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  1. One of my students bought me a gift. It's genuinely made my day. I bloody love Splatoon.
  2. Just bought this nonsense. How have I never heard it before? Overblown 70s synth cheese renditions of Williams' themes, played by a bunch of jazz fusion folk so it keeps going off on one. Billy Cobham and Harvey Mason play drums! Someone plays the lyricon! The version of the cantina theme is an actual auditory nightmare! Completely stupid. 10/10
  3. Wow, I never knew this. I imagine they didn't get as far as making anything for it, but would be amazing to hear if they did.
  4. Debut from OOIOO, long-running band of Yoshimi P-We (also of Boredoms and ...Battles the Pink Robots fame). True to a lot of 90s Japanese noisy art rock it never settles and feels like they were trying to condense down the sound of a bunch of informal band practices into half an hour. They went on to more consistent, probably better records but this one has a real loose energy to it that I always come back to.
  5. The best version of MDK, live in 1980. Not sure Christian Vander's ever had an off day, though.
  6. Quest

    Xbox Game Pass

    The Division has been on there too.
  7. Between around 2003-2007 I used to buy every copy of Blue Monday I'd find at car boots. Usually for about a quid each. Ended up with about thirty of the things and gave them all away to friends. No regrets.
  8. If this is '77-'81 Devo I need to see it. Hopefully I can find it somehow as there's no Sky here.
  9. Quest

    Golden Axed

    Tone-Deaf Adder
  10. Mandy and Colour Out of Space were great but, yeah, mostly shite. Are we entirely sure he's still in debt? Maybe this is just how he rolls now.
  11. Had no idea they were putting the new series up on YouTube right after broadcast. Fantastic episode.
  12. All I need is a list of game icons, settings, store link and screenshot gallery. Let me turn off everything else and we're good. All the activities stuff looks like a nightmare. Get rid.
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