
  7. Yup, pretty sure I've enjoyed everything of theirs to some extent. I wasn't as taken with Edith Finch as some, but Outer Wilds and Kentucky Route Zero are actual masterpieces and I won't hear otherwise. The Pathless seemed to have mixed reviews but I loved that one too. Certainly a more worthwhile example of a Breath of the Wild-inspired open world than that dogshit Ubisoft game.
  8. Looks fantastic. Setting based on chaos winning the final Splatfest? The new city looks a bit Kowloon to me.
  9. We watched some more Marvel films. Iron Man 3 - 2/5 Thor: The Dark World 1/5 Captain America: The Winter Soldier - 3/5 Guardians is next and I remember that being one I really enjoyed. I imagine it's held up pretty well.
  10. I'm only disappointed there wasn't a proper new Kirby game.
  11. Just a cover trying to sound close to the original I think, but with more modern production. Still, a pretty weird choice.
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