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  1. Quest

    Best New Music 2020

    I haven't thought about or heard a Young Knives track in over a decade. That... was not what I was expecting. I'm into it.
  2. GAF is just all the bigoted dregs now. There's a reason no one pays any attention to it these days.
  3. I can't get excited about it, for some reason. For all the character swapping and that, I just don't see any depth to it. Nah, gaming is fine. Just some these megacorp publishers are in dire need of a course correction, but have the turning circle of an aircraft carrier. (I bet some smartarse will tell me aircraft carriers turn really quickly or something)
  4. Easy to boycott Ubisoft if they don't make any games people actually want to play. For all the talk of shaking things up, this all looks like the same old shite.
  6. Never even occurred tt me to try that one. It's always frustrating when the idea is sound, but the site can't quite bring it all together.
  7. I was trying something similar, but with Sega tunes and the songs they'd ripped off. Most didn't really work. This one kind of comes together at points, but it buries the vocal. SONIC X BOBBY - EVERY LITTLE SPRING YARD https://rave.dj/nbjHqDO8rNe8WQ
  8. Quest

    Nintendo Switch

    The Digimon games seem surprisingly popular. No idea why.
  9. Quest

    Nintendo Switch

    Guys, I think DeKay is doing one of his hilarious bits.
  10. I was going to post something from Scritti. Curses!
  11. The only thing I want is the option to delete everything I don't care about, or at least hide it. All I need are settings, a list of games and a shop app. Chuck everything else.
  12. I agree, mostly. I just think it clashes with Nintendo's image a bit, and that they're overestimating how many people know about or enable parental controls. Exactly! I think someone here had a website covering XBLIG, too, though they eventually ran off to GAF/Era.
  13. They seem to have convinced themselves that parental controls mean anything on the eShop is fair game.
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